17 Aug 2009
Name Volume
GoldenAgr  855,724,000 
Genting SP  538,957,000 
UniFiber  205,125,000 
JiutianC  183,188,000 
EzionHldg  169,371,000 
Name Value
DBS  755,599,694 
Genting SP  472,925,970 
GoldenAgr  411,168,980 
SingTel  325,275,790 
Wilmar  298,875,053 
Name Price Chg
BMT 100  11.900  +0.900 
SIA  12.740  +0.806 
Shang Asia 2kHK$  13.000  +0.780 
Wilmar  6.550  +0.510 
CITYDEV  10.200  +0.480 
Note: Weekly movement as at Aug 17, 2009
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Singapore : Exchange-backed dark pool in the offing by 2010.
Singapore : Consultants see slower slide in office rents.
Singapore : MTI refuses to get carried away by Q2 away by Q2 rebound.
Singapore : Man who founded Metro dies, aged 98.
Singapore : GDP may grow up to 1.8 per cent in Q3: survey.

China Fishery Group Limited

Mainboard-listed company China Fishery Group Limited announced its second quarter (2QFY2009) and half year results (1HFY2009) for the financial year ending December 31, 2009.

The group’s 1HFY2009 revenue increased 6.8 per cent from US$265.5 million to US$274.1 million as a result of higher contributions from both trawling and fishmeal processing business segments. Net profit attributable to shareholders rose by 7.7 per cent from US$65.9 million to US$68.8 million in tandem with the higher revenue.

By geographical segments, the PRC remains the Group’s most significant market accounting for 70.6 per cent of total revenue. Japan and Korea accounts for 18.3 per cent of the market, and Europe accounts for 6.8 per cent and South East Asia and other countries accounts for 4.3 per cent.


Rickmers Martime

Rickmers Martime continues to achieve increases in charter revenue, operating cash flows as well as income available for distribution.

Charter revenue posted an increase of 52 per cent to US$70.1 million in 1H2009, compared to US$46.0 million in 1H2008. On a quarterly basis, the revenue increased 59 per cent to US$37.6 million in the second quarter of 2009 (2Q2009) compared to the corresponding quarter a year ago (2Q2008: US$23.7 million).

The Trust saw an improvement in operating cash flow of 58 per cent to US$55.9 million in 1H2009 (1H2008: US$35.3 million) and 56 per cent in 2Q2009 to US$28.7 million (Q22008: US$18.3 million).

Income available for distribution also increased in 2Q2009 to US$19.6 million, up 42 per cent from the same quarter the previous year.


Chi-Tech picks euNetworks to power MarketPrizm

Mainboard-listed company euNetworks today announced that it had won a significant contract to supply ultra-low latency network connectivity infrastructure to power a new high-speed network and services platform for Chi-Tech’s MarketPrizmbusiness.

MarketPrizm is a European trading ecosystem designed to meet the challenges companies in the financial markets face in deploying and maintaining a flexible, state-of-the-art architecture for all kinds of electronic trading.

euNetworks has designed, and will implement and manage a bespoke, ultra-low latency network, connectivity solution, using dedicated fibres to deliver up to 100 Gbps of connectivity to core sites. The service is being deployed to link 19 markets throughout France, Germany, the UK, and the Netherlands, and will be deployed in North America and Southern Europe using several network partners.

Chi-Tech’s MarketPrizm provides trading firms with a “one-stop” ultra-low latency platform for electronictrading in the European markets, including neutral multi-venue access and best-of-breed services. The ultra-low latency performance is generated by using euNetworks’ optimised fibre routes and latest generation, ultra-high performance dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) and Ethernet services. The service connectivity options and component applications sent via an open, neutral framework that allows clients to select the precise solution that meets their business and technology requirements.

euNetworks is provider of Pan-European, mission-critical, high-performance networking solutions.

 Date Open High Low Close Volume  
14 Aug 2009 0.030 0.035 0.030 0.030 2,952,000
13 Aug 2009 0.030 0.035 0.030 0.035 11,246,000
12 Aug 2009 0.030 0.035 0.025 0.030 7,347,000
11 Aug 2009 0.030 0.030 0.025 0.030 4,005,000

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