25 May 2009
Name Volume
GoldenAgr  1,143,101,000 
China Hongx  492,073,000 
Oceanus  423,148,000 
Abterra  411,981,000 
Genting SP  343,873,000 
Name Value
DBS  642,774,624 
SingTel  536,361,973 
GoldenAgr  488,352,035 
Capitaland  480,735,229 
IS MSCI INDIA 100US$  371,649,605 
Name Price Chg
IS MSCI INDIA 100US$  5.270  +0.870 
SPC  5.040  +0.840 
JMH 400US$  22.800  +0.760 
JSH 500US$  13.060  +0.680 
Kep Corp  6.960  +0.640 
Note: Weekly movement as at May 22, 2009
Singapore : Economy hits floor, waits for rebound.
Singapore : S-Chips gain weight as market powers ahead.
Singapore : Singapore unease over Ferrari-pull-out threat.
Singapore : Singapore falls to third spot in competitiveness study.
Singapore : Petrochem consortium seeks funding from government agencies.
Singapore : SembMarine mulls offers for rig in dispute.
Singapore : Morgan Stanley Pinnacle Series 1 notes investors may lose all.
Singapore : Petrochem consortium seeks funding from government agencies.

AusGroup Limited

Special service provider to the natural resources sector, AusGroup Limited (AusGroup or the group) announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Ausclad Group of Companies Limited (AGC) had entered into a conditional sale and purchase agreement with Modern Industries Holdings Pty Ltd (MIH), Fiiksam Pty Ltd (Fiiksam), Modern Industries Australia Pty Ltd (MIA) and related parties to acquire 100 per cent of the share capital of Modern Access Services Pty Ltd (MAS) for a consideration of AUD$15 million.

Modern Access Services Pty Ltd (MAS)’s primary business is in the provision of access services for construction and maintenance programs on major projects in the resources, oil and gals and industrial sectors.

MAS was incorporated on January 21 2008 and has been awarded contracts in relation with major construction projects for companies including Woodside, Exxon Mobil and MCC Mining, and currently has operations in Australia, Singapore and Thailand.

The acquisition fits well with the existing AGC business in Australia. It also provides access for AGL to the Thailand market and enhanced group offerings in the Singapore market.



NEF Inc, a leading dark fiber and lit service agency has partnered with euNetworks, Europe’s foremost provider of mission critical, high performance networking solutions, to create and design optimal communications networks for large corporations.

This will provide NEF the opportunity to source euNetworks’ low latency optical connections between key interconnection and data center locations for US-based companies wanting to connect within Europe as well via trans-Atlantic connections from the continental US. With leading telecommunications databases FiberLocator and FindADataCenter.com, NEF will assist clients with both network information and professional services to create robust, scalable and affordable networks.

euNetworks is recognized as being the preferred method for delivering high-performance services over their wholly owned, billion euro, all-fiber optic network that connects the major cities and economies of Europe. This arrangement will allow US and European clients to utilize NEF’s expertise in designing efficient optical networks to build door-to-door private fiber solutions, including data center integration and network design and deployment.

In addition, the euNetworks-NEF relationship means a new level of information and service for global organizations based in the US wanting the fastest speeds and lowest latency routes in Europe. While NEF’s FiberLocator database catalogs the majority of fiber assets in the US and housing nearly 75 telecommunications provider network maps and information, the euNetworks information will add a new dimension to the database.

With the inclusion of euNetworks details and fibre maps, NEF bolsters the FiberLocator value proposition and enables enterprises to leverage the networks with diversity, reliability and low latency.


The Company was originally established in Singapore on December 6, 1968 as a private limited company under the name of Metal Containers (Pte) Ltd. It turned public on December 18, 1981 and was known as Metal Containers Ltd. In 1996, the Company was acquired by The Lion Group from Malaysia and now incorporated its present name Lion Asiapac Limited. The major shareholders are currently Lion Corporation Bhd (listed on Bursa Malaysia) and Silverstone Corporation Bhd. The Group’s core businesses are electronics, limestone processing, and scrap metal trading.

Advent Electronic Pte Ltd runs its electronic business including design-in and distribution of semiconductors and related components, turnkey project management and network product sales. In addition to the Singapore and Malaysia operations, it also operates out of India, London, Thailand, and Philippines. It sells innovative solutions including supply chain program and stocking for the semiconductor industry. Its semiconductor partners include international Rectifiers, Vishay, National Semiconductor, Sony, Texas Instruments and Microchip Technology. In addition, it also provides turnkey projects, total solutions from prototype services to box build. Moreover, it provides network connectivity, advice on system level, procurement, and system installation.

Compact Energy Sdn Bhd ("Compact") operates its limestone processing business in Banting, Malaysia. It has an annual production capacity of 210,000 tons of quicklime that is supplied mainly to the steel mills in Malaysia. It recently announced the deferment of any business expansion due to the economic downturn and substantial drop in market demand for quicklime. The phase two expansion was originally scheduled for completion in June 2009 with piling works completed and civil engineering works in progress but now halted. The current expenditure incurred to date is about $1.9m (approximately 9 per cent of the total proposed investment of $21m).

The company’s other business in scrap metal trading is handled by LAP Trading & Marketing Pte Ltd.

 Date Open High Low Close Volume   Volume Weighted
Average Price
22 May 2009 0.180  0.185  0.180  0.185  97,000  0.18438 
21 May 2009 0.185  0.185  0.180  0.185  102,000  0.18328 
20 May 2009 0.190  0.190  0.190  0.190  15,000  0.19000 
19 May 2009 0.190  0.190  0.185  0.190  115,000  0.18730 
18 May 2009 0.180  0.195  0.180  0.190  369,000  0.18397 

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