08 June 2009
Name Volume
Abterra 513,879,000
UniFiber 495,811,000
Genting SP 436,789,000
GoldenAgr 432,806,000
Oceanus 358,158,000
Name Value
Capitaland 605,157,482
DBS 603,842,827
UOB 482,727,786
CoscoCorp 391,545,718
SingTel 386,426,667
Name Price Chg
CMProp 100 HK$ 12.000 +7.000
Jardine C&C 17.600 +1.200
Shang Asia 2kHK$ 12.640 +1.140
UOB 15.400 +1.140
BMT 100 9.100 +1.020
Note: Weekly movement as at June 5, 2009
Singapore : Productivity falls, outlook stays sombre.
Singapore : Big ramp-up for mega school computer project.
Singapore : Temasek sold Barclays stake and took a hit.
Singapore : NOL joins Temasek wave with $1.44b rights issue.
Singapore : Foreigners shopping for homes again.
Singapore : Rise in home buyers from China and India.
Singapore : Temasek to plonk $437m into Olam
Singapore : NOL primed to make major announcement

Sunpower Group Limited
Sunpower clinches RMB26.7 million heat pipe contract for Qinghai-Tibet Highway project

Mainboard listed company Sunpower Group Ltd announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Jiangsu Sunpower Technology Co Ltd has secured a RM26.7 million contract to supply its propriety heat pipes to the Project Management Centre of Key Highway Construction of the Transport Department in the Tibet Autonomous Region. The contract is expected to be delivered in the second half of 2009.

Sunpower Group Ltd is a heat transfer technology specialist engaged in the design, R&D and manufacture of customised energy-efficient, energy saving and environmental protection products.

The contract covers the supply of heat pipes for the reconstruction parts of the 1,142 km Golmud-Lhasa section of the Qinghai-Tibet Highway. It is one of the highest highways in the world located along the Qingha-Tibet Plateau. This plateau is considered as one of the largest subarctic permafrost region on the planet.

Group executive chairman Professor Guo Hong Xin said, “Being able to play a part in this important landmark projects reflects the high degree of trust and recognition our customers have on us in delivering high-quality products that meet their expectations, just as we have successfully delivered our Heat Pipes for the Qinghai-Tibet Railway project two years ago.”


Mermaid Maritime Public Company Limited
Mermaid Awarded Conoco Phillips Indonesia's 2009 Inspection, Repair And Maintenance Contract

Listed company Mermaid Maritime Public Company Limited announced that its subsidiary PT Seascape Surveys Indonesia (Seascape Surveys) had been awarded the 2009 inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) contract by Conoco Phillips Indonesia.

The project will start in early June this year. It will also use Mermaid Offshore Services Ltd’s (MOS) chartered DP2 vessel M.V. “Binh Minh”, and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) systems. Seascape Surveys will also provide survey, positioning, and report on the project.

The total value of the project is approximately USD 7.85 million and is scheduled to cover about four months.

The Seascape Surveys group’s primary business is in providing hydrographic survey and positioning services to the offshore oil and gas industry. Before MOS' acquisition of 80% of this group in 2008, they were MOS' largest subcontractor. MOS is a wholly owed subsidiary of the Company. The acquisition allowed the implementation of the Company's strategy to provide a range of high quality sub-sea engineering services "in-house".


Mainboard-listed company DMX Technologies Group (DMX) announced that it was acquiring a 100 per cent stake in 1MP Limited (1MP). It intends to increase its value proposition in China’s digital media market.

DMX is a leading technology enabler and provider of a wide range of digital media software and solutions. The group’s main specialization is in the provision of integrated IT solutions for telecom operators, cable TV operators, mobile operators, media corporations, and enterprises delivering enhanced services to their end-users. The company’s extensive regional network includes countries Greater China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore.

DMX (BVI) limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the group, has acquired 1MP, valued at $2.1 million is to be fulfilled through the issue of 11,764,705 new DMX shares at the issue price of $0.18 each; 6 months after the completion of the acquisition. This will allow DMX to immediately carry out the product dimension of the Group’s Digital Media business.

The company 1MP was established in 2003. 1MP and its related companies has provided a range of licensed and approved content across all types of media platforms including TV, CATV, internet protocol TV(IPTV), web TV and mobile TV in China. Moreover, it currently provides international TV programs to 50 TV stations in China.

1MP also provide value-added services such as localising and formatting content from over 20 top rung production companies. It is also in partnership with advertising agencies to offer innovative solutions and content on mobile TV via China Radio International.

DMX’s CEO, Ms Jismyl Teo said,” We are excited by this acquisition as it meets our overriding objective to bring to market compelling content to VoD services and help leverage on the opportunities created by this exciting new media wave in China.”

DMX reported that for the first three months (ending March 31, 2009), the group’s Digital Media group continued to increase its contribution by 16.7 per cent to account for US$12.5 million of US$38.7 million Group revenue.

 Date Open High Low Close Volume  
05 Jun 2009 0.195 0.195 0.185 0.190 849,000
04 Jun 2009 0.195 0.195 0.185 0.195 2,667,000
03 Jun 2009 0.190 0.200 0.190 0.195 5,520,000
02 Jun 2009 0.195 0.200 0.185 0.185 5,007,000
01 Jun 2009 0.195 0.210 0.195 0.195 6,513,000

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