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11 Jul 2016
Week's Top Volume Week Top Turnover Week Top Gainer
Name Volume Name Turnover Name Price Chg
Noble R 1,651,298,400 SingTel 439,068,750 SHI ADR US$ 47.050 12.2100
HSI21200UBeCW160929 631,583,400 DBS 248,992,774 NA16100H 460301 114.044 5.0600
Noble 559,817,000 UOB 221,505,193 NA12100N 420401 111.974 3.4380
HSI21400MBeCW160728 434,086,000 OCBC Bank 147,440,415 NZ13100V 330901 119.279 2.7330
HSI22400UBeCW161028 342,665,000 Noble R 129,235,015 NY14100E 290701 110.294 2.2430
Note: Weekly movement as at 08 Jul 2016

Investor Relations Alert

CNMC: Produced Record Quarterly Production Of 9,807.37 Ounces Of Fine Gold.

CNMC Goldmine Holdings Limited's Sokor Gold Project has produced a record quarterly fine gold, gold bars that are refined to the purity of 99.99%, production of 9,807.37 ounces for the period ended 30 June 2016. This represents the highest production output on record for quarterly fine gold production since the start of the Company's gold production in July 2010. As compared to the previous record of 8,510.42 ounces for the period ended 31 December 2015, this reflects an increase of approximately 15.24%... FULL DETAIL  Full Detail

Geo Energy: Secures A Coal Offtake Agreement For The Life Of Mine & Prepayment For Further Development On Its SDJ Coal Mine In A Deal Worth An Estimated US$1.2 Billion At Current Coal Prices.

Geo Energy to supply 4 million tonnes of coal to Engelhart Commodities Trading Partners (Singapore) Pte Ltd for a period of 7 months commencing 1 July 2016 and subsequently 6 million tonnes of coal for the period until 31 December 2017. It also secures a Life of Mine Offtake with a minimum supply of 4 million tonne of coal per year for its remainder coal reserves of 30 million tonne until 2022. Thermal coal of 4,200 GAR is to be delivered from the Group's wholly-owned PT Sungai Danau Jaya coal mine. ECTP to make a prepayment of US$20 million on the coal offtake agreement for the further development of the SDJ Coal Mine and US$4 per tonne advance on... FULL DETAIL  Full Detail

Sarine: Delivers Record Number Of Galaxy Family Inclusion Mapping Systems In Q2 2016.

Sarine Technologies Ltd has delivered a record 20 Galaxy family inclusion mapping systems in Q2 2016. Positive industry trends, namely reduced rough prices on the backdrop of modestly increased polished prices, reduced polished inventories and overall stable demand for polished diamonds, excepting Hong Kong and Macau, have created the necessary price variances for midstream profitability... FULL DETAIL  Full Detail

Venture: Acquisition Of 60-Year Leasehold Land In Penang For RM33.3 Million.

Venture Corporation Limited's subsidiary, Venture Electronics Services (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, has completed the acquisition of one plot of land at Plot 318 Batu Kawan Industrial Park as all the relevant approvals have been obtained and condition precedents have been fulfilled. The Property has a leasehold interest of 60 years expiring on 18 February 2074 and was acquired for RM33,288,987.50. Plot 318 Batu Kawan Industrial Park has a land area of approximately 30.5684 acres and it is situated in Daerah Seberang Perai Selatan, Penang, Malaysia. The Property is for the Subsidiary's operations and business activities... FULL DETAIL  Full Detail

CCT: Issuance Of S$75 Million 2.77% Fixed Rate Notes Due 2022.

CapitaLand Commercial Trust has issued S$75,000,000 2.77 per cent. fixed rate notes due 2022. The Notes are assigned an "A-" rating by Standard & Poor's Rating Services. The Notes will mature on or about 4 July 2022 and will bear a fixed interest rate of 2.77 per cent. per annum payable semi-annually in arrear... FULL DETAIL  Full Detail

CMT: Issuance Of S$150 Million 3.35% Fixed Rate Notes Due 2031 & HK$560 Million 2.71% Fixed Rate Notes Due 2026.

CapitaLand Mall Trust has issued S$150,000,000 fixed rate notes due 7 July 2031 and HKD560,000,000 fixed rate notes due 7 July 2026, to institutional and/or sophisticated investors. The SGD Notes will mature on 7 July 2031 and will bear interest at a rate of 3.35 per cent. per annum, payable semi-annually in arrear. The HKD Notes will mature on 7 July 2026 and will bear interest at a rate of 2.71 per cent. per annum, payable annually in arrear. The Issuer has entered into swap transactions to swap the HKD proceeds of the HKD Notes into Singapore dollar proceeds of S$99,008,000 at a SGD fixed interest rate of 2.928% per annum... FULL DETAIL  Full Detail

Featured Companies

Week's Top Volume Week Top Turnover Week Top Gainer
Name Volume Name Turnover Name Price Chg
BORNOIL 249,397,000 TENAGA 328,294,170 DLADY 61.300 2.8200
BORNOIL-WC 129,010,300 PBBANK 297,426,790 BAT 54.420 1.9200
SANICHI 73,088,200 TM 141,519,990 HEIM 16.800 1.3400
DNEX-OR 68,994,700 IHH 108,159,240 CARLSBG 14.200 0.9400
HSI-C21 65,253,400 MAYBANK 106,177,221 F&N 26.000 0.8000
Note: Weekly movement as at 08 July 2016
Featured Companies

Week's Top Volume Week Top Turnover Week Top Gainer
Name Volume Name Turnover Name Price Chg
U-W1 3,567,075,100 ALT 10,692,142,355 OHTL 1000.000 20.0000
BWG 2,065,465,200 BANPU 10,324,004,340 PT\BH 203.300 19.8710
TMB 1,707,904,000 KBANK 9,153,883,650 SCB-P 144.000 18.5000
ALT 1,274,460,500 TRUE 9,026,155,090 TIW 178.500 15.0000
TRUE 1,210,813,100 SCB 8,894,260,900 PT\ADVANC 166.400 8.4000
Note: Weekly movement as at 08 Jul 2016

Investor Relations Alert

GPSC: GPSC marks its spearhead in solar rooftop in Cambodia, encouraging its subsidiary, CHPP, to study a project of solar panels installation on the roofs of PTT petrol stations

GPSC is conducting a feasibility study to invest in solar power business, planning to install solar panels on the roofs of PTT petrol station in Cambodia with comprehensive services. Its subsidiary, CHPP, has signed a MOU with PTTCL to study together the plan to install solar panels in PTT station for revenues supporting in the future.... FULL DETAIL  Full Detail

AAV: AirAsia Unveils Website A New Tourism Portal Where "Everyone Can Share"

AirAsia has unveiled new website for lovers of travel who want to share the travel information they have collected without limitations on location or travel style and with highlights such as user-friendliness and accessibility. Visit the website today at FULL DETAIL  Full Detail

TU: Thai Union publishes third annual Sustainability Report, covering global operations for the first time

July 6, 2016, Bangkok—Thai Union Group PCL (Thai Union) has published the annual Sustainability Report, covering the company’s global operations for the first time. Thai Union currently operates in 10 countries on four continents. The Thai Union Sustainability Report 2015 details the progress the company has made globally to mitigate human rights and labor practice issues, as well as responsible sourcing and environmental objectives. FULL DETAIL  Full Detail

GL: explanation for correct understanding- share hold by JTrust

Regarding to our strategic partner and shareholder of us, Group Lease Public company limited, JTrust ASIA PTE LTD.(JTA), the SET website will not show their name on the name of JTA itself since JTA will transfer their share into custodian service and in the SET system it shows as the custodian name. FULL DETAIL  Full Detail

Featured Companies

July 13, 2016
Room 3401, 34th floor, Chamchuri Square building

July 15, 2016
8th floor, SJ Infinite One Business Complex Building

Featured Companies

Listed Company Highlight of the Week
Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT)

The Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT) was corporatized from a state enterprise, namely Airports Authority of Thailand (AAT), to be a public limited company on September 30, 2002 with the registered head of. ce at 333 Cherdwutagard Road, Don Muang, Bangkok 10210, Thailand. AOT is a leader of Thailand's airport business operator. Its main business lines are managing, operating and developing airports. Presently, AOT has 6 international airports under responsibility: Don Mueang, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, Chiang Rai and Suvarnabhumi, all of which accommodate both domestic and international hights. With the opening of commercial operations on September 28, 2006, Suvarnabhumi Airport serves as the main airport replacing Don Mueang International Airport, which was unable to accommodate the overwhelming air traffic growth. At an initial stage, Suvarnabhumi Airport has a capacity to accommodate up to 45 million passengers and 3 million tons of cargo per year. Within a single hour, the airport can operate up to 76 Flights.

Historical Price Data
Date Open High Low Close Volume(Share)
07 Jul 2016 389.00 389.00 384.00 385.00 1,689,100
06 Jul 2016 389.00 390.00 387.00 387.00 1,572,800
05 Jul 2016 392.00 393.00 387.00 392.00 2,032,800
04 Jul 2016 391.00 393.00 389.00 391.00 3,277,600
30 Jun 2016 388.00 390.00 386.00 390.00 1,933,700

EPS () a
Rolling EPS ($) e
NAV ($) b
Issued & Paid-up Shares
14,285,700,000.00 Baht
Price / NAV b
Par Value ()
10.00 Baht
Dividend Yield (%) d
52 Weeks High
Cash Value () g
Market Cap (M.Baht)
Dividend () d
52 Weeks Low
Price / Cash Value g
Stock Categories
Transportation & Logistics

a Based on latest Full Year results announcement, adjusted for the current number of shares.
b Based on latest results announcement (Full Year, Half Year or Interim), adjusted for the current number of shares.
c Rounded to the nearest thousand. Updated on 07/07/2016.
d Dividend is based on latest Full Year results announcement, adjusted for current number of shares and excludes special dividend.
e Summation of the earnings from the latest 4 Quarter (or 2 Half Year) results announcement, adjusted for the current number of shares.
f Based on rolling EPS
g Based on latest results announcement (Full Year, Half Year or Interim), adjusted for the current number of shares. Cash value does not include bank loans or
  other borrowings.

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