09 December 2008
Name Volume
GoldenAgr 278,356,000
CoscoCorp 145,187,000
StraitsAsia 143,018,000
HSI13200MBLePW081230 126,416,000
Noble Grp 119,603,000
Name Value
DBS 293,531,860
SingTel 257,496,239
UOB 197,936,648
Capitaland 132,410,202
CoscoCorp 119,168,875
Name Price Chg
UOB 5.05%NCPS 100 90.000 +0.880
S I A 200 10.860 +0.320
Nikkei225DBePW81215A 1.850 +0.310
OCBCCap 5.1%NCPS 100 84.800 +0.300
KepCorp RB ePW090616 1.820 +0.280
Note: Weekly movement as at 05 December 2008
DBS: Online campaign leads to rethink at DBS
Credit Suisse: Credit Suisse axes 5300 jobs
Malaysia : Malaysian exports shrink a sharp 14.2% in October
Olam : Olam to buy back up to US$150m of bonds
Nomura : Tokyo – Nomura axing 1,000 in London
NTUC Income : $6m lifeline for vulnerable IncomeShield policyholders
SATS : SATS takes SFI on its plate to spread wings

StanChart : London – S’pore among top 5 Stanchart markets

China Milk
Commencement Of Raw Milk Processing Plant

China Milk Products Group Limited (“China Milk” or “The Group”), one of the largest companies in the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”) specialising in the production of pedigree bull semen, pedigree dairy cow embryos and raw milk, announced that its brand-new dairy processing plant has commenced raw milk processing to produce dairy products under its own proprietary brand, Yinluo.

With a total processing capacity of 100,000 tonnes annually, the Group’s new dairy processing plant will initially process approximately 50 to 80 tonnes of raw milk per day and produce a range of flavoured milk beverages and yogurt drinks before expanding into other products such as ice-cream.


Incorporation Of Joint Venture Company, Rawabi Swiber Offshore Construction Co. Ltd, In Saudi Arabia.

The Board of Directors of Swiber Holdings Limited (the “Company”) announced that Swiber Offshore Construction Pte Ltd (“SOCPL”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company has set up a joint venture company known as Rawabi Swiber Offshore Construction Co. Ltd. (“RSOC”) for the purposes of providing offshore Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning services in Gulf Cooperation Countries.

SOCPL holds 50 per cent stake in RSOC. SOCPL’s joint venture partner, Rawabi Holding Company Limited holds the remaining 50 per cent stake in ROCS.


Memory Devices
Change of Financial Year End

The Board of Directors of MEMORY DEVICES LIMITED (“the Company”) announced that the financial year end of the Company will be changed from 31 December to 31 March of each year.

Accordingly, the next set of financial statements of the Company and its subsidiaries (“the Group”) shall be drawn for the period from 1 January 2008 to 31 March 2009. Thereafter, the financial year shall end on the 31st day of each succeeding March.


JES International
Update On Contracts With Korean Customer

The Directors of JES International Holdings Limited (“JES” or the “Group”) has given an update to shareholders with regards to the contracts that JES had signed with Parkroad Corporation (“Parkroad”), a dry bulk shipping company based in South Korea, to construct four dry bulk vessels.

In view of recent publicly available news reports coming to the attention of JES in connection with the financial position of Parkroad, JES has written to Parkroad to enquire if the news reports would have any bearing on the status of the said contracts for the 4 vessels. Pending Parkroad's clarification, JES is taking this opportunity to update shareholders on the status of these contracts at the current time.

The Group had signed contracts with Parkroad in December 2006 to construct four 79,800 deadweight tonnes Panamax dry bulk vessels with a combined value of approximately US$166.0 million.

JES has to-date collected US$32.3 million, or approximately 20 per cent, as deposit of the combined contractual value. In addition, JES has also received irrevocable letters of guarantee for the second, third and fourth instalments for the four vessels.


HISAKA Holdings Ltd.
Full Year Financial Statement And Dividend Announcement

HISAKA Holdings Ltd (the “Group”) reported revenue of S$56.3 million for the year ended 30 September 2008 (FY2008), as compared to S$56.4 million in the previous corresponding year (FY2007), representing a slight decrease of S$0.1 million. The slight decrease in revenue was due to weaker demand for the Group’s products and services following the economy slowdown in the last quarter.


Based in Heilongjiang Province, China Milk’s primary operating subsidiary, Daqing Yinluo Dairy Co., Ltd. is a National Leading Enterprise and has 13 dairy farms, with a combined land area of approximately 2.23 million square metres. It is one of the largest companies in the PRC that specialises in the production and sale of pedigree bull semen, pedigree dairy cow embryos and raw milk.

As at 30 September 2008, China Milk has a total herd size of 21,626 including Holsteins of Canadian, Australian and Chinese origins. Holsteins are renowned for their ability to produce more milk than other breeds, particularly the highly-prized Canadian Holsteins with an annual production capacity of 8 to 10 tonnes of raw milk per cow. China Milk owns one of the largest herds of Canadian Holsteins in the PRC. Through its modern animal husbandry expertise, China Milk has expanded its herd of pedigree dairy cows through artificial insemination and embryo transplantation techniques.

Over the years, Daqing Yinluo Dairy Co., Ltd. has received several industry and government accolades such as:

  • Milk Production Promising Enterprise (2004) from the China Milk Industry Association; High-Technology Expertise award (2003) from the Heilongjiang Science and Technology Committee.
  • National Leading Enterprise in the agricultural and farming industry, conferred by the Central Government in 2002, 2005 and 2007.
  • Provincial Leading Enterprise from the Heilongjiang Province People’s Government in 2002, 2005 and 2007.
  • Sole supplier of milk products to the Heilongjiang Provincial Government and its affiliates in 2008.
 Date Open High Low Close Volume  
05 Dec 2008 0.360 0.380 0.360 0.380 438,000
04 Dec 2008 0.360 0.375 0.355 0.365 3,163,000
03 Dec 2008 0.360 0.365 0.350 0.355 812,000
02 Dec 2008 0.360 0.360 0.345 0.345 627,000
01 Dec 2008 0.360 0.360 0.345 0.360 292,000

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52 Weeks Low
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