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FJ Benjamin Holdings : Renews retail license and distribution agreements with Guess? for additional 5 years.
K-Reit Asia : Sees its free float share percentage drop below 25 percent in light of Keppel Group's subscription for any rights issues not taken by minority shareholders.
MAP Technology Holdings : To purchase Jurong Technologies Industrial Corporation's plastic injection moulding operations in Singapore, Malaysia and China for $26.3 million.
Penton International  : Gets extension on RTO deal approval deadline from SGX.
SingTel : Associate company Bharti Airtel looks at buying South Africa-based MTN Group valued at US$39 billion
Keppel Fels : Clinches US$512 million ultra-deepwater semi-submersible drilling rig from Ensco.


Oceanus Group : Lists on Catalist in light of RTO of TR Networks worth $270 million.
Albedo :Investors to subscribe up to $1 million worth of convertible bonds of the company.
SGX  : To extend Research Incentive Scheme for additional 2 years and will increase participating firm subsidies by 2 times.
Hotel Properties Limitedt :  Wins projects to rebuild and refurbish Libya hotels.
The Ascott Group :  Buys 192 unit serviced residence in London worth S$116.4 million.
Qian Feng Fabric Tech :  Lodges prospectus with MAS in anticipation of listing.


Investor Relations Alert

Global Voice Group Installs Super Scalable IP Platform For OpenIT GmbH

Global Voice Group announced that it has concluded an agreement with German ISP OpenIT GmbH (OpenIT). Under the terms of the agreement, Global Voice will deploy IP¦nex, a next generation suite of massively scalable IP solutions – providing OpenIT with the highest performance access to the Internet.

OpenIT is one of the foremost German Internet Services Providers with core competencies in Internet and hosting services for business customers. Operating in one of the most demanding sectors, OpenIT required an IP solution that would meet the utmost levels of scalability, latency and availability to network and connect their customers in Düsseldorf.

Taking these criteria into account, Global Voice designed IP|nex, a Next Generation suite of massively scalable, zero-downtime IP solutions in Düsseldorf, comprising 100Mbps IP transit for the fastest, most reliable Internet access in the industry.

Global Voice Group is Europe’s foremost provider of mission-critical, extreme performance and capacity data services. We serve large Corporations, Carriers and Service Providers door2door. All our services are delivered over our wholly owned billion pan-European all-fiber optic network. Our infrastructure uniquely combines ‘long-haul’ inter-city network linking Europe’s largest economies, with high density ‘last-mile’ metropolitan fiber networks in 15 of Europe’s leading cities. Global Voice Group’s product set ranges from On-Demand Networking and Solutions to Bespoke Networking. We have pre-provisioned over a terabit of capacity throughout our network, meaning we can deliver solutions such as datacenter, internet exchange or stock exchange connectivity in hours, not months. Global Voice Group, traded as euNetworks in Europe, is headquartered in Frankfurt, publicly listed on the Singapore stock exchange (SGX: H23.SI). Global Voice is a member of euroone, a unique collaboration to deliver infrastructure and next generation networking solutions connecting Eastern, Central, Western Europe and North America (www.euro-one.com).

Anwell Signs Milestone Agreements With Brazil Energy

Anwell Technologies Limited (Anwell or The Group) announced that it has signed a preliminary agreement with Brazil Energy (BESA) for the sale of a turnkey production line for thin-film silicon solar module. BESA intends to purchase Anwell Sunlite-120 line with an initial capacity of 40 MW (megawatts) per year.

Separately, Anwell has also entered into another preliminary agreement with BESA for the sale of up to 5MW of thin-film silicon solar module by 2009. Delivery for the solar module is expected to start in 1Q2009.

To remain competitive and penetrate the solar market, the Group will adopt a similar vertically integrated business model as their Optical Disc Division. Currently Anwell is the only optical disc equipment maker in the world that has a disc-manufacturing arm. This steady cash flow generated from the disc-manufacturing arm allows continued R&D investment, which is critical to a high-technology company. As such, Anwell will supply turnkey production lines with advanced manufacturing process for the solar industry. At the same time, the Company will manufacture and sell thin-film silicon solar modules.

Anwell Technologies Ltd. (Anwell) is a global leader in providing integrated solutions for optical disc replication business. The Group’s activities include the manufacturing and sales of optical disc production lines and blank optical discs. Currently, Anwell has business relationships with over 120 optical disc manufacturers. With the various proprietary technologies acquired since the company was founded in year 2000, Anwell has continued to study the opportunities to tap into other industries, including OLED, solar industries and etc.

Technics Oil & Gas Wins Single-Largest Deal Worth S$30 Million

Singapore-listed Technics Oil & Gas Limited announced its wholly owned subsidiary, Technics Offshore Engineering Pte Ltd (TOEPL), has won its single-largest deal to date worth more than S$30.0 million. Malaysia-based Bumi Armada Berhad (BAB) awarded TOEPL to supply four units of natural gas booster compression systems on an EPCC basis (i.e., design and process engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning, etc), for its second FPSO vessel, which will be deployed at OYO field in West Africa offshore Nigeria.

The parties have signed a Letter of Intent to confirm the deal while they proceeded on finalising the complex technical specifications for the contract being drawn up.

Awarded as a fast-track project, the initial schedule is targeting delivery at end 2008 ex Technics’ waterfront yard in Singapore. The deal is thus expected to contribute materially to the Group’s current FY2008 ending 30 September 2008.

Darco Water Strengthens Foothold In Water & Waste Solutions In Taiwan With S$36 Million Project

Darco Water Technologies Limited (the Company or Darco or the Group) announced that it has set up an Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) company in Taiwan to build, own and operate (B00) a Waste Recycling Facility (WRF) under a Public Private Partnership scheme with the TaoYuan County (County) government in Taiwan to recycle solid wastes in the County Under the term of the agreement, the SPV will handle exclusively all domestic garbage for the County; a guarantee minimum volume of 50,000 kg per day shall be delivered to the WRF by the County government from 1st June 2008 to 31st May 2014. The County government has also an option to extend the agreement for a further 6 year term at the end of the current contract. The SPV has a paid up capital of S$3.6 million (NT$80,000,000). It will construct a WRF consisting of, inter alia, an automatic solid segregation machine with a 100,000 kg/day design capacity to cater for waste solids from industrial and commercial sectors as well as those domestic waste delivered by the County government and in anticipation of future increase waste solid in the County.

The WRF will process the recyclable waste and sell them under 13 categories namely Paper, Ferrous iron, Aluminum, Glass, Plastics, Dry cell batteries, Lead acid batteries, Tyres and rubber, Electrical appliances, Computer parts and hand-phones, Lamps and bulbs, Media discs and Fabrics and garments. The SPV is expected to generate more than NT$800,000,000.00 in revenue from the sale of recycled products based on a 50,000 kg/day of domestic waste from the County government.

The SPV is expected to be operational from 1st June 2008 and it is likely to contribute positively to the total revenue and profit for the Company. However, it is not the Company’s policy to reveal publicly its Internal Rate of return from individual project.

Listed on SGX Sesdaq in July 2002, Darco is a provider of integrated engineering and knowledge-based water treatment solutions. Established in 1999 to design, fabricate, assemble, install, commission and service engineered water systems for industrial use in Singapore and Malaysia, Darco has developed systems and services based on both membrane and ion exchange technologies. Within a span of three years, Darco has formulated over 200 engineered water system solutions. The Group, which has operations in Singapore, Malaysia, the PRC, Taiwan, Philippines and Indonesia, serves companies across diverse industries – electronics, semiconductor, textile, food and beverage, printed circuit board and pharmaceuticals and municipal water and wastewater projects.

Acquisition Of A Newly Incorporated Subsidiary Company

Riverstone Holdings Limited (the Company) is announced that the Company has acquired a newly incorporated subsidiary company in Malaysia namely Sinetimed Consumables Sdn Bhd (Sinetimed) which has an issued and paid up share capital of RM100 divided into 100 ordinary shares of RM1.00 each.

Sinetimed is principally engaged in manufacturing and sale of cleanroom gloves and finger cots.

The above transaction is not expected to have any significant impact on the financial performance of the Group for the financial year ending 31 December 2008.

Riverstone Holdings Limited is principally engaged in the production, sale and distribution of specialised cleanroom products for use in highly controlled and critical environments. We believe that we are one of the leading manufacturers of cleanroom gloves for the HDD and semiconductor sectors within the electronics industry in Asia. We manufacture mainly nitrile and natural rubber gloves primarily for use in a Class 10 and Class 100 cleanroom environment. We also manufacture other cleanroom consumable products comprising cleanroom packaging materials and finger cots. In addition, we source and market other cleanroom consumable products such as face masks, face pouches, hoods, caps, jumpsuits, shoe covers, boots, critical task wipes and swabs.



Entry By Courage Marine Group Limited Into A Service Agreement With Mr Hsu-Chih-Chien

Courage Marine Group Limited (the Company) announced that the Company has on 7 May 2008 entered into a service agreement (the Service Agreement) with Mr Hsu Chih Chien, the current Chairman of the Board, which takes effect from the date of the Service Agreement.

As Mr Hsu has vast experience, track record and a strong network of contacts within the shipping industry in which the Company and its subsidiaries (the Group) operate, the Company has had to regularly tap on Mr Hsu’s time and efforts to assist the Group, inter alia, in business and strategic planning and development for the Group. Such services provided by Mr Hsu are in addition to, and separate from Mr Hsu’s performance of his duties and obligations as Director and non-executive Chairman of the Board. Accordingly, the Company has entered into the Service Agreement with Mr Hsu to set out the scope of services which Mr Hsu is to perform for the Group.

Under the Service Agreement, Mr Hsu will advise and/or assist the Company and the Group in, inter alia, business and strategic planning and development for the Company and the Group and the insurance requirements of the Group. In consideration for Mr Hsu’s services to the Group, the Service Agreement provides that the Company shall pay Mr Hsu (i) an agreed basic fee, payable in arrears after each financial year end, commencing from the financial year ended 31 December 2007 (as Mr Hsu had commenced rendering of the services contemplated under the Agreement in the financial year ended 31 December 2007); and (ii) subject to the profitability of the Company and the Group, an annual bonus, the payment and quantum of which will be determined at the sole and absolute discretion of the Directors.

Courage Marine Group Limited is a Bermuda registered shipping company engaged in the ownership and operation of bulk carriers, with an optimized combination of Handysize and Panamax vessels (the Fleet). Through our Operation Offices in Hong Kong and Taipei, our Fleet provides marine transportation services and logistical support to our customers, carrying bulk commodities such as cement wood chips, coal, iron ore and minerals. The Company owns eight (8) dry bulk carriers, including five (5) Handysize carriers between 25,000 and 40,000 deadweight tons (dwt), and three (3) Panamax vessels of about 65,000 dwt. The total tonnage of these vessels is approximately 379,675 dwt. Handysize vessels have the advantage of being flexible whereas Panamax vessels provide efficiency with their larger capacity. The combination of Handysize and Panamax vessels means that we are able to cope with customers' needs in a flexible and efficient manner, thereby ensuring higher utilization of the vessels in our Fleet and optimizing return of investment on the vessels. The Fleet operates mainly in Asian waters, including China, Taiwan, and elsewhere in Asia. The Company in turn controls the time per voyage per vessel. The streamlined manner in which we operate the Fleet enables us to provide customers with a safe and reliable service with a high degree of operational flexibility, and also improves our results through stronger revenues, reduced operating expenses and lower insurance and finance costs.

Ezra's Subsidiary Contracts For UT 788 CDL Ultra-Deepwater AHTS Vessel And Multi-Purpose Deepwater AHTS Vessel

Ezra Holdings Limited (Ezra) announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Lewek Shipping Pte Ltd, has awarded a contract to Keppel Singmarine Pte Ltd for the building of an approximately 100-metre UT788 CDL ultra-deepwater anchor handling, towing and supply vessel (UT788) at a negotiated contractual value of S$69 million, excluding the cost of certain owner-furnished equipment (hereinafter referred to as the Acquisition 1). The UT788 is targeted for delivery in the first half of the financial year ending 31 August 2011 (FY 2011). The consideration for Acquisition 1 will be satisfied through a combination of internal funds and bank borrowings. The consideration for Acquisition 1 is payable in stages through 5 installments. Acquisition 1 on completion of the construction of the UT788 will have a book value of S$69 million, excluding the cost of certain owner-furnished equipment. Acquisition 1 does not constitute a discloseable transaction within the meaning of Rule 1010 of the SGX Listing Manual.

The Board of Directors of Ezra also wishes to announce that Lewek Shipping Pte Ltd has also awarded a contract to Singapore Technologies Marine Ltd for the building of a multi-purpose deepwater anchor handling, towing and supply (AHTS) vessel with Dynamic Positioning system 2 at a negotiated contractual value of US$19.38 million, excluding the cost of certain owner-furnished equipment (hereinafter referred to as the Acquisition 2).

The AHTS vessel is targeted for delivery in the second half of the financial year ending 31 August 2009 (FY 2009). The consideration for Acquisition 2 will be satisfied through a combination of internal funds and bank borrowings. The consideration for Acquisition 2 is payable in stages through 6 installments. Acquisition 2 on completion of the construction of the AHTS vessel will have a book value of US$19.38 million, excluding the cost of certain owner-furnished equipment. Acquisition 2 does not constitute a discloseable transaction within the meaning of Rule 1010 of the SGX Listing Manual.

Ezra is an integrated offshore support solutions provider for the oil and gas industry. The business was founded in 1992. Today, Ezra is listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited ("SESDAQ") and recently promoted to Mainboard on 8th December 2005. Its headquartered in Singapore. Its offshore support services division provides offshore support vessels for charter, as well as ship management services for its own, and for third party vessels. The Group also has a marine services division that provides marine supplies and engineering services. It has grown to be a market-driven business leader in the offshore support services and marine services industries.

ThaiBev launches Mekhong rum in US

Thai Beverage PLC announced the launch of its signature Mekhong Traditional Thai Spirit in the United States (US) through its subsidiary, International Beverage Holdings. (IBHL) USA. Beginning on 1 May 2008, the launch will feature exclusive tasting events in New York and Los Angeles, highlighting the premium positioning of Mekhong in the US.

Mekhong is one of the best-selling golden spirits brands in Thailand and has been the pride of Thailand for 67 years. Developed to complement the taste and flavour of Thai food, Mekhong has 35% alcohol-by-volume and is made mostly from sugar cane and rice, infused with a secret blend of herbs and spices. An extensive marketing and promotional campaign has been planned to position Mekhong as the Spirit of Thailand, which blends well in cocktails. To introduce Mekhong to the cocktail circuit in the US, the campaign will feature 13 new Mekhong cocktail recipes to encourage cocktail connoisseurs to try the product.

Emphasis will be placed on the Sabai Sabai, the traditional welcome drink in Thailand. IBHL USA is one of five global regional offices of International Beverage Holdings, which is ThaiBev's international arm.

Thai Beverage PLC is the leading producer of beer and spirits in Thailand and one of the leading brewers and distillers in Southeast Asia. Its main products are beer and spirits of which there are 30 brands. Their signature beer, Chang Beer, is the best-selling beer in Thailand and its recognized spirits brands include SangSom, Mekhong and Mungkorn Thong. The Group owns three state-of-the-art breweries with a total capacity of 1,550 million liters per year and 18 well-equipped distilleries with a total production capacity of 819 million liters per year. Thai Beverage PLC has established an extensive integrated distribution network with long-standing customer relationships covering approximately 400,000 points of sale in Thailand, and exports its beer and spirits to 19 other countries. In recognition of its effort in maintaining a high level of corporate transparency since its listing on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange on 30 May 2006, Thai Beverage PLC was conferred a Merit Award for “Most Transparent Company – New Issue” in September by the Securities Investors Association of Singapore (SIAS) in its Investors’ Choice Awards 2006. The Group also won “Best investor relations in the Singapore market by a Thai company” at IR Magazine’s Southeast Asia Awards in 2006 and 2007.

CEO's Walk The Talk

“…The vertical integration into the optical disc business enables the Group to pair up our strength in R&D and process know-how, with the extensive distribution channels and customer contacts of our acquisitions. Riding on the upswing in global demand for recordable discs, we will continue to scale up the production capacity to further maximise the Group’s profit through economies of scale and leverage on the synergistic capabilities of the integrated platform. This excellent strategic fit will enable the Group to further strengthen our competitiveness in the global optical disc industry.”

Franky Fan
Executive Chairman and CEO
Anwell Technologies Limited

Singapore's Most Promising Company Profile

Mercator Lines (Singapore) Limited is a leading Indian-owned international dry bulk shipping company focused on India and other high growth markets, such as China. We have established a strong market presence in the transportation of coal into India having rapidly grown to its current size of our young and modern fleet of 11 vessels; enabling us to get repeat business from reputable customers.




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07 May 2008

FY2008 Results Presentation

07 May 2008

Addendum To The Announcement Numbered 00007 Dated 7 May 2008 On The Full Year Financial Statements For The Year Ended 31st March 2008

07 May 2008

Mercator Reports Three-Fold Jump In FY2008 Net Profit To US$52.2 Million, Supported By Growing Fleet And Buoyant Dry Bulk Shipping Demand

07 May 2009

Full Year Financial Statement And Dividend Announcement

05 May 2008

Resignation Of Joint Company Secretary

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