22 June 2009

Name Volume
GoldenAgr 457,140,000
UniFiber 340,873,000
Genting SP 310,580,000
China Hongx 263,604,000
Jaya Hldg 206,976,000
Name Value
Capitaland 506,931,268
DBS 423,146,140
SingTel 393,270,748
Yanlord 386,252,980
OCBC Bk 274,818,601
Name Price Chg
DairyFarm 900 US$ 5.530 +0.250
SATSvcs 2.060 +0.140
CITYDEV NCCPS 1.190 +0.120
ST Engg 2.490 +0.100
Austland PG A$ 0.550 +0.095
Note: Weekly movement as at June 19, 2009
Singapore : Japan, China gear up for industrial makeover.
Singapore : Foreign law firms pose challenge for locals.
Singapore : Directors move in to buy despite strong prices.
Washington : US Federal Reserve given big reform role.
Washington : Expansion of Fed's reach draws flak.
London : UK fights EU's bank policing plans.
Singapore : Changes in CDP clearing fund welcomed.
Singapore : Catalist firms put off appointing sponsors.

Yongnam Holdings Limited
Yongnam Wins Two New Contracts Worth S$40.7 Million

Yongnam Holdings Limited (Yongnam) is a well-established structural steel contractor and specialist engingeering solutions provider. The company secured two new contracts worth $40.7m from two major Singapore projects – Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort and Marina Costal Expressway (MCE).

The group won its eighth MBS IR contract worth $17.6m to construct a segment of the Lion Garden Bridge and a cooling tower structure.

The terms of the MBS IR contract will allow Yongnam to construct a segment of the Lion Garden Bridge that spans 73 metres between the Hotel atrium and the Casino. In addition, the group will also build a cooling tower structure about 17 metres wide by 108 metres long next to the hotel towers.

It also secured its third MCE contra worth $23.1m. Earlier in January 2009, the group secured its maiden contract for the MCE, the C485 contract worth $185.5m. The second contract C487 estimated at $53m was won in March 2009.

C483 was awarded by main contractor Samsung C&T Corporation. This project is expected to be completed by June 2012.


OKP Holdings Limited
OKP Clinches $5.7 Million Contract From The National Parks Board To Construct Three Park Connectors

Mainboard-listed company OKP Holdings Limited recently secured a $5.7m contract from the National Parks Board (NParks) for the contstruction of three park connectors at Sungei Pinang, Sungei Serangoon and Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5.

The project was secured by OKP's wholly-owned subsidiary Eng Lam Contractors Co Pte Ltd. The commencement of work is expected to begin in late June and continue for nine months for completion. The range of the work to be completed include the construction of jogging tracks, cycling tracks, entrance plazas, signage, concrete ramps and landscaping works, demolition and electrical works.

OKP Holdings Limited (OKP) is a infrastructure and civil engineering Company. It's expertise is in the construction of airport runways and taxiways, expressways, flyovers, vehicular bridges, urban and arterial roads, airport infrastructure and oil & gas related infrastructure for petrochemical plants and oil storage terminals.


China Eratat Sports Fashion Limited is a company that primarily distributes sports footwear, designs and distributes sports attire established under the proprietary brand “Eratat”. The group's products are aimed for a wide range of activities catering to sports and casual lifestyle. In addition, the group corporate strategies' includes expanding their distribution base increasing retail locations in the PRC. As at March 31, 2009, the total number of retail locations for Eratat is registered at 1690.

The sports footwear includes running, basketball, tennis, cross-training, and casual footwear. In addition, it also produces sports footwear products under a third party brand.

As of May 22, 2009, the group had announced that the group's founder and executive chairman and chief executive officer Mr Lin Jiancheng had purchased 120,325,00 ordinary shares at the price of $0.125 for each share. This approximately represents about 29 per cent of the issue and paid-up capital of the Company through his wholly-owned company, Sunny Joy Limited. If taken together with his current direct shareholding of 1,200,000 shares, Mr Lin will then own approximately 29.3 per cent of the issued and paid up capital of the company, and subsequently makes him the single largest controlling shareholder.

In addition, executive director Mr Ye Sanzhi had also purchased 32,175,000 ordinary shares at the price of $0.125 for each share, representing 7.8 percent of the issue and paid up share capital of the company. The purchases were from the Heron Win Group, and transactions were on a wiling buyer and willing seller basis.

Moreover, the Hero Win Group would have also sold 60 million shares to institutional investors and sophisticated investors at the price of $0.125 for each, making up a portion of 14.5 percent of the issued and paid-up share capital of the company.

The company also announced that there would be no change in its board members, key management, or business direction in the near future. Moreover, as the company had no bank borrowing, the change in controlling shareholder will not result in any breach of loan covenants.

According to Mr Lin, “This is a demonstration of our confidence in the industry and China Eratat. Our share price is currently under-valued and not reflective of our fundamentals.” He added that the purchase of shares by institutional and sophisticated investors also showed confidence in China Eratat.

 Date Open High Low Close Volume  
19 Jun 2009 0.120 0.125 0.120 0.125 4,706,000
18 Jun 2009 0.125 0.125 0.120 0.120 2,885,000
17 Jun 2009 0.125 0.130 0.120 0.120 4,556,000
16 Jun 2009 0.130 0.130 0.120 0.125 3,607,000
15 Jun 2009 0.135 0.140 0.125 0.130 5,833,000

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