29 December 2008
Name Volume
HSI15000MBLeCW090129 92,364,000
GoldenAgr 82,103,000
China Hongx 81,460,000
MIDAS 72,462,000
StraitsAsia 57,618,000
Name Value
DBS 263,553,991
UOB 152,896,280
Capitaland 109,504,560
OCBC Bk 101,048,620
SingTel 80,546,964
Name Price Chg
DBS Bk 6% NCPS 10 95.000 +0.600
JMH 400US$ 18.800 +0.380
UOB 5.05%NCPS 100 90.100 +0.300
Creative 50 4.260 +0.260
GLD 10US$ 83.500 +0.200
Note: Weekly movement as at 26 December 2008
Asia: Asian stocks may see rebound in 1H09
United States: Washington – Economy shrinks 0.5% in Q3 as recession bites
Malaysia : Kuala Lumpur – More stimulus action from KL in February
Singapore : Singapore widens lead as Asian investor in Japan
Singapore : Banks brace for tough year ahead
Japan : Tokyo – Strong yen, weak demand puncture Japanese exports
AIG : Hong Kong – AIG to list AIA in HK after revamp: report
Midas : Midas to invest 168m yuan on new facilities
China Paper : China Paper to double unit's production capacity

Yongnam : Yongnam eyes infrastructure projects in Abu Dhabi

Changes in unitholdings of substantial unitholders of Ascendas India Trust

Ascendas Property Fund Trustee Pte Ltd, the Trustee-Manager of Ascendas India Trust (“a-iTrust”) announced on December 22, 2008 the following:

  1. Ascendas Land International (“ALI”) Pte Ltd has increased its unitholding in a-iTrust to 183,279,388 units (comprising direct and deemed interest), representing 24.88 per cent of a-iTrust's outstanding units. ALI previously held about 17.13 per cent of the outstanding units.
  2. General Electric Capital Corporation (“GE”) has reduced its unitholding in a-iTrust to 37,751,000 units, representing 4.99 per cent of a-iTrust's outstanding units.


Resignation Of Chief Executive Officer and Appointment of Acting Chief Executive Officer

Parkway Trust Management Limited (“PTML” or the “Company”), as manager for Parkway Life Real Estate Investment Trust (“PLife REIT”), announced the resignation of Ms Justine Victoria Wingrove as the Chief Executive Officer and Director of PTML, effective from December 23, 2008.

Mr Yong Yean Chau, the Chief Financial Officer of PTML, has been appointed as the Acting Chief Executive Officer. Mr Yong, who has been the Chief Financial Officer of PTML since February 1, 2008, has more than 16 years of experience in the areas of financial management, taxation, corporate finance and treasury.

He was previously the Chief Financial Officer of Singapore Tourism Board, overseeing the Finance and Corporate Services functions.


ASL Marine
Additional Investment In Associated Company

The Board of Directors of ASL Marine Holdings Ltd. (the "Company" or "ASL Marine") announced that the Company's associated company, Fastcoat Industries Pte. Ltd. (“Fastcoat”), had on December 24, 2008 increased its issued and paid-up share capital from S$2,200,000 to S$3,500,000 by the allotment of 1,300,000 ordinary shares at an issue price of S$1 per share.

With the additional allotment of shares, the Company's investment in Fastcoat has increased from S$979,000 to S$1,557,500. The consideration for the additional shares was paid by cash. The Company's shareholding in Fastcoat remains unchanged at 44.5 per cent.


HLN Technologies
Additional Investment In Wholly-Owned Subsidiary

The Board of Directors of HLN Technologies Limited (the "Company") announced that HLN Metal Centre Pte. Ltd. (“HMC”), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company had increased its investment in HLN Metal (Suzhou) Co Ltd. (“HMS”) by USD350,000 for purpose of financing the working capital requirements in HMS.

Following the aforesaid increase, HMS's registered capital would be USD500,000/-.


KS Energy
Appointment Of Chief Financial Officer

KS Energy Services Limited (the “Company”) announced the promotion of Ms Wong Soon Yin as its Chief Financial Officer. With effect from December 26, 2008, Ms Wong will oversee the accounting and finance matters of the Company.

Ms Wong replaces Mr Leong Kok Ho, the Company's Chief Financial Officer who left on December 26, 2008 to pursue his personal interests.


APB Increases Stake In Thai Asia Pacific Brewery Co, Ltd And Tap Trading Co., Ltd

Pursuant to Rule 704(15)(d) of the Listing Manual, Asia Pacific Breweries Limited (“APB”) announced that the APB group has increased its stake in Thai Asia Pacific Brewery Co., Ltd and TAP Trading Co., Ltd from 35 per cent to 36.84 per cent through the purchase of shares representing 1.84 per cent of the share capital of each of the companies (“Sale Shares”) for an aggregate consideration of Baht 50.17 million, or S$2.1 million paid in cash.

The purchase is not expected to have a material effect on the net tangible assets per share or earnings per share of APB for the current financial year and the said consideration was arrived at on a willing buyer and seller basis taking into account the September 30, 2008 aggregate book value of S$ 2.459 million of the Sale Shares. The purchase will be funded from internal funds resources.


Mainboard-listed Tat Hong Holdings Ltd (“Tat Hong” or the “Group”) is one of the largest crane companies in the world – ranked number one in terms of fleet size of crawler cranes, fourth in terms of total number of cranes owned, and seventh in terms of aggregate tonnage. In the Asia-Pacific region, it is undisputably the largest crane company, with its fleet size ranging from 50-1000 ton cranes.

Established in Singapore in the 1970s, Tat Hong is principally engaged in five core activities – rental of cranes, rental of towercranes, rental of general equipment, sale of cranes and other heavy equipment, and sale of spare parts for these equipment. It serves diversified industries, including infrastructure, oil & gas, mining, construction and engineering sectors, across a geographical footprint that stretches over Australia, Singapore, Southeast Asia, Indo-China, India, Middle East and China. Tat Hong currently has a combined rental and sales inventory fleet of over 600 mobile crawler cranes. The Group enjoys a number of exclusive distributorship agreements for cranes and other heavy equipment with companies such as Hitachi-Sumitomo, Sumitomo, Yanmar, Bomag, Kato, Mustang, Kawasaki, Mitsubishi and Linkbelt.

Following the listing of its Australian subsidiary, Tutt Bryant, on the Australian Stock Exchange in December 2005, Tat Hong had actively acquired, through Tutt Bryant, a number of companies, including Kingston Industries, Bay Hire, Muswellbrook, North Sheridan and the rental business of Bradshaw Ultra Heavy Haulage, extending its presence and increasing its market share in its crane and equipment rental businesses in Australia.

The Group has significantly expanded its presence in China, building on its interest in Fushun Yongmao, a towercrane manufacturer listed in Singapore, and its foreign-sino joint-venture company, Shanghai Tat Hong Equipment Rental Co. Ltd. In January 2007, Tat Hong entered into a joint venture with China's largest towercrane rental company, Beijing ZhongJian Zhenghe Construction Machinery, followed by the acquisition of China Nuclear Huaxing TatHong Machinery Construction in April 2007. In February 2008, Yongmao Holdings Limited, the Group's 20%-owned associated company, was successfully listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”).

 Date Open High Low Close Volume  
26 Dec 2008 0.620 0.630 0.620 0.630 740,000
24 Dec 2008 0.610 0.615 0.600 0.615 674,000
23 Dec 2008 0.630 0.640 0.615 0.620 769,000
22 Dec 2008 0.655 0.655 0.635 0.640 1,182,000

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