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SC Global Developments: Acquires The Ardmore for a record $262m.
HLH Group: Enters agriculture sector investing US$50m on 40,000 hectare corn plot.
SIA: Looks to increase transport capacity on Shanghai-Singapore route by 25 percent.
Temasek Holdings: And Qatar government's investment arms each acquire a 4.87 percent stake in Raffles Medical Group.
Singtel: Australian units bag government funding to provide a high-speed wireless network in the Australian countryside worth A$1.8b.
Swissco: Sells off 17 million Swiber shares or a 4.6 percent stake in it.
C&O Pharma: Signs deal with US-based Pharmco International for exclusive rights to distribute selected multivitamin health supplements in China.
Amtek: Sees 70.41 percent of shares snapped up by a business consortium which included Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Standard Chartered and Metcomp Singapore.
OKP Holdings: Takes PUB drainage improvements projects for $2.9m.


Xpress Holdings: In discussions with Shenzhen Wisdom Translation with regard to JVs in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
Ascendas India Trust: Seeks to get $500m in proceeds from Singapore IPO.
Starhub: Joins M1 in introducing mobile video sharing service to combined customer base.
Jurong Tech: Sets up debt issue scheme at $500m to raise funds in debt capital markets.
Pan Asian Water Solutions: Takes 51 percent stake in Teacly (S) Pte Ltd.
Asia Pacific Breweries: Sees Tiger brand as first beer to be brewed in Mongolia.
CapitaLand: Shells out $9m for No. 8 Tong Watt Road expanding its ownership of road's land area to 77,000 square feet.
Gems TV Holdings: Picked as exclusive distributor outlet of Zultanite gemstones.
Superbowl Holdings: Links up with Hiap Hoe in JV to develop property.
Olam: Wins long awaited Queensland Cotton deal in light of increased offer price of A$166m over rival bid by Louis Dreyfus.
Yanlord Land: Makes RMB 2.16 b purchase of a prime site in Suzhou.
Darco Water: Takes $21m for remainder of contracts for a municipal waste water recovery plant in Taiwan.


HOT Off The Press

Proposed Acquisition Of Shanghai Zhongfa Education Investment Co. Ltd

Raffles Education Corporation Limited (the "Company") wishes to announce that Raffles LaSalle (Shanghai) Education Consulting Co., Ltd ("RLS") and Value Vantage Investment and Management (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd ("VVH"), both wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Company, together with Shanghai Shengxin Commercial Consulting Co., Ltd ("SSC") (collectively, the "Buyers") have on 1 June 2007 entered into an equity transfer agreement ("Agreement") with Chen Denghua, Chen Yujiang and Xie Shaochen (the owners of 49.28%, 40% and 10.72% of the equity interest in the registered capital of Shanghai Zhongfa Education Investment Co., Ltd ("Zhongfa") respectively) (collectively, the "Sellers"), pursuant to which the Buyers have agreed to purchase the entire equity interest in the registered capital of Zhongfa.

The Proposed Acquisition will enable the Company and its subsidiaries (collectively, the "Group") to develop the vocational and technical education areas and enhance the Group's range of educational offerings in the People's Republic of China ("PRC"). The educational institution under Zhongfa will also serve as a feeder school into the Group's tertiary education system for the PRC.

The total investment of the Buyers in the Proposed Acquisition shall be RMB246 million (approximately S$ 50 million), comprising (i) the payment of the total liabilities of Zhongfa as at the date of the Agreement of RMB145 million (approximately S$ 29.47 million) and (ii) the total purchase consideration of RMB101 million (approximately S$ 20.53 million) payable to the Sellers by way of installments subject to, among other things, the completion and fulfillment of certain conditions by the Sellers, the satisfactory completion of the due diligence and audit by the Buyers and the completion of the audit report for the period from 1 September 2006 to 31 August 2007. Upon the completion of the sale and purchase of the equity interest in the registered capital of Zhongfa, RLS, VVH and SSC will hold 5%, 94% and 1% of the equity interest in the registered capital of Zhongfa respectively.

Raffles Education Corporation is a private education provider committed to nurturing creative talents and management expertise for the creative design and management industry. The Group's mission is to develop human resources for society in the field of creative education. This is the foundation of its business. The Group places strong emphasis on curriculum development to keep abreast with industry trends and needs. The Group provides its students with quality education that will equip them with the relevant knowledge and skills to be competent in the industry.

C&O Appointed As Exclusive Distributor In China By US Health Products Company For Leading US Multivitamin Supplements

C&O Pharmaceutical Technology (Holdings) Limited has entered into an agreement with Pharmco International Incorporated that accords C&O the exclusive right to market and distribute certain multivitamin health supplements under Pharmco's Century line of products in China.

As exclusive distributor C&O is also responsible for the application of relevant permits and licenses required by the State Food and Drug Administration of the People's Republic of China (SFDA) as well as perform other administrative duties for the importation of the Century Series of health supplements into China. The registration process is expected to take about one year.

Upon approval by the SFDA, the US manufactured multivitamin supplements will be bulk imported from the United States for external packing at the Group's factory in Nanjing. The products will be marketed under C&O's Chinese brand name, Ao Chun together with Pharmco's English name Century

The Group is engaged in the marketing and selling of third-party pharmaceutical products in China, and the manufacturing, marketing and selling of its own pharmaceutical products (including, in particular medicinal products) under its "C&O" brand name in China. In addition, the Group also carries out research and development and sells technical know-how in relation to pharmaceutical products.

Food Empire Participated In The 5th World Tea And Coffee Festival In Moscow

Food Empire Holdings Limited's proprietary brand MacCoffee has attained the following awards in the second international coffee contest which was held in conjunction with the 5th World Tea and Coffee Festival from 31st May till 3rd June 2007. The festival is an annual event which is devoted to two popular beverages, tea and coffee. Guests of the Festival can get acquainted with tea, coffee traditions of various countries. Food Empire participated in the event by making available a wide assortment of its quality products for tasting in its pavilion during the Festival. Its quality products including MacCoffee 3 in 1, MacCoffee Strong, MacCoffee Gold and Rich and Cappuccino (Irish Cream, French Vanilla and Cinnamon).

Being an active participant of this Festival, the Group's proprietary brand, MacCoffee was appreciated by the organizers and guests. The Group's Representative Office in Moscow was awarded Gold Medal and Diploma for the best advertising of coffee products during the festive ceremony.

The list of awards attained during the event :

Winners Of The Second International
Coffee Contest Nomination "Natural Instant Agglomerated Coffee"

Silver medal – "MacCoffee Favorite Medium roast"
Moscow Representative office of FER (HK) Limited

Silver medal – "MacCoffee Gold"
Moscow Representative office of FER (HK) Limited

Nomination "Instant Coffee Mix 2in1"
Diploma – "MacCoffee 2in1"
Moscow Representative office of FER (HK) Limited

Nomination "Instant Coffee Mix 3in1"
Silver medal – "MacCoffee 3in1 Strong"
Moscow Representative office of FER (HK) Limited

Bronze medal – "MacCoffee 3in1"
Moscow Representative office of FER (HK) Limited

Food Empire's principal activity is that of manufacture instant beverages and food products, such as frozen convenience food and snacks under its proprietary brands MacCoffee, Klassno, FesAroma, OrienBites, MacCandy and Kracks.

Swissco Divests Shares In Swiber

Swissco International Limited ("the Company" or "Swissco") wishes to announce that the Company had divested 17,000,000 ordinary shares in the capital of Swiber Holdings Limited ("Swiber Holdings") at a price of S$1.973 per share to institutional clients (the "Divestment"). These 17,000,000 ordinary shares represented 4.6% of the total issued share capital of Swiber Holdings. Following the above Divestment, Swissco's equity interest in Swiber Holdings is reduced from 14.9% to 10.3% and the total number of ordinary shares held by the Company in the capital of Swiber Holdings is now at 38,000,000 ordinary shares.

The Company is an investment holding company and the Divestment has taken place in the ordinary course of the Company's business, to enable the Company to maximise on the potential profit from the purchase and subsequent sale of the shares of Swiber Holdings. The Company intends to use the proceeds from Divestment to expand its fleet and to meet its working capital requirements.

The Group is a Singapore-based marine company that provides marine logistics services, ship repair and maintenance services for the shipping and offshore oil and gas industries by owning and operating Out-Port-Limit (OPL) supply boats, offshore support vessels, tugboats and barges. Besides operating in South East Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand, Swissco's vessels have been deployed by its charters in regions as far as East Africa and Japan.

Natural Cool Increases Investment In Subsidiary VNS Switchgear (India) Private Limited

Natural Cool Holdings Limited wishes to announce that the Company's wholly owned subsidiary, S-Team Switchgear Private Limited, incorporated in Singapore (S-Team) has increased its investment in its subsidiary known as VNS Switchgear (India) Private Limited, incorporated in India (VNS India) by way of a subscription of 150,000 ordinary shares of Rs.10 each.

Subsequent to the Subscription of shares, S-Team's shareholding in VNS India will be increased from 667,169 ordinary shares of Rs 10 each to 817,169 shares of Rs 10 each.

The percentage of the S-Team's shareholding in VNS India remains at 51%. This is because the other shareholder holding 49% shareholding in VNS India also subscribed for additional shares, and the shares allotted by VNS India to its shareholders were on a prorate basis. Accordingly, the Company's indirect interest in VNS India remains unchanged at 51%.

As disclosed in the Company's Prospectus dated 27 April 2006, approximately S$1,000,000 of the total net IPO proceeds would be used for the setting up of manufacturing plant in VNS India and its working capital. To date, Rs.1,500,000 (approximately S$59,450) have been utilised towards the increase in share capital of VNS India for purpose of working capital. The Company will from time to time provide updates on the utilisation of the aforesaid IPO proceeds in this respect.

The Group initially commenced business serving mainly the retail sector in air-conditioning systems installation and servicing. The Group has since expanded business operations into the commercial sector. In an effort to expedite growth and strengthen the Group's presence in the commercial sector, the Group has extended horizontally into switchgear manufacturing and sale. Its principal business activities can be categorised into the following three segments:-

i) Retail
a) Retail Installation - It provides air-conditioning systems installation services to residential households in public and private housing, which includes HDB housing, private condominiums, apartments, landed properties, small retail outlets, restaurants and offices.

b) Retail Servicing - It provides air-conditioning systems maintenance, repair and replacement services to residential households in public and private housing, landed properties, small retail outlets and restaurants.

ii) Commercial
a) Commercial Installation - It provides air-conditioning systems installation services for commercial projects, such as factories, offices, condominiums, schools and hospitals.

b) Commercial Servicing - It provides maintenance, repair and replacement services for commercial buildings, factories, offices, condominiums, schools and hospitals.

c) Manufacturing and sale of switchgears - It manufactures and sells switchgears through M&E contractors to its end-customers such as the HDB, public property developments including schools and hospitals, as well as private property developments including factories, offices, condominiums and other residential properties.

iii) Trading - Trading of air-conditioning systems, air-conditioning components and other tools. The Group is the authorised dealers for many distributors.

OKP Awarded Project Tender

OKP Holdings Limited wishes to announce that the Company's wholly-owned subsidiary, Eng Lam Contractors Co (Pte) Ltd, had been awarded a contract for the improvement of Drainage Associated Facilities in the Western and Eastern Watersheds of Singapore by the Public Utilities Board.

The amount of the Contract is SGD2,900,000 and the commencement date is 25 June 2007. The Contract is expected to be completed on 24 December 2008.

The Contract is expected to contribute positively to, but has no material impact on, the earnings per share or net tangible assets per share of the Company and its subsidiary companies for the current financial year ending 31 December 2007.

OKP Holdings' two principal business activities are road construction and road maintenance. Road construction refers to the building of urban and arterial roads, expressways, vehicular bridges and flyovers, and road maintenance refers to the reconstruction work done on roads, road reserves, pavements, footpaths and kerbs.


Addvalue Launches Wideye Bluetooth Handset At CommunicAsia 2007

Addvalue Technologies Limited launches its Wideye Bluetooth Handset to provide greater mobility to users of Addvalue Sabre 1BGAN satellite terminal over the Inmarsat Broadband Global Area Network. The palm-sized Wideye Bluetooth Handset allows users to remotely control and configure their Addvalue Sabre 1 BGAN satellite terminal within a range of up to 100 metres.

Via the Bluetooth handset, users can instruct the Addvalue Sabre 1 BGAN satellite terminal to connect to the Inmarsat BGAN satellite network. With the Bluetooth handset, users can perform global voice and text messaging functions within a range of up to 100 metres from the Addvalue Sabre 1 BGAN satellite terminal.

The class 1 Wideye Bluetooth handset supports CTP and SPP profiles, and boasts of several features that were traditionally used in the domain of mass-market GSM mobile phones. This includes hands free speakerphone functions and a 64K CSTN 128x128 colour LCD screen.

Addvalue provides comprehensive satellite communication solutions, tracking and telemetry communications solutions and digital wireless design services. Its customers and business partners include global leaders in the communications, information technology and electronics industries

Brazilian Football Clubs Enhance Presence In Asia Through Portal Built By Singapore Computer Systems' Subsidiary, Green Dot Internet Services

Green Dot Internet Services (GreenDot), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Computer Systems Limited (SCS), a leading information and communications technology service provider in Asia, has launched an interactive, multilingual e-commerce portal for Clube dos 13. Clube dos 13 is a Brazilian entity which represents the interests of the 20 major football clubs in Brazil. GreenDot was commissioned to create, manage, host and upgrade the interactive portal, hosted at www.clube13.com.sg.

The Clube dos 13 Singapore-based Brazilian football web portal aims to showcase an interactive, world-class e-commerce portal in several languages (English, Arabic, Mandarin and Japanese, and extending to other Asian languages in the future) to address the entire Asia-Pacific and Middle East market. In addition to news and information about Clube dos 13 and the 20 football clubs it represents, viewers of the interactive portal will have access to exclusive Brazilian football statistics, photo and video galleries containing highlights of Brazilian National Football Championship matches. Online polls and online forums will be available in the future to further the interaction between fans and the football clubs.

There will also be an e-commerce facility with multiple e-payment options to enable purchases of football memorabilia online. The portal will have a single infrastructure featuring a content management system that allows easy updating of content by different parties in various parts of the world, as well as an analytical tool to analyse online visitor behaviour.

Singapore Computer Systems Limited (SCS), a premier information and communications technology (ICT) service provider in the Asia-Pacific region, is the IT business arm of the Singapore Technologies Group, a multinational conglomerate whose core businesses are Engineering, Technology, Infrastructure & Logistics, Property and Financial Services.

DMX Launches WinCE-based Digital Video Middleware Client

DMX Technologies Group Limited, a leading information technology enabler that provides a wide range of digital media software and solution, network infrastructure solution and services to service providers and corporate customers across Asia, today announced the launch of Microsoft Windows CE based Vision TV client by it subsidiary, BEE MediaSoft Limited.

Vision TV is a TV middleware developed by BEE. This new Vision TV client runs on Windows CE based set-top boxes. On top of the same functionalities and benefits in other client releases. Vision TV WinCE Client provides an access for service extension to .NET-based applications such as Instant
Messaging and other Peer-to-Peer applications.

Vision TV WinCE Client is designed to facilitate Internet TV service providers who serve PC users by adopting Microsoft Windows Media and DRM technologies for digital video service delivery, to expand their customer base to households using set-top-boxes for service delivery.

Singapore Computer Systems Limited (SCS), a premier information and communications technology (ICT) service provider in the Asia-Pacific region, is the IT business arm of the Singapore Technologies Group, a multinational conglomerate whose core businesses are Engineering, Technology, Infrastructure & Logistics, Property and Financial Services.

DMX partners NASDAQ listed Harmonic Inc. to Deliver Advance TV-on-Demand Solutions

DMX Technologies Group Limited's subsidiary, BEE MediaSoft Limited has entered into a technology partnership with NASDAQ listed Harmonic Inc. to provide advance TV-on-Demand solutions to telco and cable video service providers, offering innovative, high quality and reliable on-demand TV services to consumers.

Harmonic, the global market leader in IP-based video processing and on demand solutions in telco and cable markets, is powering the headend and on-demand asset management for the world's largest IPTV services. With its competitive edge, it has processed millions of on-demand streams, which were delivered by leading cable operators around the world.

BEE also offers Vision TV, which is a comprehensive, tightly integrated TV middleware designed for TV service providers to offer enhanced digital video services through broadband, cable, mobile networks and any other media on a variety of client environments. With this, TV service providers can offer advanced TVoD services such as Video on Demand, Network-based Personal Video Recording, Time-Shifted TV, Pause-Live TV, and TV shopping etc. with easy back office management.

The DMX Group are system architects in the business of designing and implementing comprehensive network solutions to its customers to satisfy their demands and requirements. It is able to provide solutions that cover the entire IT spectrum, from basic network infrastructure, to network security, to front-end software. These services are provided under three product/service segments as follows:

1. D-net consists of solutions for the network infrastructure of a service provider or an enterprise.
2. D-secure is the comprehensive suite of security solutions that guard the key gateways to information in an enterprise.
3. D-soft consists of software solutions for customers wishing to exploit the business opportunities that the Internet offers.

Aztech And Telekom Sign MOU For Joint R&D

Aztech Systems Ltd signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Telekom Research & Development SDN BHD, a wholly owned subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia Berhad. Under the 5-year MOU, Aztech and TMR&D will work jointly to promote research & development, and collaboration activities through cooperative research, research contracts, training and industrial attachment, and consultancy.

Through this synergy, Aztech and TMR&D will conduct joint research & development in the area of Fiber To The Home Gateway, IPTV set-top box, and HomePlug Powerline products. Both companies will also dwell into the utilization and expansion of research facilities for Standard and Compliance Acceptance Tests. Thereafter, jointly promote and commercialize its joint R&D products in Asia.

This alliance will combine the technical and marketing capabilities of both companies and leverage off each other's core competencies. Aztech Systems capabilities in the areas of broadband modems/routers and HomePlugs Powerline solutions will offer suitable solutions to TMR&D's technological focus and business requirements. The collaboration is also forged from the result of Aztech's brand reliability since establishing itself in Malaysia sixteen years ago, coupled with ongoing business relationships with Telekom Malaysia

Aztech's OEM/ODM sales business segment is involved in the designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing of data communication, voice communication as well as multi-media products. Aztech also provides Contract Manufacturing Services including printed circuit board, box build assemblies, plastic tooling and plastic injection.

Hongguo International Enters JV With Brown Shoe

Hongguo International Holdings Limited announced that it has entered into a joint venture agreement with US-based Brown Shoe Company Inc. to incorporate a joint venture company to market "Naturalizer" and "Via Spiga" brands of lady shoes in the People's Republic of China. The JV known as B & H Footwear Company Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong and will at a later date set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, PRC. Brown Shoe will take up a 51% equity stake in the JV while Hongguo will take up the remaining 49%.

Under the agreement, the JV will, through its wholly-owned subsidiary in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, PRC, engage in the operation of "Naturalizer" and "Via Spiga" stores in the Tier One Territories, namely, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in the PRC. In addition, the JV will grant a 10-year exclusive distribution rights to Mayflower (Nanjing) Enterprise Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hongguo, for the use of "Naturalizer" and "Via Spiga" trademarks in other cities of the PRC.

Over the next five years, the JV Parties expect to open throughout the PRC more than 400 stores and department store shops carrying the "Naturalizer" brand, and more than 100 stores carrying the "Via Spiga" brand. The initial investment by Hongguo in the JV is US$2 million. Over the next five years, Hongguo plans to inject an additional aggregate cash investment of US$20 million into the project. The aggregate amount comprises Hongguo's investment in the JV and the cost of setting up the stores by Mayflower Nanjing in cities other than the Tier One Territories mentioned above.

The Group is principally engaged in the designing, manufacturing, marketing and retailing of fashion shoes. Its operations are headquartered in Nanjing, China with manufacturing facilities located in Nanjing and Dongguan, China.

UPC Selects Global Voice Group As Preferred Supplier For Network Capacity

Global Voice Group announced that UPC, one of the largest broadband cable operators in Europe, added Global Voice to its list of preferred providers.

Under the terms of the contract, Global Voice will deploy metro|nex – multiple redundant, high capacity private fiber rings enabling the speedy provisioning of high performance triple and multi-play services. Metro|nex will be deployed in Amsterdam and will seamlessly connect UPC's 2.4 million Internet subscribers locally and internationally.

UPC specialises in the delivery of triple play (voice, video and data) services to ten million customers in ten European countries. Therefore, UPC required an all fiber, secure and future-proof network, which would scale in line with their rapidly expanding customer base. Global Voice will enable UPC with a high availability fiber optic network over which UPC will deliver its services to millions of existing and new subscribers warranting high performance and uninterrupted availability.

GVN owns and operates one of the largest Metropolitan Area Network businesses (MANs) in Europe. Its fibre networks are located in 14 cities. GVN's uses its highly secure networks to provide its clients with IP products and business continuity services, which include disaster recovery services, online data storage and content delivery. GVN's main target industry sectors are the regulatory-driven banking & insurance industry, pharmaceutical and government.

CEO's Walk The Talk

"..Gaining a foothold in Europe is just the first stage of our growth strategy for Europe. In addition to further building the market position of the business, your company will execute a technical program to upgrade the Hamburg facility's capabilities to produce premium cocoa ingredients. This is a key opportunity to use Petra's skills, knowledge, know-how and reputation to enable the Hamburg facility to produce customised cocoa products in line with the quality standards demanded by international food and beverage companies."

John T.C. Chuang, CEO,
Petra Foods Limited

Highlighted Company

The Company was incorporated in Bermuda on 23 February 2006 under the Bermuda Companies Act as an exempted company under the name of Synear Food Holdings Limited.

It is engaged in the development, production and sale of quick freeze food products under its "Synear" brand name. It produces a variety of quick freeze food products including savoury dumpling products, glutinous sweet dumpling products, and other products including glutinous rice dumpling products and specialty desserts and snacks.

Synear carries its quick freeze food production operations at production facilities located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. Since the commencement of its operations in Henan Province, it has extended its sales and marketing network from within Henan Province, to other regions of China. Currently, its sales and marketing network includes Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Nanchang, Chengdu, Chongqing, Tianjin, Wuhan and Xi'an.

Historical Price Data
 Date Open High Low Close
21 June 2007 1.950 1.950 1.890 1.900
20 June 2007 1.960 1.980 1.940 1.950
19 June 2007 1.970 2.000 1.950 1.960
18 June 2007
15 June 2007 1.940 1.970 1.940 1.940

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e Summation of the earnings from the latest 4 Quarter (or 2 Half Year) results announcement, adjusted for the current number of shares.
f Based on rolling EPS

04 Jun 2007 Transfer Of Shares In The Company By Directors And/Or Substantial Shareholder To Related Parties
11 May 2007 First Quarter Financial Statement And Dividend Announcement
11 May 2007 Synear Food's 1QFY2007 Earnings Surge 79.5% To RMB193.7 Million
04 May 2007 Date Of Release For Synear Food Holdings Limited's First Quarter 2007 Financial Results
27 Apr 2007 Rule 704(14) - Annual General Meeting

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