5 March 2007      
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Weekly movement as at 2 March 2007
Weekly movement as at 2 March 2007

Banyan Tree Holdings: To increase number of JV projects in Mexico to 4
SPC: Buys 4.7% stake in one of its Australian joint venture partners Tap Oil
ST Electronics: Joins Japan-based Marubeni Corp in bid for Middle East and Europe railway projects
Auston International Group: Former CEO gets $90,000 fine and 15 month sentence for falsifying company accounts
Tiger Airways: Recruits former senior exec of Jetstar to lead Australian venture
SGX: Proposes trading link with Vietnam's stock exchange
PSA: Increases overseas port terminals by 4
Raffles Medical Group: Executive Chairman Loo Choon Yong takes on additional position as Sentosa Development Corporation's chairman
Vita Holdings: Subsidiary Whitehouse Holdings was awarded the tender for 175A Chin Swee Road to develop a hotel property


STATS ChipPAC: Targeted for acquisition by Temasek Holdings
TT International: To have 77% stake in International Capital Investment Ltd. with transfer of Akira assets to the cash-rich but core business-less company
CNA: Wins RMB 29.6m worth of contracts in China over past 3 months
Raffles Education: Expects 40 percent profit rises each year for the next 5 years
Ascott Group:  Will open second property in Bahrain
Swiber Holdings: Considers a sale and leaseback model to finance fleet expansion
Magnus Energy: Former Malaysian Finance Minister's son ups stake in company to 18.3% becoming the largest shareholder
Geostock-Jurong: Consortium signs $19m agreement with JTC to engage in Phase 1 of the Jurong Rock Cavern on Jurong Island
eSys Tech: Sued by Seagate for alleged breaching of distribution agreement


HOT Off The Press

Fu Yu Increases Paid-Up Capital in Nano Technology Manufacturing Pte. Ltd.

Fu Yu Corporation has subscribed to an additional 1.2 million ordinary shares in NanoTechnology Manufacturing Pte. Ltd.

The company now owns an 80 percent stake in NanoTech.

Along with the 0.3 million ordinary shares subscribed by EDB Venture Pte. Ltd. that owns the remaining 20 percent stake, the total capital injection is $18.0 million.

The Group's operations make a complete range from design to fabrication to assembly, and include finishing activities such as silk screening, pad printing, ultrasonic welding, heat staking and spray painting. The markets it serves include the information technology, telecommunications, automotive, medical, electronics and electrical appliance sectors.

Sunshine Holdings Proposes Sunshine Employee Share Option Scheme

Sunshine Holdings intends to name its employee share option programme the "Sunshine Employee Share Option Scheme"

The programme was set up to assist the group in attracting and retaining the services of quality employees.

The company hopes that the scheme will help motivate employees and Directors to maintain a high level of performance in contributing to the group.

Sunshine Holdings Limited is an award winning Henan-based developer of cluster estate, mass residential and commercial properties. They strategically focused on selected Henan cities that have a fast growing urban population and exhibit strong growth potential.

Anwell Signs 3 Purchase and Sale Agreements in Light of Acquisitions

Anwell Technologies Limited entered into three separate and independent sale and purchase agreements with Tech Power
Resources Co., Ltd. , Mr Luk Fung and Ms Lau Suet Yi.

The aforementioned are respective vendors of Umedisc (Holdings) Limited, Media Delta Enterprises Limited and Metroworld Holdings

The company intends to acquire the entire equity interests of these three companies.

The Group is an integrated business solutions provider for the DVDR and CD-R replication businesses. The Group designs, manufactures and sells integrated optical disc replication systems, optical disc replication sub-systems and optical disc replication peripherals ("Manufacturing and Equipment Sales") as well as engage in the trading of optical disc replication accessories and raw materials ("Trading"). The Group also provides its customers with the necessary technical expertise, business knowledge, production systems and service support for them to succeed in the DVDR and CD-R replication businesses.

ThaiBev Increases Capital in Red Bull Distillery

Thai Beverage Public Company Limited has increased capital in Red Bull Distillery to 5,000 million Baht from 3,000 million Baht.

This was carried out via the increase of 200,000,000 ordinary shares at the par value of Baht 10.

The reason for this increase in capital is to fund the liquor aging process which is presently financed by a loan from ThaiBev. The proceeds will be used to settle the said loan. The capital increase will be funded by ThaiBev internally.

The ThaiBev Group is the leading producer of beer and spirits in Thailand and one of the leading brewers and distillers in Southeast Asia according to Canadean Limited, a global beverage research company. Its main products are beer and spirits, which have a strong brand identity in Thailand with a reputation for quality and taste. The ThaiBev Group also produces drinking water, soda water, industrial alcohol and by-products from the brewing and distilling process. Its signature beer, Chang Beer, is the best-selling beer brand consumed in Thailand. Its well-known spirits brands include Sangsom, Mekhong and Mungkorn Thong. The ThaiBev Group has a far-reaching distribution infrastructure in Thailand and also imports its beer and spirits to 19 other countries.

Midsouth Holdings Implements Automation System, Expansion Of Production Space At Lingxian Plant And Construction Of Hostels

Midsouth Holdings subsidiary Dezhou Midsouth Composite Materials Co. Ltd. plans to acquire install and implement an automated production system for FRP vehicle parts comprising of a conveyance belt system with automated timing control, as well as other related automated production equipment.

The system will be installed at the subsidiary's proposed new manufacturing facility at Lingxian, Shandong and will improve production efficiency and processes to meet international standards.The Automation System will be implemented by the third quarter of 2007, and the total investment cost of which will be approximately RMB 27 million.

To cater to such additional production space, as well as future expansion needs, the aggregate floor area of the Lingxian Plant will be expanded from approximately 50,000 to 90,000 square metres. The Lingxian Plant expansion project is expected to be completed by the second quarter of 2007.

The Subsidiary intends to develop and construct hostels on the same plot of land within the Lingxian Economic Development Zone in Shandong where the Lingxian Plant is constructed, to provide accommodation and facilitate easy access to the plant for employees.

The total cost of the expansion project and housing construction will be about RMB 102.3 million.

Midsouth Holdings Ltd is principally engaged in the design and manufacture of FRP vehicle parts, FRP doors and windows and other FRP industrial fittings, as well as the manufacture and installation of air-conditioning ventilation systems.


SMB Subsidiary Signs JV Agreement with Baoying Yanlord

SMB's China subsidiary SMB Electric Xiamen Co. Ltd enters a joint venture with Baoying Yanlord Industrial Co. Ltd to manufacture switchgears and related products.

The JV stake will be split in a 40 to 60 manner between SMB and Baoying Yanlord.

The initial capital injection for both parties of the JV will consist of RMB 12.5 million for the first year with SMB's portion of RMB 5 million internally funded.

The company's principal activities are the manufacture and supply of electrical switchgears, electronic and electrical appliances; the import, export and distribution of electronic and electrical products; the manufacture and sale of contact lens and optical related products; the plumbing, trading, design and installation of sanitary and bathroom accessories and the supply, design, installation and maintenance of high technology building controls and automation.

Cambridge Acquires Ubi Avenue Property

Cambridge Industrial Trust has acquired 55 Ubi Avenue 3 Singapore 408864 for a purchase price of S$18.8 million.

RBC Dexia Trust Services Singapore Limited as trustee of Cambridge exercised the call option under the put and call option agreement dated 8 January 2007 entered into between the Trustee and Mintwell Industry Pte Ltd in connection with the sale and purchase of the Property.

The purchase price and other acquisition costs of the Property are funded by debt.

Cambridge Industrial Trust ("CIT") is a real estate investment trust established with the objective of investing directly or indirectly in income-producing real estate and real-estate related assets which are used mainly for industrial (including warehousing) purposes.

Noble Acquires Marketing Rights for Australian Iron-Ore

Noble Group has acquired the marketing rights for Territory Iron Limited's iron ore from OM Holdings Limited's subsidiary, OM Materials (S) Pte Limited.

The move will help the Group to leverage the correlation between the steel, ferro alloys and iron ore divisions within the Group.

The three business lines will now work closer together to form the "Noble steel complex."

Noble Group Limited (SGX: NOBL) is a global raw materials merchant and market leader in supply chain management of agricultural, industrial and energy products. With 2004 revenue of US$ 8.6 billion, the Group operates a network of over 65 offices in 35 countries serving more than 3500 customers from four profit centers: Agriculture, Energy, Metals, Minerals and Ores and Logistics.

Ariane Corp Limited Set to Takeover Telcom United

Ariane Corp signs agreement to buy 100 percent of Telcom United Pte. Ltd.

The transaction with amount to a total of $23 million and will be paid via a cash payment of S$10 million and the issue and allotment of 118,181,818 ordinary shares in the share capital of ArianeCorp at S$0.11 per share.

The acquisition will enable both companies to expand their customer base and engage in cross-marketing opportunities to increase their market share.

The Group's core business is in the design and manufacture of liquid crystal displays ('LCDs') and electronic modules for LCDs ('Modules').

CNA Subsidiary Wins Water Treatment Project for 2008 Olympics

China Water Holdings Pte. Ltd. has recently secured two new projects which highlight the company's strong position in the northeastern region of China.

Herocan Engineering Tech Co. Ltd., a China-based wholly-owned subsidiary of China Water, has recently secured a project to provide consultancy and project management services to the Beijing City government on a RMB 160 million membrane bioreactor water treatment plant that will be the heart of a RMB 460 million project to treat the water that will be used for water sports events scheduled as part of the 2008 Olympic Games to be held in Shunyi District of Beijing City, China. The entire project costing RMB 460 million will be funded by the Beijing City government.

The project will involve transferring over 38 million tonnes of water a year from the Wenyu River to the Chaobai River, located over 10 kilometres away, and cleaning it through a water treatment system for which the MBR plant will be the heart. The MBR plant is one of the largest in China and will be able to treat 100,000 tonnes of water per day.

CNA is principally engaged in the provision, design and implementation of integrated control and automation systems and IT solutions for buildings and facilities. Its systems are found in intelligent buildings in the commercial and public sectors, industrial facilities including semiconductor and wafer fabs, pharmaceutical and water and waste treatment plants and infrastructural facilities including airports, MRT stations and expressway tunnels and flyovers.


CEO's Walk The Talk

"..With Singapore serving as a base for multi-national companies in all industries and the government taking the lead in developing state-of-the-art and technologically advanced public buildings, the local market is ideal for developing our technologies, enhancing our technical know-how and growing our core competencies in implementing control and automation systems for high-tech facilities like wafer fabrication plants and infrastructure installations. We then hope to export these technologies and know-how to our overseas markets..."
Bernard Chen Tien Lap, Chairman
CNA Group Ltd

Highlighted Company

Sino Environment Technology Group Limited is an environmental protection and waste recovery solution provider in the PRC. Sino Environment is the market leader in the treatment, management and recovery of volatile organic compounds ("VOC"), in particular toluene, from waste gas The company's decision to focus on toluene is due to its high commercial value and wide usage by many industries, thereby resulting in good market potential for the treatment, management and recovery of toluene in various industries. In this respect, the company helps customers to achieve the twin objectives of treating polluting waste gas as well as recovering valuable toluene for use in their manufacturing processes.

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