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29 January 2007      
Volume `000 
 Gent Int
Weekly movement as at 26 January 2007
 CMProp 100 HK$
 CMB JP eCW070330 500
 JMH 400US$
 GLD 10US$
Weekly movement as at 26 January 2007

SP-Ausnet: Likely contender to lead competing bid for Australia-based Alinta Ltd which has a market cap of A$6.8b
Hyflux: Enters agreement with US-based Marmon Water in $80m worth of venture projects in Singapore and China
AusGroup: Secures 2 projects in Western Australia with a value of A$72.7m
Dynamax: Withdraws IPO prospectus and is rumoured to be considering listing in Hong Kong for a more favorable listing price
Yantai Raffles: Completes construction of world's first luxury yacht carrier vessel
Star Cruises: Receives patent for wireless-storage tech and plans to release related device in Q3 FY07
Trek 2000 Int'l: Welcomes Macau billionaire Stanley Ho abroad as a personal investor
Enviro-Hub: Subsidiary sells 40 percent stake to M'sia-based Biaxis (M) Snd Bhd for RM900,000 paid in 4 equal monthly cash installments
Epure: Chinese subsidiary secures RMB31m deal with Lanzhou New Western Weinilun Co

WBL: Subsidiary M-Flex settles lawsuit with US-based Stark Master Fund
Union Steel: Nets JP Nelson for $45.5m total
Agva: Hopes to have a merger with European customer to expand marketing initiative 
Tiger Airways: To go IPO at end of 2007
Tiong Woon:  Secures Saudi Arabian business setting the stage for projects in petrochemical and power worth over $20m
Lion Capital: Hunting for Chinese parner to expand fund managment business into PRC 
Vita Holdings: China subsidiary slapped with suit from Qingdao Dehai Shipping Co
Heeton: Looking at estimated net proceeds of $6.67m from proposed 21m new share placement
NOL: Announces plans to upgrade its container terminal in Ho Chi Minh City
Ascott Reit: Plans property purchases, two in Japan and 1 in Vietnam worth $144m

HOT Off The Press

Breadtalk Sells off Shanghai Unit to Power Signal Company Limited

Breadtalk subsidiary, Shanghai Xinjiangfang Food & Beverage Co. Ltd enters an agreement with Power Signal Company Limited for the consideration of share sales valued at $US 113,378.65.

The amount is to be paid in full by Power Signal within 7 days of the transferral of 30 percent of Xinjiafang's shares.

The transaction was carried out as part of the group's strategy to launch a franchising model for China markets outside of Bejing and Shanghai. Breadtalk operates its chain of retail outlets selling breads, buns, cakes and pastries through its principal subsidiary,

BreadTalk Pte Ltd. Currently, the Group has 23 retail outlets and to complement its operations, it also operates a central kitchen at Kampong Ampat that prepares and distributes fillings for its breads and buns, and bakes cakes and pastries for distribution to its various retail outlets island-wide. The Group also recently diversified into the restaurant business, opening the world-renowned Din Tai Fung restaurant which was rated by The New York Times as one of the world's Top 10 best restaurants in 1993.

Raffles Educational Corp Places Out New Shares

Raffles Educational Corp has placed out 30m new shares to the public.

Out of the total net proceeds of S$47,952,000, a total of S$17,048,490 has been used for the acquisition of 33,499,000 ordinary shares in the capital of Oriental Century Limited at a price of S$0.51 for each OCL Share.

This represents an average of a 20.16 percent stake in Oriental Century Limited.

Raffles Education Corporation is a private education provider committed to nurturing creative talents and management expertise for the creative design and management industry. The Group's mission is to develop human resources for society in the field of creative education. This is the foundation of its business. The Group places strong emphasis on curriculum development to keep abreast with industry trends and needs. The Group provides its students with quality education that will equip them with the relevant knowledge and skills to be competent in the industry.

Auric Pacific Proposes Sale of Stake in Megamal Pluit Property

Auric Pacific Group has plans to sell its stake in commercial property Megamal Pluit in Jakarta.

The consideration payable for the assignment of the DWL Loan from Rp. 61,529,318,249 to Rp. 43,926,367,073.

The aggregate consideration to be received from the Purchaser upon Completion has accordingly been revised from S$34,459,982 to S$31,467,482 using an exchange rate of Rp.1,000 = S$0.17. The principal activity of the Company is that of investment holding.

The principal activities of its subsidiaries are food manufacturing, wholesale distribution of food and allied fast-moving consumer goods and investment holding.

China Fishery Adds Another Vessel to Supertrawler fleet

China Fishery Group subsidiary signs a fourth Vessel Operating Agreement increasing its supertrawler fleet size to 23.

The chartering of this vessel, through Perun Limited, nearly doubles the harvesting capacity of the fleet.

With offices in Hong Kong and Shandong in China, China Fishery Group Limited ("CFGL") through China Fisheries International Limited, operates and manages fishing vessels for coastal and deep sea industrial fishing.

The Group currently deploys more than 600 crew and officers to operate and manage 34 fishing vessels in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans under a vessel management agreement with China International Fisheries Hong Kong Limited and a vessel operating agreement with Perun Limited.The Group's fishing operations are conducted all year round and coincide with the fishing seasons of various species of fish. The main catch species include:

Demersal Marine Fish - Alaskan Pollock, Halibut, Hake, Pacific Cod, Ribbon Fish, Grouper
Pelagic Marine Fish - Herring, Chilean Jack Mackerel Cephalopods - Cuttlefish, Octopus, Squid

 The Group's catches are mainly processed onboard, which involves heading, gutting, roe-collecting and grading. The fish products are then frozen, packed and delivered to customers (mainly from China, Japan, Korea and Europe) for sale.

Natural Cool Announces Acquisition of J2 Pte Ltd

A Natural Cool subsidiary has entered an agreement to buy a 51 percent stake in J2 Pte Ltd for a total consideration of S$900,000 in cash upon completion of the deal.

J2 is a wholesaler and repairer of furniture, household fittings and ornaments, and is also involved in the business of home furnishing and decorating, interior design decoration and furniture removal.



First Reit Enters Acquisition Agreements for 3 Healthcare Properties in Singapore

The country's first healthcare real estate investment trust has signed call and put option agreements for two nursing homes and one hospital for a purchase consideration of $38.2m.

The total rental income for the three properties stands atS$2,979,600 annually.

The acquisition will be funded fully by debt financing via a term loan facility established with OCBC Bank.

First REIT was established with the principal investment objective of owning and investing in a diversified portfolio of income-producing real estate and/or real estate-related assets in Asia that are primarily used for healthcare and/or healthcare-related purposes including but not limited to regional healthcare and/or healthcare-related markets with high growth potential such as Indonesia, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong. In addition, as one of its objectives, First REIT seeks to invest in healthcare and healthcare-related assets that are positioned to capitalise on the growing demand for healthcare services in Asia. The Manager of First REIT is Bowsprit Capital Corporation Limited. The Manager's key financial objective is to provide unit holders of First REIT ("Unit holders") with a competitive rate of return for their investment by ensuring regular and stable distributions to Unitholders and to achieve long-term growth in the net asset value ("NAV") of First REIT. First REIT's initial asset portfolio as at Listing Date consists of the following Properties which are all located in Indonesia: Siloam Hospitals Lippo Karawaci; Siloam Hospitals West Jakarta; Siloam Hospitals Surabaya; and Imperial Aryaduta Hotel & Country Club.

Soilbuild Launches Terrace Factories Catering to SMEs in the Offshore Marine Sector

Soilbuild Holdings launched its Pioneer Lot Terrace Factories located at the junction of Pioneer and Benoi Roads.

The sizes of the factories range from 9,935 to 12,863 sq ft and the total land area is 213,310 sq ft.

Each factory has a clear floor plate (column-free) in the production area, covered 8m-high direct loading/unloading area at the doorstep, mezzanine floor for office and second-floor production-cum-office space. Enabling SMEs to carry out engineering work yet operate administrative functions nearby.

Soilbuild is an innovative property developer with a development portfolio of mid to highend residential properties and business space properties for Multi-national corporations and SMEs. With an established track record of more than 30 years, the Group was listed on the Singapore Exchange in January 2005 and has successfully acquired and developed a range of residential properties mainly in prime urban districts.

HLN Shareholders Engage in 5.88m Shares Placement to Institutional Investors

HLN substantial shareholders, Mr Wa Swee Bee and Mdm Tan Su Hong, have successfully placed out a total of 5.88m shares mainly to institutional investors.

This represents a 6 percent stake in the group's outstanding shares.

The shares were sold at S$0.28 per share and are expected to enhance the Group's profile in the investment community with the participation of institutional investors and increase the liquidity of HLN shares.

HLN has in-house material formulation and compounding facilities where it blends the mixture of elastomers and other ingredients to make rubber compound, a raw material used in the production of its precision elastomeric and polymeric components.

Food Empire Holdings to be a Sponsor at 2007 European Figure Skating Championship

Food Empire Holdings clinches a sponsorship deal at the 2007 European Figure Skating Championship in Poland.

This is done through the sponsoring of their main brand MacCoffee.

Since the early 90's, the Group has been a food and beverage company that manufactures and markets instant beverage products, frozen convenience food and confectionery. It also has a wholesale business that trades in frozen seafood.Its principal activity is that of manufacture instant beverages and food products, such as frozen convenience food and snacks under its proprietary brands MacCoffee, Klassno, FesAroma, OrienBites, MacCandy and Kracks. Its products are exported to more than 50 countries in major markets, such as in Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Indochina, Southeast Asia, Australia, Middle East and USA. The exports are marketed and distributed through its 18 offices (liaison and representative) in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Iran, Poland, Belgium, Bahrain, Mongolia and others. It has four manufacturing facilities in Asia and Russia.


CEO's Walk The Talk

"…In China, the Central Government is encouraging the commercial explosives industry to actively develop new products, adopt new production techniques, import advance technology from overseas, and constantly raise the standards of China's commercial explosive industry and constantly reduce the gap between the standards of China's commercial explosive products and those produced by international explosives companies.

In line with the above, the end users of commercial explosive products in China such as mining, energy exploration and infrastructure construction sectors are required to shift from using TNT explosives to environmentally-friendly non-TNT explosives by 2010."
Sun Bowen, Managing Director
Dr. Lim Seck Yow, non-executive chairman
Fabchem China Limited

Highlighted Company

The Company was incorporated in Singapore on 12 November 2004 under the name of Swiber Holdings Pte Ltd and assumed the present name on 10 October 2006.

The Group is an integrated offshore Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning (EPCIC) contractor with in-house offshore marine support capabilities. Its revenue is derived from two main business activities:-

i) Offshore EPCIC offers a full suite of EPCIC services which are customised to cater to the different needs of its customers in the oil and gas industry. These services are utilised at the exploration, development, production and post-production stages in an offshore oil and gas project.

ii) Offshore marine support supports business complements of offshore EPCIC business by supplying its EPCIC customers with vessels for their offshore projects. Swiber operates a fleet of support vessels which are chartered to customers throughout their various stages in their offshore oil and gas exploration, development and production projects. Its customers include established companies engaged in the offshore exploration, development and production of oil and gas, and marine contractors engaged in the design and construction of infrastructure for such projects.

The Group's subsidiaries are located in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia with a diversified customer base, having handled offshore EPCIC projects for and provided offshore marine support services to customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, China, Australia, United Kingdom and USA.

As at 17 September 2006, the Group has a fleet of nine operating vessels, comprising five tug boats and four barges. Its fleets are deployed to waters off countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand and China.

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25 Jan 2007 Swiber Secures US$14.0 Million Charter Contract In India
15 Dec 2006 Change Of Address Of Share Registrar And Place Where Register Of Members And Index Kept
11 Dec 2006 Media Release: Swiber Makes Big Push Into India With Joint Venture
04 Dec 2006 Media Release: Swiber Secures US$14.0 Million Charter Contract In India
24 Nov 2006 Contract To Purchase 4 Vessels

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