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21 Mar 2011
Week's Top Volume Week Top Turnover Week Top Gainer
Name Volume Name Turnover Name Price Chg
HPH Trust US$ 616,785,000 Genting SP 851,427,709 GLD 10US$ 144.900 6.6200
Genting SP 449,066,000 HPH Trust US$ 591,183,295 DBXT USDIGInfl 5US$ 242.890 4.8400
GoldenAgr 346,408,000 Noble Grp 435,131,350 DBXT AUDMM 5AU$ 192.980 4.6100
Dyna-Mac 245,931,000 SingTel 415,915,372 BIDU ADR 10US$+ 123.439 3.2390
Noble Grp 215,058,000 DBS 391,652,890 TSL ADR 10 US$+ 27.940 2.0800

Note: Weekly movement as at 18 Mar 2011

Investor Relations Alert
Parkway Life REIT: Update On Properties Following Earthquake In Northeast Japan.

Following the 8.9-magnitude earthquake which struck the northeast area of Japan on 11 March 2011, Parkway Life Real Estate Investment Trust wish to inform that all employees, Japan Asset Managers, operators and residents at the Japan healthcare facilities are accounted for with no reported injuries. Most of the properties are located in the Kansai and Kyushu regions, which are relatively less affected by the earthquake. Investigations by Japan Asset Managers indicated that none of the properties has been structurally affected, including the properties located in the Kanto region and Akita Prefecture which are nearer to the earthquake zone. In addition,... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

COSCO: Cancellation Of Ship Building Contract.

COSCO Corporation (Singapore) Limited wishes to announce that its subsidiary, COSCO (Dalian) Shipyard Co., Ltd. has, following the request from an Asian shipowner, entered into a cancellation agreement to cancel the ship building contract for one unit of bulk carrier vessel of 79,500 DWT. The cancellation is made after negotiations with the shipowner. Construction of the vessel being the subject of the Cancellation Agreement has commenced for some time. As part of the agreement to cancel the order for the vessel, the shipowner has paid compensation to COSCO Dalian... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

Hyflux: Donation To The Victims Of The Earthquake And Tsunami In Japan.

Hyflux Ltd wishes to announce that it has made a donation of S$50,000 to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan via the Singapore Red Cross Society. The Management and Staff of the Hyflux Group of Companies wishes to convey their deepest sympathies to the victims of the disaster... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

Boustead: Subsidiary Awarded Design-Build-And-Lease Contract For Continential Automotive R&D Centre.

Boustead Singapore Limited is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Boustead Projects Pte Ltd has been awarded a contract to design, build and lease an advanced R&D and technology centre to Continental Automotive Singapore Pte Ltd. Continental AG is one of the world's leading automotive industry suppliers. With 140 years of experience, it is currently one of the five largest automotive suppliers globally. To be completed in 1Q 2012, the R&D Centre will rise up to seven floors and have a gross floor area of approximately 11,250 square metres. The R&D Centre has been designed with structural provisions for an eighth floor to s... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

CapitaMalls Asia: Investments In Japan Safe.

CapitaMalls Asia Limited's investments in Japan account for approximately 2% of CMA's total assets. CMA wishes to confirm that the Japanese properties it has investments in were not materially affected by the earthquake and tsunami which occurred on 11 March 2011. CMA's employees in Japan are safe and accounted for. CMA's investments in Japan are primarily held through its 26.29% stake in the CapitaRetail Japan Fund Private Limited which owns seven retail properties in Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido and Kobe. The properties comply with strict seismic safety standards and have not suffered any material structural damage. The properties have resu... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

Ezion: Setting-Up Of Joint Venture Company For The Ownership And Operation Of Vessels.

Ezion Holdings Limited is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into a joint venture agreement with Seabridge Marine Services Ltd, a company that has been transporting heavy lift cargoes around the world since 1977 to jointly own and operate vessels to support the oil majors for the installation & deployment of offshore structures and assets in the vicinity of Australia... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

Week's Top Volume Week Top Turnover Week Top Gainer
Name Volume Name Turnover Name Price Chg
MPAY 187,908,400 PCHEM 454,729,173 TAANN 5.730 0.9700
BJRTAIL 118,301,000 AXIATA 426,687,442 HPI 3.200 0.6800
KBUNAI 101,317,500 SIME 414,192,399 SUBUR 2.790 0.6200
IRCB-WA 94,199,200 CIMB 409,454,826 JTIASA 5.440 0.5900
AXIATA 89,875,900 PBBANK 235,367,304 PANAMY 20.060 0.5600

Note: Weekly movement as at 18 Mar 2011

Investor Relations Alert
Bursa Malaysia: Invest Malaysia 2011, Message To Passage Of Transformation.

Bursa Malaysia will once again play host to the domestic and foreign investment community at the Invest Malaysia 2011 conference which will be held in Kuala Lumpur on 12-13 April 2011. This premier investment conference aims to showcase attractive investment opportunities in the Malaysian capital market. With the collaboration of Maybank Investment Bank, this year’s forum will again witness the participation of the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority which will promote direct investment opportunities to delegates... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

Listed Company Highlight of the Week

Hua Yang Berhad

Hua Yang Berhad principal activities consist of investment holding, property development and provision of management services. Its subsidiary companies currently are involved in investment holding, provision of management services, property development and building construction. The property development activities of the Hua Yang Group are currently being undertaken on their land bank which are located mainly in Klang Valley, Perak and Johor.

Historical Price Data
Date Open High Low Close Volume
18 Mar 2011 1.050   1.070 1.040  1.060 42,000  
17 Mar 2011 1.020  1.040  1.020  1.040  77,500  
16 Mar 2011 1.040  1.050  1.030 1.040  51,500  
15 Mar 2011 1.020  1.040  1.010 1.030  131,700  
14 Mar 2011 1.020  1.050 1.020  1.040  242,900  
EPS (RM) a
Rolling EPS (RM) e
NAV (RM) b
Issued & Paid-up Shares c
Rolling PE (RM) f
Price / NAV b
Par Value (RM)
Dividend Yield (%) d
52 Weeks High (RM)
Cash and Cash Equivalents At End (RM) g
Market Cap (M)
Dividend (RM) d
52 Weeks Low (RM)
Price / Cash Value g
Stock Categories
Bursa Stock Classirication
Index Components
  • a Based on latest Full Year results announcement, adjusted for the current number of shares.
  • b Based on latest results announcement (Full Year, Half Year or Interim), adjusted for the current number of shares.
  • c Rounded to the nearest thousand.
  • d Dividend is based on latest Full Year results announcement, adjusted for current number of shares and excludes special dividend.
  • e Summation of the earnings from the latest 4 Quarter (or 2 Half Year) results announcement, adjusted for the current number of shares.
  • f Based on rolling EPS
  • g Based on latest results announcement (Full Year, Half Year or Interim), adjusted for the current number of shares. Cash value does not include bank loans or other borrowings.

Malaysian Investor Relations Association (MIRA) is a company established by Bursa Malaysia to promote the good practice of investor relations by public listed companies.

Interview with Mr. Ho Wen Yan, Chief Executive Officer of Hua Yang Berhad by MIRA

Hua Yang Berhad, a MIRA member listed under the Properties Sector of Bursa Malaysia, has built a reputation for providing affordable homes to the public.

Ho Wen Yan, from the pioneer batch of Certified Investor Relations practitioners, shares with us his plans to transform Hua Yang to be one of the country’s largest property developers in the next five years.

What are your views on the prospects of the property industry in Malaysia and in particular, the affordable properties segment?

Taking into consideration Malaysia’s growing population and young demographic profile, we expect demand for affordable properties to remain strong. In Klang Valley, this segment of the property market is under-served, leading to an imbalance in the demand and supply of homes for middle class income families. We strive to fill this gap by leveraging on our experience and track record in delivering homes which are affordable to first-time home buyers.

In view of the fast changing landscape, what strategy have you put in place to achieve your goal?

A successful company always puts customers first. Young families today aspire and work towards owning their first dream home. At Hua Yang, we aim to be a property developer that adds value to our customers. We will constantly strive for improvements in terms of operations and products delivered to ensure that our properties remain affordable for the average middle income family.

With the longer term plans laid out, what can be expected from Hua Yang over the near term?

We have property development projects spanning across Johor, Perak, Klang Valley and Negeri Sembilan. Our flagship mixed integrated development project in Klang Valley, One South, will be our single largest development in Klang Valley. The project’s success will raise our profile amongst Klang Valley residents and reinforce our statement that Hua Yang is the upcoming developer to watch.

Having been appointed CEO since August 2010 from your previous role as Chief Operating Officer, please share with us the journey so far and what shapes the way the Company manages its relationship with its management team and stakeholders.

I am fortunate and grateful for the Board’s guidance and continued vote of confidence to have entrusted me with the role to build on the Company’s legacy, which is to build affordable homes for the nation.

I would like to share some key lessons that I have garnered over my career path.

My first business lesson is that the Company is about its ”people”.

Our current achievements have been built on the teamwork and hard work of my current colleagues and those before us. As we continue to build on our achievements, the goal is to develop a young, professional group of managers and senior management capable of steering the Company towards greater success in the future.

To move the Company forward, we will also need to tap on the initiatives and hard work of the talented staff we have.

The second business lesson is about the "process" taken to achieve the desired results.

Although we set ourselves targets and milestones, the process is just as important as the result. The process of building successful relationships with associates, the process of seeing our staff grow in ability and maturity and the process of executing projects. These are just as rewarding and fulfilling as achieving targets.

I continue to spearhead the Company’s strategy on investor relations, a role which I had embraced in my previous position. With plans to grow the Company, it is absolutely vital to consistently manage our stakeholders’ expectations while maintaining visibility to the investment community.

The journey ahead will be long and challenging but with the right mind-set and perspective, I believe it will be enjoyable and fulfilling.

IR Tracker
Company : Hua Yang Berhad Financial year end 31st March
Board : Main Market Latest results 3rd quarter ended 31 Dec 2010
Sector : Property IR Contact Ms. May Chan, Financial Controller
Stock code : 5062 Email
Stock name : HUAYANG Website

Details correct as at February 2011

To know more about MIRA, please visit

For more information on MIRA, please contact Alex Lee at +603–20347491 or

The above interview was conducted by MIRA based on the information provided by Hua Yang Berhad.

MIRA does not warrant or represent, expressly or implied as to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided. MIRA shall not liable for any decisions made in reliance of the said information.

Most Active Stocks for the week Most Gainers for the week
Stocks Price
Value (Btm) Stocks Price
% +/-
BANPU 726.00 738.00 12,392.90 PT 2.44 3.60 47.54
TOP 76.75 80.50 8,821.34 WIN 0.28 0.40 42.86
IVL 50.75 49.25 7,849.37 TBSP 72.25 93.75 29.76
PTT 346.00 336.00 7,372.18 TFI 1.80 2.26 25.56
CPF 24.30 25.00 6,979.29 CCP 2.62 3.26 24.43

Source: Setsmart, based on SET100 stock

Investor Relations Alert
Singer: Eyes Bt100m.

Singer (Thailand), distributor of sewing machines, electrical appliances under the Singer trademark, expects its net profit this year to exceed Bt100 million on a revenue target of Bt2.4 billion. Managing director Boonyong Tansakul said that the revenue target this year was set to grow by 15 per cent from last year thanks to higher spending power in the wake of rising commodity prices... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

Synnex: Timely Distribution Powers Synnex Success.

Synnex (Thailand) Plc distributes computers, peripherals, software, IT systems and computer consumables of more than 50 global brands to a nationwide customer base of 5,000 retailers and wholesalers, locally branded computer manufacturers, department stores, superstores and stationery shops.President and CEO Supant Mongkolsuthree discusses the company's strategy and outlook... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

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