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03 May 2010
Week's Top Volume Week Top Value Week Top Gainer
Name Volume Name Volume Name Price Chg
Genting SP 688,444,000   Genting SP 632,051,790   Thai Prime200US$  5.030  +0.930  
GoldenAgr   325,473,000   Yangzijiang  425,753,310   OUE  17.200  +0.920  
Yangzijiang  306,731,000   DBS  422,020,864   JMH 400US$  36.820  +0.760  
GMG  244,092,000   Capitaland  406,365,526   Jardine C&C  30.480  +0.600 
JES  160,566,000  SingTel  369,177,485  TCIL 3k HK$  2.070 +0.330

Note: Weekly movement as at April 30, 2010

Investor Relations Alert
Aztech: LED Lighting Division Wins Tender To Supply & Install LED Lighting For Public Housing In Singapore

Aztech Electronics Pte Ltd announced that its subsidiary has been awarded a tender to supply and install LED lighting for selected group of public housing blocks. The contract is worth approximately S$ 2 million. This project marks the first in Singapore to deploy ecofriendly, energy-efficient LED lighting for public housing. The residents in the public housing will be among the first in Singapore to experience LED lighting in their estate. Some of the conventional fluorescent tube lighting at these public housing void decks, stairways and corridors will be replaced with Aztech LED Luminaires, Aztech 2-feet LED Lighting with Fixture.. FULL DETAIL Full Detail

Riverstone: 1Q 2010 Net Profit Jumps Almost 6-Fold To RM 10.5 Million

Riverstone Holdings Limited reported a doubling in revenue to RM 52.8 million for the quarter ended 31 March 2010. Net profit was RM10.5 million almost 6X the RM 1.8 million achieved a year ago. 1Q 2010 gross margin expanded from 19% to 31%, on the back of greater production efficiencies arising from the higher sales as well as better productivity. Consequently gross profit rose threefold to RM 16.5 million from RM 5.0 million previously. Earnings per share were 3.4 sen, 1Q 2009: 0.6 sen. Annualised return on equity was a robust 24%, up from 17% for 2009... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

GMG Global: Earnings Up By 59.6% To S$6.3 Million For 1Q2010

GMG Global Limited announced 59.6% increase in net profit for the three months ended 31 March 2010. Turnover of the Group increased by 183.8% to S$82.7 million for 1Q2010 from S$29.2 million in 1Q2009. The average selling price improved by 58.1% to S$3,902 per ton in 1Q2010 compared to S$2,467 per ton in 1Q2009 as rubber prices witnessed a strengthening in the current reporting period. Gross profit for the Group grew by 153.4% to S$22.3 million in 1Q2010 with the tonnage of natural rubber sold increasing by 79.4% to 21,205 metric tons in 1Q2010 compared to 11,818 metric tons in 1Q2009. Gross profit margin however paled by 3.2 percentage points to 27.0% due to the higher costs of raw material purchases... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

Debao Property: Sold More Units In FY2009, As Revenue Jumps 3.6 Times To RMB575.6 Million

Debao Property Development Ltd reported that revenue rose 3.6 times from RMB124.0 million in FY2008 to RMB575.6 million in FY2009 due to higher gross floor area sold and recognised and higher average selling price per square metre achieved in FY2009, attributable to robust market demand in PRC's real estate industry. This was despite lower revenue contribution of RMB24.4 million from its Construction Contracts business compared to the RMB32.8 million achieved in the same period last year, due to the near completion of Phase of 1 of Jin Long Garden, a joint-venture project of the Group... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

Bright World: Posts 244.0% Surge In Net Profit Attributable To Shareholders To RMB27.3 Million For First Quarter 2010

Bright World Precision Machinery Limited is pleased to announce its set of stellar financial results for the 3 months ended 31 March 2010. In 1Q10, the Group's turnover rose significantly by 109.2% to RMB187.0 million, from RMB89.4 million for the 3 months ended 31 March 2009. This was boosted by a sharp increase in sales orders coming from both conventional and high performance stamping machines and the upward revision of selling prices of the stamping machines. Sales of conventional and high performance stamping machines increased by 86.8% and 142.8% respectively, for the first quarter year-on-year. The turnover was mainly derived from sales at Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

Global Palm: IPO Approximately 2.54 Times Subscribed

Global Palm Resources Holdings Limited announced that its initial public offering was well-received by investors. As at the close of the public offer at 12 noon on 27 April 2010, there were 4,598 valid applications received for the 3,000,000 Offer Shares. In total, these applicants applied for an aggregate of 172,593,000 Offer Shares, with application monies received amounting to approximately S$79.4 million. Based on the total invitation of 110,000,000 New Shares and total valid applications amounting to 279,593,000 New Shares comprising valid applications received for 172,593,000 Offer Shares and 107,000,000 Placement Shares, the Invitation was approximately 2.54 times subscribed... FULL DETAIL Full Detail

Listed Company Highlight of the Week

Bright World Precision Machinery Limited

Based in Dayang City, Jiangsu Province, People's Republic of China, Bright World Precision Machinery Limited ("Bright World" or the "Company" and together with its subsidiaries, the "Group") is a manufacturer of stamping machines and related components. The Group manufactures both standard and customised stamping machines to suit the different needs of its customers. With its vertically integrated facilities, customers are assured of quality products and timely response to changes in their demands. Bright World is located in close proximity to key manufacturing hubs located in the Jiangsu Province which provides the Group with opportunities to expand its customer base.

Historical Price Data
Date Open High Low Close Volume
30 April 2010 0.280 0.290   0.280 0.290   1,225,000  
29 April 2010 0.275 0.280 0.270  0.270  301,000  
28 April 2010 0.265  0.280 0.265  0.275 247,000  
27 April 2010 0.270  0.275 0.270  0.275 363,000  
26 April 2010 0.260  0.275 0.260  0.270  601,000 
EPS ($) a
Rolling EPS ($) a
NAV ($) b
Issued & Paid-up Shares c
Rolling PE ($) f
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Dividend Yield (%) d
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Cash Value ($) g
Market Cap (M)
Dividend ($) d
52 Weeks Low
Price / Cash Value g
Stock Categories
Electronics / China
SGX Sector Classification
Index Components
FTSE ST All-Share / FTSE ST Industrials / FTSE ST Fledgling
  • a Based on latest Full Year results announcement, adjusted for the current number of shares.
  • b Based on latest results announcement (Full Year, Half Year or Interim), adjusted for the current number of shares.
  • c Rounded to the nearest thousand. Updated on 30/04/2010. Please click here for more information.
  • d Dividend is based on latest Full Year results announcement, adjusted for current number of shares and excludes special dividend.
  • e Summation of the earnings from the latest 4 Quarter (or 2 Half Year) results announcement, adjusted for the current number of shares.
  • f Based on rolling EPS
  • g Based on latest results announcement (Full Year, Half Year or Interim), adjusted for the current number of shares. Cash value does not include bank loans or other borrowings.
Week's Top Volume Week Top Gainer
Name Volume Name Price Chg
TALAM 95,849,100 BAT  43.980  +0.680 
KNM 49,156,200  TANJONG  17.880  +0.440 
GENM 35,923,500  LPI   15.040  +0.400 
AXIATA 20,882,500   PHARMA   5.150  +0.270 
MAYBANK 17,952,100  LMCEMNT   6.750  +0.250 

Note: Weekly movement as at April 30, 2010

Investor Relations Alert
QL Resources Berhad: New Subsidiary

The Board of Directors of QL is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, QL Realty Sdn. Bhd. have received approval from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights the incorporation of a 80% subsidiary known as PT. QL Trimitra, in Indonesia. The authorized share capital and paid up capital of PT. QL Trimitra is at USD1.5 million respectively. FULL DETAIL Full Detail

Most Active Stocks for the week Most Gainers for the week
Stocks Price
Value (Btm) Stocks Price
% +/-
PTT  256.00  251.00  8,037.00  RICH  0.07  0.09  28.57 
SCB  85.75  80.50  5,251.36  UFM  48.75   56.50   15.90 
BBL  119.00  115.50  4,678.63  PRG  52.00   60.00   15.38  
KBANK  93.25  89.50  3,859.47  BGT  2.44   2.76  13.11 
PTTEP  148.00  149.00   3,448.34  TOPP  50.50   57.00   12.87 

Source: Setsmart, based on SET100 stock

Investor Relations Alert
Toll Logistics (Thailand) Limited: Joined TICON Logistics Park Co., Ltd. to celebrate the commencement of leasing contract of warehouses in TPARK Laemchabang

Toll Logistics (Thailand) Limited was invited to celebrate the commencement of leasing contract between Toll Logistics and TPARK. Toll Logistics has leased warehouses in TPARK Laemchabang with an area of 10,530 sq m for their logistics operation. FULL DETAIL. Full Detail

Asiasoft: Announces Its Dividend Against Economic Crisis

Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited announces its dividend payment to shareholders 0.58 baht per share assuring its strategy of year 2010 to achieve the highest growth ever. FULL DETAIL Full Detail

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