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06 Feb 2012
Week's Top Volume Week Top Turnover Week Top Gainer
Name Volume Name Turnover Name Price Chg
UniFiber 1,018,414,000 Genting SP 935,026,222 DBXT AUDCS 5US$ 215.090 8.1900
GMG 789,889,000 Noble Grp 521,325,105 BIDU ADR 10US$+ 131.000 7.4400
MDR 674,014,000 SingTel 498,285,744 DBXT Nifty 10US$ 110.750 4.9100
MDR W140925 639,361,000 Kep Corp 395,899,273 DBXT USDIGInfl5US$ 276.250 4.0000
Genting SP 578,249,000 DBS 323,209,367 GLD 10US$ 170.760 3.6600
Note: Weekly movement as at 03 Feb 2012

Investor Relations Alert

See Hup Seng: TAT Petroleum Awarded 5-Year Contract From Its Principal Supplier To Package And Resell Asphalt.

See Hup Seng is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, TAT Petroleum Pte. Ltd. has secured a new contract from its principal supplier, which is one of the world's largest refiners of petroleum products, to package and resell asphalt in drums for a period of five years commencing from 1 February 2012. This packaging and resale contract will enable TAT Petroleum to extend its product offering and strengthen its revenue base. Asphalt is a petroleum-derived product that is used primarily in road construction. Under the terms of the contract, TAT Petroleum will purchase asphalt in bulk from... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

Mermaid: 'MTR-1' Rig Awarded Accommodation Barge Contract In Indonesia.

Mermaid Maritime Public Company Limited is pleased to announce that its subsidiary MTR-1 (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., has secured a letter of award with an international upstream oil and gas company for accommodation barge support services in Indonesia utilizing the 'MTR-1'. The duration of this Contract is for 150 days and has a potential value of USD 4.9 million... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

CDL HTrust: Continues Steady Growth In 4Q 2011.

In 4Q 2011, CDL Hospitality Trusts registered a gross revenue of S$37.8 million, representing an increase of 13.4% from the corresponding period in 2010. This was attributed to improved hospitality performance across the portfolio and contribution from Studio M Hotel, which was acquired in the second quarter of 2011 and accounted for approximately S$2.7 million of the gross revenue increase. Net property income for the reporting quarter climbed to S$35.5 million, up 12.7% from the corresponding figure in 4Q 2010. Accordingly, income available for distribution, before deducting income retained for working capital... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

Mercator: Reports 10% Decrease In Revenues For The First Nine Months In FY 2012 To USD 109.3 Million.

Mercator Lines (Singapore) Limited announced a decrease of 10% in revenues to USD 109.3 million for the first nine months of Financial Year 2011-2012 ending 31st March 2012, as compared to USD 121.7 million for the corresponding period previous year. The total number of vessel operating days grew by about 13% during the period from 4153 days 2011 to 4702 days during the period due to capacity expansion. The Time Charter Equivalent rate per vessel per day was USD 20,585 for the period. Profits for the period decreased by 76% to USD 6.8 million due to lower spot rates, renewal of contracts at lower rates and an increase in operating expenses... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

Parkway Life REIT: Announces DPU Of 9.60 Cents For FY2011.

Gross revenue increased 9.6% to S$87.8 million in FY2011. Net property income increased 9.1% to S$80.3 million in FY2011. DPU increased 9.2% to 9.60 cents in FY2011. Achieved interest cost savings of S$2.5 million with dynamic debt management. Retention of Distributable Income for capital expenditure in FY2012. On solid ground with defensive strategies and healthy long-term prospects... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

Treasury China Trust: Chairman And Non-Executive Director Increased Direct Stake To 6.88%.

Treasury China Trust is pleased to announce that Richard Barrett, Chairman and Non-Executive Director of the Trustee-Manager, has acquired an additional 1,800,000 units in TCT, which has increased his direct holding in TCT to 6.88% (17,449,720 Units) from 6.17%. These units were acquired from Treasury Asian Investments Limited, an existing unitholder in TCT, which now holds 9.82% (24,929,095 Units), reduced from 10.53% (26,729,095 Units) prior to the sale... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

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Listed Company Highlight of the Week

See Hup Seng Limited

Established in 1971, See Hup Seng Limited is a leading provider of corrosion prevention services to the marine, oil and gas, construction and infrastructure industries in Singapore. The Group also has a 51%-owned subsidiary, TAT Petroleum Pte Ltd ("TAT Petroleum") which is a strategic value-added distributor that offers comprehensive supply chain management of refined petroleum products in Asia Pacific for diverse sectors such as vehicular, agriculture, coating, pharmaceutical, plastic and electronics industries.

Historical Price Data
Date Open High Low Close Volume
03 Feb 2012 0.285 0.285 0.265 0.265 13,775,000
02 Feb 2012 0.265 0.290 0.265 0.280 55,277,000
01 Feb 2012 0.265 0.275 0.255 0.255 20,717,000
31 Jan 2012 0.265 0.280 0.265 0.270 12,155,000
30 Jan 2012 0.270 0.275 0.265 0.265 8,315,000

EPS ($) a
Rolling EPS ($) e
NAV ($) b
Issued & Paid-up Shares c
Rolling PE ($) f
Price / NAV b
Par Value ($)
Dividend Yield (%) d
52 Weeks High
Cash Value ($) g
Market Cap ($)
Dividend ($) d
52 Weeks Low
Price / Cash Value g

   a Based on latest Full Year results announcement, adjusted for the current number of shares.
   b Based on latest results announcement (Full Year, Half Year or Interim), adjusted for the current number of shares.
   c Rounded to the nearest thousand. Updated on 06/02/2012.
   d Dividend is based on latest Full Year results announcement, adjusted for current number of shares and excludes special dividend.
   e Summation of the earnings from the latest 4 Quarter (or 2 Half Year) results announcement, adjusted for the current number of shares.
   f Based on rolling EPS
   g Based on latest results announcement (Full Year, Half Year or Interim), adjusted for the current number of shares. Cash value does not include bank loans or other borrowings.

Week's Top Volume Week Top Turnover Week Top Gainer
Name Volume Name Turnover Name Price Chg
NICORP 345,575,700 AXIATA 508,451,854 UTDPLT 21.800 1.3400
DBE 338,725,500 CIMB 504,646,809 PETGAS 16.200 1.0000
DRBHCOM-CG 211,232,400 SIME 456,749,946 HARTA 7.650 0.7500
TMS-WA 181,859,300 MAYBANK 315,360,406 GNEALY 7.240 0.6900
COMPUGT 180,524,100 DRBHCOM 296,957,429 PETDAG 18.360 0.6600
Note: Weekly movement as at 03 Feb 2012

Investor Relations Alert

Xingquan: CIMB Research Has Technical Buy At 83.5 Sen.

CIMB Equities Research has a technical buy on Xingquan International Sport at 83.5 sen at which it is trading at a FY13 price-to-earnings of 1.9 times and price-to-book value of 0.6 times. It said on Monday that the stock closed above its 50-day SMA on Friday on rising volume. The research house said even though the stock is still in a downtrend, it believes that it may have hit a significant bottom in December following a surge in trading volume at the low. The burst in volume suggest a selling climax... FULL DETAIL Full Detail
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Most Active Stocks for the week Most Gainers for the week
Stocks Price
Value (Btm) Stocks Price
% +/-
PTTGC 63.75 67.00 7,120.87 US 2.84 3.68 29.58
PTT 333.00 342.00 6,866.47 ZMICO 1.30 1.56 20.00
SCC 334.00 346.00 6,183.25 LEE 3.44 4.04 17.44
BANPU 584.00 600.00 5,538.68 TCP 14.50 16.70 15.17
KBANK 126.50 130.00 4,351.14 KMC 0.53 0.61 15.09

Source: Setsmart, based on SET100 stock

Investor Relations Alert

TTA: Shareholders Re-elect Chairman Aswin Kongsiri And Nominate And Approve 6 New Board Appointments. Ratify Payment Of THB 0.50 Year-end Cash Dividend.

Thoresen Thai Agencies Plc held its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 31 January 2012. Shareholders voted to approve the re-election of Chairman of the Board Mr. Aswin Kongsiri, who has served in his role since January 2009. Six new board appointments were announced following decisions by Prof. Atheuck Asvanund and Prof. Warapatr Todhanakasem to withdraw their nominations for another term in order to focus on other commitments. At the same time, Mr. Sak Euarchukiati and Mr. Stephen Fordham decided to step down from the Board effective immediately, both for personal reasons. Mr. Naris Cheyklin, who had been nominated to succeed retiring Dr. Siri Ganjarerndee, also withdrew his nomination... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

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Feb 7, 2012
Fl. 34th, Room 3401(Palangpandin), Chamchuri Square

Feb 15, 2012
Grand Ballroom 1, Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok

Feb 16, 2012
Fl. 1st , BTSC meeting room, Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited (BTSC)

Feb 20, 2012
Chandra Ballroom at Siam Kempinski Hotel
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