29 June 2009
Name Volume
China Hongx  449,252,000 
GoldenAgr  412,991,061 
Genting SP  199,430,000 
MDR  156,026,000 
KepLand  140,165,000 
Name Value
DBS  508,073,741 
Capitaland  442,855,323 
SingTel  313,032,439 
KepLand  308,516,420 
UOB  257,601,270 
Name Price Chg
Jardine C&C  18.520  +1.020 
JMH 400US$  25.260  +0.960 
HKLand US$  3.630  +0.370 
JSH 500US$  14.020  +0.320 
DairyFarm 900 US$  5.850  +0.320 
Note: Weekly movement as at June 29, 2009
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Midas Holdings Limited

Mainboard listed company Midas Holdings Limited announced that its Aluminum Alloy Division, Jilin Midas Aluminum Industries had secured a contract worth RMB 70 million to supply aluminum alloy extrusion profiles for a total of 30 train sets.

This works out to an equivalent of 240 train cars (One train set is equal to eight train cars) to be used for the inter-city high-speed train "CRH5 EMU" project with speeds up to 250 km/h.

The contract was awarded by CNR Railway Vehicles Co Ltd, and will be fulfilled over the second half of 2009 to 2010.

Midas Holdings Limited was established in 2000. It is a leading manufacturer of aluminum alloy extrusion products, and targeted for the rail transportation sector in the PRC. It operates three primary business divisions including Aluminum Alloy, PE Pipe and Agency and Procurement.


Van der Horst Energy Limited

Van Der Horst Energy Limited (VDHE) announced that through its subsidiaries Shenyang China Starzyme Company Limited (SCS) had entered a Joint Venture Agreement with Millbo S p A (Millbo) pursuant to which the parties will establish a new company in the PRC.

Millbo is a leading supplier of Enzymes for the Bakery Industry and exports to 30 countries in all Continents. This new joint venture will have an initial share capital of US$560,000 and will be 60 per cent owned by SCS and 40 per cent owned by Millbo. The business will consists of developing bread and floor improvers, bakery enzymes blends, bread mixes, and bakery ingredients for sales and distribution in the Chinese Market.

VDHE had earlier acquired a 51 per cent stake in Shenyang China Starzyme Company Limited which owns a large scale Fermentation Factory in Chaoyang in the province of Liaoning, China. This factory is equipped with a fermentation of 600,000 litres capacity and will become the largest food and animal feed enzyme producer in China.


Olam International Limited

Olam International Limited (Olam) announced that through its wholly owned subsidiary Olam Tomato Processors Inc, had agreed to purchase select assets of major US tomato processor, SK Foods L.P. (SK Foods) and its wholly owned subsidiary RHM Industrial/Specialty Foods Inc (RHM) in California, and now approved by the United States bankruptcy Court in Sacramento for a purchase value of US$39 million.

SK Foods was privately owned by the Scott Salyer family and is the second largest Californian tomato processor with a 14 per cent share in the United States. It is estimated to be fourth largest globally with a global market share of 5 per cent. The processing facility is located on 82 acres in the Central California city of Lemoore and RHM's processing plant is located on 42 in Williams, in the northern Sacramento Valley.

Mainboard-listed company Olam International Limited is a leading global integrated supply chain manager of agricultural products and food ingredients, sourcing 20 products with a direct presence in 60 countries and supply over 6,500 customers.


Mainboard-listed company United Envirotech Ltd is in the business of water treatment and reclamation using advanced membrane technology. It also provides environmental engineering solutions to a wide range of clients in various industries including chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and wastewater treatment industries.

United Envirotech announced that it had signed an agreement to co-develop and test bed a new environmentally-friendly wastewater treatment and water reclamation system with Sembcorp Industries Ltd (Sembcorp) and Memstar Technology Ltd (Memstar).

The treatment system will involve the Membrane Distillation technology developed by the company. It is an alternative to the conventional method of purification using reverse osmosis or distillation. In wastewater reclamation activity, the technology can potentially increase the overall recovery.

According to UEL's chairman and chief executive officer Dr Lin Yucheng "As a specialist in membrane process application, we are constantly looking out for new technologies and applications that will allow us to offer a total solution to our customers. In some areas where the receiving environment is sensitive, affordable zero liquid discharge is often the deciding factor that makes a project viable. We hope we can broaden our range of membrane technologies available to our customers."

 Date Open High Low Close Volume Volume Weighted Average Price
26 Jun 2009 0.125  0.125  0.120  0.120  3,452,000 0.12304
25 Jun 2009 0.120  0.120  0.115  0.115 584,000 0.11856
24 Jun 2009 0.115  0.120  0.115  0.115 1,349,000 0.11931
23 Jun 2009 0.110  0.120  0.110  0.120 2,321,000 0.11780
22 Jun 2009 0.120  0.120  0.115  0.115 1,733,000 0.11611

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