28 Sep 2009
Name Volume
Genting SP 559,922,000
MemstarT 499,572,000
GoldenAgr 343,842,000
ChinaAniH 252,963,000
LexiconGrp 233,055,000
Name Value
Genting SP 642,159,583
Noble Grp 281,568,428
SingTel 269,995,500
Wilmar 264,480,053
DBS 256,605,736
Name Price Chg
STXPO 100 14.420 +1.120
Shang Asia 2kHK$ 14.260 +0.560
HKLand US$ 4.380 +0.300
AsiaFoodP 0.660 +0.285
Mermaid 1.160 +0.250
Note: Weekly movement as at Sep 25, 2009

Sino Techfibre
Acquisition Of Training Centre For Office Use

The Board of Directors of Sino Techfibre Limited ("Sino Techfibre" of the "Company") announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Shandong Jinfeng Synthetic Leather Co. Ltd ("Shandong Jinfeng") has entered into a Sale and Purchase Agreement ("SPA") with Longkou City Post Office for a purchase of training centre located at Gimudao, People's of Republic of China (the "Training Centre"), for a total consideration of RMB 62 million (the "Proposed Acquisition").

The Proposed Acquisition is intended for the use by employees for the conduct of internal trainings, management meetings, staff accommodation and some guests/meeting rooms for clients/visitors.


China Paper
China Paper's utilization rate for newly added paper chemical facilities exceeded 90% from June to August 2009

Mainboard listed China Paper Holdings Limited ("China Paper" or the "Group"), a vertically integrated paper and paper chemical products manufacturer in People's Republic of China ("PRC"), recently provided an update to shareholders on the operations of its newly added paper chemical capacity.

The Group said that it has invested approximately RMB80 million in additional production facilities to double its paper chemical production capacity from 125,000 tonnes per annum to 250,000 tonnes per annum. The newly added production facilities have commenced production since early June 2009 and have contributed approximately RMB7 million to the Group's revenue for the 3 months ended June 30, 2009.


C2O Holdings
Acquisition Of Utility Cum Crew Boat

The Board of Directors of C2O Holdings Limited ("the Company") announced that ValueRight International Limited ("VRIL"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hadi International Marine Services Pte. Ltd. ("HIMS"), the Company's associated company, has acquired a utility cum crew boat ("the vessel") at a sum of US$2,750,000 (the "Consideration") based on a mutual agreement between the willing seller and the willing buyer. There is no formal valuation being conducted in respect of the acquisition of the vessel.

The vessel is expected to be delivered on October 1, 2009. The vessel will be deployed in the middle-east for short-term spot as well as long-term charter.


Karin Secures Distributorship Agreement With Check Point

Singapore Exchange ("SGX") Mainboard listed Karin Technology Holdings Limited ("Karin" or the "Group"), a leading IT and components solutions and services provider in Hong Kong and the People's Republic of China ("PRC"), recently announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Karin Electronics Supplies Company Limited ("Karin ES") has entered into a renewed distributorship agreement with Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. ("Check Point"), a worldwide leader in delivering security solutions for networks, data and endpoints.

The renewed collaboration with Check Point, who recently completed its acquisition of Nokia Security Appliance Business, will empower Karin to be able to deliver one of the industry's most comprehensive network security products, solutions and services.


Great Group Holdings Limited

Based in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, Great Group Holdings Limited is an established undergarment manufacturer in the PRC. The Group is principally engaged in the design, manufacture, distribution and sales of men's and women's undergarments. The Group also manufactures and sells children's and infants' apparel.

The Group designs, manufactures and sells men's undergarments, and to a lesser extent, women's undergarments, under its proprietary "GRAT.UNIC" brand in the PRC. The Group also manufactures and sells men's undergarments bearing the "Superman" trademark licensed from Warner Bros Consumer Products Inc.

Sold across 16 provinces/municipalities/autonomous regions in the PRC, the Group's "GRAT.UNIC" and "Superman" products can be found at 102 points of sales as at September 4, 2009. These comprise specialty stores or dedicated shelf-spaces located strategically in shopping malls, departmental stores and commercial areas of major cities in the PRC.

The Group is also engaged in the contract manufacturing of men's and women's undergarments generally carried out on an original design manufacturing ("ODM") basis, and children's and infants' apparel generally manufactured on an original equipment manufacturing ("OEM") basis. Over the years, the Group has built a large and established customer base. Its end customers include owners of international brands and retail chains, such as Zeeman Group (the Netherlands), Pelican (Russia), Hema BV (the Netherlands), Next (UK), Wibra Supermarket BV (the Netherlands), Zara (Spain) and George (UK).

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