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30 April 2012
Week's Top Volume Week Top Turnover Week Top Gainer
Name Volume Name Turnover Name Price Chg
JEL Corp^ 2,889,880,000 DBS 321,086,475 PTR ADR 10US$ 151.000 9.0500
TT Int 953,561,000 JEL Corp^ 284,346,622 DBXT USDIGInfl5US$ 278.620 5.0200
HLH 917,855,000 SingTel 252,606,098 DBXT iBoxxUSTr5US$ 205.110 1.6700
SingXpress 744,114,000 Kep Corp 222,373,300 GLD 10US$ 160.810 1.3200
Xpress 716,665,000 Noble Grp 216,473,000 CHL ADR 10US$ 54.660 1.1000
Note: Weekly movement as at 27 April 2012

Investor Relations Alert

GMG: Delivers Revenue Of S$282.6 Million For 1QFY2012 On 37.9% Increase In Output.

GMG Global Limited maintained its revenue at S$282.6 million for its first quarter ended 31 March 2012. Despite a 27.5% y-o-y drop in average selling price of natural rubber to S$4,510 per ton in 1QFY2012, the Group delivered 37.9% higher tonnage output fuelled by output increases largely from its Thailand and Ivory Coast operations. 1QFY2012 tonnage from Ivory Coast operations increased by about 95% with existing TRCI processing plant almost doubling its output and new ITCA processing plant contribution for the first time. ITCA was formed with Fonds Interprofessionnel de Solidarite Hevea for the operation of a 20,000mt natural ... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

Mermaid: Subtech Unit Awarded Subsea Services Contracts From New And Existing Clients In Qatar.

Mermaid Maritime Public Company Limited is pleased to announce that its business unit Subtech Qatar Diving and Marine Services LLC has recently been awarded 3 new contracts with new and existing clients. The first contract has already started and has an estimated value of USD 2.2 million. The second contract will start in early June 2012 with an estimated contract value of USD 3.6 million. Both these contracts will be using Mermaid's specialized vessel M.V. 'Mermaid Siam' and is together scheduled to cover a period of approximately eight weeks. The third contract is for air diving and support services including saturation diving services ... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

Eucon: Reports Drop In Revenue For 1Q12.

Eucon Holding Limited announced its results for the first quarter ended 31 March 2012. For the three months ended 2012, the Group reported revenue of $17.0 million, a drop of 31% from $24.6 million from the corresponding period in 2011. This is an across the board decrease in all segments. More significant drops were noted for laser drilling and mechanical drilling segments. Unlike PCB segment whose customers are mainly original equipment manufacturers, laser drilling and mechanical drilling segments are sub-contracted sales which are volatile to fluctuations in market demand ... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

Roxy-Pacific: Acquisition Of Jade Towers For S$106 Million.

Roxy-Pacific Holdings Limited wishes to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, Roxy Residential Pte. Ltd. has entered into a conditional agreement to acquire a freehold residential site comprised within Lot 5596L Mukim 24 at 2 and 4 Lew Lian Vale, Singapore 537014/537015 and also known as Jade Towers at the purchase price of S$106,272,000. The said freehold residential site has a total land area of 92,412 sq ft and an existing plot ratio of 1.425 for residential apartment development ... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

Rickmers Maritime: Reports Stable First Quarter, Maintains DPU At 0.60 US Cents.

Revenue and cash flow remain stable on the back of long-term charters. MV Kaethe C. Rickmers secures charter to Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. for a 12-month period, commencing 25 March 2012. Deleveraging continues, with repayment of US$13.29 million of bank loans. Distribution per unit of 0.60 US cents to be paid on 22 May 2012 ... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

Marco Polo Marine: Forging Of A Joint Venture Company To Penetrate A Niche Buoyant Bunkering Logistic Business.

Marco Polo Marine Ltd has entered into a joint venture agreement with Marine Tankers Holdings Pte. Ltd. to forge a joint venture company of equal shareholdings in Singapore. The principal activities of the JV Co relate to the owning and management of bunkering vessels with a view to provide bunkering logistics services primarily within the vicinity of the Singapore waters. For a start, the JV Co will own and operate two double-hulled vessels which are due to be delivered around July 2012 ... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

Featured Companies

Week's Top Volume Week Top Turnover Week Top Gainer
Name Volume Name Turnover Name Price Chg
AGLOBAL 1,081,931,100 MAYBANK 409,764,022 AEONCR 10.060 0.8800
UTOPIA 478,441,400 AXIATA 380,866,874 UTDPLT 25.940 0.8000
MTRONIC 300,971,300 SIME 379,333,356 PANAMY 22.500 0.5000
FOCUS 217,712,600 CIMB 293,544,935 NCB 4.390 0.4900
CSL 183,796,600 CSL 279,371,306 UMW 7.830 0.3200
Note: Weekly movement as at 27 April 2012

Investor Relations Alert

Sunway REIT: Third Quarter FYE June 2012 Net Property Income Jumped 21.9% Year-on-Year.

Net property income increased by 21.9% year-on-year in 3Q FYE June 2012, contributed by Sunway Putra Place and strong performance in Sunway Pyramid. Distribution per unit increased by 10.0% year-on-year to 1.87 sen.. Annualised distribution at 6.0% bringing YTD FYE June 2012 total return to 18.6% ... FULL DETAIL Full Detail
Featured Companies

Week's Top Volume Week Top Turnover Week Top Gainer
Name Volume Name Turnover Name Price Chg
JAS 2,035,210,800 CPF 6,709,810,823 PT\TWFP 174.000 64.0000
BTS 1,843,871,000 JAS 6,154,088,820 PAP-F 46.000 41.4000
SIRI 703,396,700 BBL 5,979,667,387 GFPT-F 42.500 38.2500
TRUE 666,879,200 KBANK 5,564,751,477 PICNI-F 46.000 36.8000
SYNTEC 560,527,100 IVL 5,358,072,590 DRACO-F 37.500 33.7500

Note: Weekly movement as at 27 April 2012

Investor Relations Alert

MINT: Ready Wherever Opportunity Arises

Minor International Plc, founded in 1978, is one of the largest hospitality and leisure companies in the Asia-Pacific region. With more than 70 hotels and resorts, 1,200 restaurants and 200 retail trading outlets, MINT meets the growing needs of consumers in Thailand and in 21 markets from Africa to Australia. William E. Heinecke, chairman and CEO, discusses the company's strategy and outlook... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

Featured Companies

Apr 30, 2012
Grand Ballroom, 3rd Floor, Golden Tulip Sovereign Hotel

Apr 30, 2012
CAT Telecom Tower, 30th Floor, Charoen Krung Road, Bangrak

Apr 30, 2012
7th Floor, Grand Ballroom, Westin Hotel

Apr 30, 2012
Amari Atrium Bangkok Hotel

Listed Company Highlight of the Week
Chow Steel Industries Public Company Limited

Chow Steel Industries Public Company Limited ("CHOW" or "the Company") engages in production and distribution of steel billets using scrap as major raw material. CHOW has employed imported production technology well accepted globally. Steel billet production process encompasses three steps: First, scrap is prepared. Second, the scrap is then melted in the electric induction furnace (EIF) with required elements added to enhance the characteristics and quality of the steel according to customers' demand.

Historical Price Data
Date Open High Low Close Volume
27 April 2012 2.66 2.68 2.62 2.64 2,769,000
26 April 2012 2.62 2.72 2.62 2.64 5,093,500
25 April 2012 2.62 2.64 2.60 2.62 1,479,700
24 April 2012 2.62 2.64 2.60 2.62 1,817,500
23 April 2012 2.64 2.64 2.60 2.62 2,242,400

EPS ($) a
Rolling EPS ($) e
NAV ($) b
Issued & Paid-up Shares c
800,000,000.00 Baht
Rolling PE e
Price / NAV b
Par Value ()
1.00 Baht
Dividend Yield (%) d
52 Weeks High
Cash Value () g
Market Cap (M. Baht)
Dividend () d
52 Weeks Low
Price / Cash Value g
Stock Categories
Medium-Sized Enterprise

a Based on latest Full Year results announcement, adjusted for the current number of shares.
b Based on latest results announcement (Full Year, Half Year or Interim), adjusted for the current number of shares.
c Rounded to the nearest thousand. Updated on 27/04/2012.
d Dividend is based on latest Full Year results announcement, adjusted for current number of shares and excludes special dividend.
e Summation of the earnings from the latest 4 Quarter (or 2 Half Year) results announcement, adjusted for the current number of shares.
f Based on rolling EPS
g Based on latest results announcement (Full Year, Half Year or Interim), adjusted for the current number of shares. Cash value does not include bank loans or other borrowings.
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