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SembCorp: 3Q FY06 Net Profit Up 14.3% To $75.58 Million
Unisteel: 3Q FY06 Net Profit Up 42% To $13.4 Million
FJ Benjamin: 1Q FY07 Net Profit Up 137% To $3.01 Million
SingTel: 2Q FY07 Net Profit Up 19% To $956 Million
Rotary Engg: Proposes $32.4 Million Bonus Cash Dividends And
2 For 5 Rights Issue

Wing Tai: 1Q FY07 Net Profit Up 279% To $30.81 Million
Ho Bee: 3Q FY06 Net Profit Up 30.3% To $9.9 Million
Parkway: 3Q FY06 Net Profit Up 24% To $18.5 Million
Great Eastern: 3Q FY06 Net Profit Up 25% To $112.4 Million
Wilmar: 3Q FY06 Net Profit Up 76.1% To US$36.3 Million

HOT Off The Press

DMX Penetrates Into Vietnamese Digital Broadcasting Market

DMX Technologies Group Limited has inked its first service contract in Vietnam with Vietnam Multimedia Corporation, Vietnam's leading national broadcaster and operator in digital broadcasting.

DMX will implement a service trial platform based on Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial standard for the customer to provide value-added services. DMX services a comprehensive platform that includes transmission equipment, service development tool, testing tools and systems, and Multimedia Home Platform set-top-box. The service development tool provided with the platform will allow Vietnam Multimedia to develop unique interactive service portfolio according to market trends and consumer demand.

DMX Technologies Group Limited, a system architect in Asia provides a wide range of digital multimedia, network infrastructure and advanced mobile solutions to service providers, media operators and enterprises. [+]

Vita Secures Coal Contract With Noble Energy Inc.

Vita Holdings Limited has secured a coal offtake contract with PT Sanga Coal Indonesia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Noble Energy Inc, who is a member of the Noble Group. As part of the arrangement, Nobel Energy Inc. will guarantee the full and punctual performance of SCI of all its obligations under the Offtake Contract.

Vita's 51% owned subsidiary, JL Chancellor Pte Ltd will initially supply an estimated 20,000 metric tonnes of Indonesia Steam Coal per month to SCI. The selling price will be based on quality of crushed coal supplied to the coal stockpile area. The coal, which gross calorific value is estimated to be 6,500 kcal and above, will be produced from the three coal mines in East Kalimantan, whereby JLC has exclusive offtake rights over all coal produced.

Vita is a diversified group with shipping, property leasing and management and coal trading interests. [+]

China Paper's 9 Month Net Profit Rises 2.4% To RMB108.7 Million Despite Recent Production Cost Pressure

•  Turnover rose 21.2% to RMB634.7 million for first 9 months of FY2006 while profit before tax climbed 24.3% to RMB132.0 million over the same period.

•  Gross profit registered decline of 7.3% to RMB53.6 million in the third quarter of FY2006 due to rising prices of raw material, namely imported wood pulp.

China Paper is engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of mixed-pulp based paper products made from a mixture of wood pulp and wheat pulp. [+]

China Essence On Track For Expansion

•  Revenue and gross profit up 26% and 24% respectively for six months ended 30 September 2006; Net profit dips 1% due to impact of tax holiday expiry.

•  New modified starch products continue to gain market acceptance, adding 25.7% to revenue for the six months ended 30 September 2006.

•  New modified starch plant and additional potato starch capabilities turn operational in October 2006.

China Essence is a leading integrated producer of potato starch and potato starch-based products such as vermicelli, starch strips and five-grain noodles in the PRC. [+]

PowerPlus Focuses On European Markets

•  9 Months Revenue growth of 15%.

•  Sale of Gardening and Lawn Equipment increased 44%.

•  Group to focus on marketing efforts in the European

Zhongguo Powerplus Industries Limited is principally engaged in the design, production and sale of portable power tools including gasoline engines, mist duster and brush cutter. [+]

ElectroTech Investment In MTIC Holdings Pte. Ltd.

ElectroTech will take an equity interest of 39.95% in MTIC in the First Share Issue for a total cash consideration of S$6.4 million.

ElectroTech believe that the medical technology and healthcare markets that MTIC will be targeting are in line with the Group's long term vision, strategy and growth plans for similar business and market sectors.

MTIC's objective and investment focus has immense synergies with ElectroTech's established ODM/OEM Project Management Contract Manufacturing services and can potentially lead to the expansion and enhancement of the Group's customer base, as well as product and technology network in the fast growing medical and healthcare business sector.

ElectroTech is an international group providing Contract Design and Manufacturing services to a diverse customer base in various industry sectors and countries. [+]

Food Empire Honoured As Singapore's Most Valuable Brand Four Years Running

Food Empire Holdings was honoured as one of Singapore's most valuable brand at the 2006 Singapore Brand Awards. Organised by IE Singapore, the award recognises the top 15 Singapore companies whose brand, or portfolio of brands are the most valuable in the nation.

Food Empire's flagship brand MacCoffee ranked 14th in this year's award with an estimated brand value of S$98.4 million.

Food Empire Holdings is a leading food and beverage company that manufactures and markets instant beverage products, frozen convenience food, confectionery and snack food. [+]

StarHub's Results For The Third Quarter Ended September 2006

•  Operating Revenue Up 16% To S$460.6 million.

•  EBITDA Grew 22% To S$156.6 million.

•  EPS Expanded 30% To 3.94 Cents Per Share.

•  Declares Interim Dividend Of 3.0 Cents Per Share.

StarHub is Singapore's second largest info-communication company and the sole operator delivering a full range of information, communications and entertainment services over fixed, cable, mobile and Internet platforms. [+]

Sunningdale Tech Reports 3Q06 Net Profit Of S$5.4 Million On Revenue Of S$117.7 Million

•  3Q06 revenue rises 24.2% QoQ to S$117.7 million.

•  Continued to maintain strong balance sheet.

•  Ongoing restructuring exercise is progressing well and will continue till end of 1H07.

Sunningdale Tech Ltd is a leading integrated supplier of precision engineered plastic components in the region offering a wide range of services from product design, precision tooling and moulding to finishing processes and assembly. [+]

Samudera Took Delivery Of Chemical Tanker, Sinar Agra

Wholly-owned subsidiary, Foremost Maritime Pte Ltd, took delivery of the newly build chemical tanker, Sinar Agra, with capacity of 11,423 dwt.

Sinar Agra, built by STX Shipyard in Korea, was delivered to the Group on 7 November 2006 and will be on a two-year time-charter contract. Its maiden voyage shall commence on 9 November 2006, under time charter, loading 9,000 MT caustic soda from Far East to Malaysia.

Sinar Agra is the second chemical tanker delivered to the Group in this year. The Group will continue to actively pursue business opportunities in the areas of chemical tankers, cement carriers as well coal carriers.

Samudera is a regional Container Shipping line serving the Middle East and the Indian Sub-continent in the west, South East Asia and Indo-China at the center and the Far East to the north. [+]

Super Coffeemix Serves Up 16% Increase In 3Q06 Net Profit To S$6.2 Million

Super Coffeemix Manufacturing Limited recorded a 16% rise in net profit to S$6.2 million for the three months ended 30 September 2006. Revenue increased 8% to S$55.0 million.

The improved performance is attributed to higher demand from Southeast Asian markets backed by effective advertising and promotional initiatives, while successfully making upward adjustments in selling prices of various product lines.

Super Coffeemix Manufacturing Limited manufactures, and distributes leading brands of instant beverages and foods. [+]

Excelpoint Reports Improved Profits Amid Lower Turnover

Excelpoint Technology Ltd. announced revenues of $182.8 million and net profit after tax of $0.4 million for the 3rd quarter ended 30 September 2006.

Compared to the same quarter last year, the Group posted lower turnover due to the weaker demand for GSM products, allocation shortages of some product lines and keen market competition. Nevertheless, gross margin remained constant at 7.3% and net profit after tax rose 21.6% relative to that of 3Q2005.

Excelpoint Technology Ltd is one of the region's established electronics component distributors and an emerging player in the design innovation and technology development industry. [+]

Asia Environment Signs Cooperation Agreement For Five Projects Totaling RMB2.5 Billion

Asia Environment Holdings Ltd has signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Nanjing City, Jiangning Zone Government to satisfy the increasing needs for water supply and wastewater treatment in the Jiangning Zone.

Asia Environment and the Jiangning Government will collaborate on the possibility of working together in developing the projects in the Jiangning Zone. The projects have an estimated aggregate investment value of RMB2.5 billion.

The Company has established a special purpose company, Nanjing Penyao Water Pte. Ltd to undertake the above-mentioned projects. Nanjing Penyao, a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of the company that is incorporated in the PRC, will have a registered capital of US$29.8 million.

Asia Environment is one of China's pioneers in the water and wastewater treatment industry with 20 years of experience. [+]

Trek Reports Strong Performance

•  Net profit after tax rose by 58.6%.

•  Revenue rose to US$25.3M.

•  Licensing and digital technology business segments are key growth drivers.

•  YTD licensing revenue rose 45.8% to US$1.7M.

•  YTD revenue contributions from digital technology increased 24.1%.

Trek 2000 International Ltd, an industry leader, innovator and patent owner of the ThumbDrive® offers state-of-the-art design solutions ranging from portable storage devices, digital technology, wireless, and encryption to sophisticated Enterprise solutions all catering to the fast changing digital industry. [+]

Sterling Operating Performance: ECS' 3Q 2006 Net Profit Rises 22.4%

•  Net profit rises 22.4% in 3Q 2006; operating profit margin rises to 1.62%.

•  Group records margin expansion for seventh consecutive quarter since 1Q 2005.

•  Revenue increases 19.0% to S$608.2 million; nine-month revenue up 18.1% to S$1.72 billion.

ECS Holdings Limited is a leading ICT products and services provider, serving and supporting a wide regional customer base. [+]

DMX Net Profit Increases 23.4% In 3Q06

•  Revenue up 17.8% to US$41.8 million.

•  Gross profit up 10.5% to US$10.8 million.

•  PBT up 18.3% to US$5.4 million.

•  Net profit up 23.4% to US$4.9 million.

•  NAV up 28.8% to 34.73 US cents.

•  EPS up 2.9% to 1.08 US cents.

DMX Technologies Group Limited, a system architect in Asia provides a wide range of digital multimedia, network infrastructure and advanced mobile solutions to service providers, media operators and enterprises. [+]

RSH Limited 1HFY07 Revenue Surges 22.0% To $309.0 Million, Generating Net Earnings Growth Of 15.4% To S$11.0 Million

RSH Limited net profit attributable to shareholders for the first half of FY2007 rose by 15.4% from S$9.5 million to S$11.0 million, backed by revenue growth of 22.0% to S$309.0 million, from S$253.3 million previously.

The Board of Directors has proposed interim dividends of 1 cent per share, similar to the previous year's dividend payout.

RSH Limited has carved a retail network encompassing more than 28 different retail concepts and incorporating over 430 free-standing stores and 570 shops-in-shop in 12 countries. [+]

Devotion Group Signs Exclusive 53# Emulsified Green Coke Proprietary Technology License Contract With Associated Company

Devotion Eco-thermal Limited wholly owned subsidiary, Guangzhou Devotion Thermal Facility Co., Ltd has entered into a 5-year contract with an associated company, Guangzhou Devotion Thermal Technology Co., Ltd on 10 November 2006 for the exclusive 53# Emulsified Green Coke Proprietary Technology License Contract.

53# EGC technology is a technology by which additives, water and other ingredients will be added into petroleum coke to produce a new type of clean fuel for various industrial and domestic boilers. The Proprietary Technology is a major technological breakthrough resulting from years of research by GDTT.

Application for Invention Patents from the Patent Bureau of State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China is in progress. The Proprietary Technology has passed results evaluation on the 18 October 2006 conducted by the Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province.

Devotion Eco-Thermal is a specialist in the development and fabrication of energy saving and environmentally friendly central heating infrastructure and related thermal equipment. [+]


Enviro-Hub Set To Entrench Leadership Position - To Acquire 100% Of Cimelia Resource Recovery To Further Enhance Capabilities

Enviro-Hub Holdings Ltd has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to acquire the remaining 36.3% of its subsidiary, Cimelia Resource Recovery Pte Ltd for S$58 million. The acquisition will enable the Company to consolidate and integrate all its electronic recycling businesses to achieve operational synergies, greater economies of scale and eliminate interested party transactions.

The consideration of S$58 million for the acquisition of Cimelia takes into account the projected profit after tax of S$16 million and approximately 4.29 times of Cimelia's projected net tangible assets value of approximately S$37 million for the financial year ending 31 December 2007. In addition, the vendors of Cimelia will provide a warranty that Cimelia will achieve a profit before tax of at least S$20 million for FY2007.

Enviro-Hub Holdings Ltd is a leading provider of total environmental management solutions and services for the global electronics, electrical and equipment industries. [+]

Sinwa's Year-To-date Net Profit Up 12.6% To $5.2 Million

Sinwa Limited net profit for the year to date as at 30 September 2006 surged to $5.2 million, up 12.6 per cent from $4.6 million recorded during the corresponding period last year. Year to date turnover as of 30 September 2006 reached $80.7 million, up 8.2 per cent as compared to the same period last year which was $74.5 million.

The increase in revenue is mainly due to Sinwa's appointed marine supply and logistics companies in China, higher sales by Windsor Marine and Sinwa Offshore and increased supplies to vessels serviced in Singapore.

Sinwa is Asia Pacific's largest marine supply company servicing the oil and gas industry and sea-going vessels in Singapore, the PRC and Australia. [+]

China Precision's Third Quarter Net Profit Jumps 30.8% To RMB25 Million

•  Sales up 34.2% to RMB162.1 million.

•  Gross profit up 36.8% to RMB52.8 million.

•  Overall gross profit margin up to 32.6% in 3QFY06 from 29.8% in 2QFY06.

•  Net profit up 30.8% to RMB25.0 million.

China Precision Technology Limited provides integrated manufacturing services for the consumer electronics, telecommunication, automotive industries and office automation equipment. [+]

Strong Demand For Bull Semen Drives China Milk's 2Q 2007 Net Profit Up 65.1 % To RMB100.7 Million

China Milk Products Group Limited reported a 65.1% jump in net profit attributable to shareholders, amounting to RMB100.7 million for the second quarter ended 30 September 2006.

This was achieved on the back of a 47.7% rise in revenue to RMB107.5 million, boosted by the Group's successful internal breeding programme which saw the number of pedigree bull sires increase from 205 to 212.

In its latest quarter, China Milk's basic earnings per ordinary share increased by 55.56% to RMB0.14, based on 738,600,000 ordinary shares in issue during the period. The Group's net asset value per ordinary share rose to RMB1.59 as at 30 September 2006.

China Milk Products Group Limited is one of the largest companies in the PRC that specialises in the production and sale of pedigree bull semen, pedigree dairy cow embryos and raw milk. [+]

Food Empire Shareholders Approve Acquisition To Secure Russian Manufacturing Activities

Food Empire Holdings Ltd shareholders approved the acquisition of a 50% shareholding in Simonelo Limited and Triple Ace Ventures Limited.

The acquisition provides long-term stability and continuity for Food Empire's manufacturing facility in Moscow. In addition, it offers a strategic opportunity for possible future expansion.

Food Empire Holdings is a leading food and beverage company that manufactures and markets instant beverage products, frozen convenience food, confectionery and snack food. [+]

Inter-Roller Announced 72% Growth In Turnover And 87% Growth In Net Profit For The First Nine Months Of 2006 And A Proposed Third Quarter Interim Dividend Of 1.5 Cents Per Share

Inter-Roller Group's turnover increased by 72% to $122.0 million compared with $70.7 million for the same period in 2005. Its net profit after tax increased by 87% to $21.2 million compared with $11.4 million for the same period in 2005. The turnover of $122.0 million and profit after tax of $21.2 million for the 9 months of this year exceeded the turnover of $101 million and profit after tax of $16.9 million for the 12 months of 2005.

Directors have declared a one-tier tax-exempt interim dividend of 1.5 cents per share for the 3rd quarter of 2006. Total dividend payable for the 3rd quarter amounts to $4.9 million. The Company paid a one-tier tax-exempt interim dividend of 1.5 cents per share for each of the first two quarters of 2006. Total interim dividends paid and payable for the first three quarters of 2006 would amount to approximately $12.3 million. For the full year of 2005, total dividend paid amounted to $11.2 million.

Inter-Roller specialises in designing and building Airport Logistics Systems such as Airport Baggage Handling systems, In-flight Catering Systems and Air-Cargo Handling Systems. [+]

Asia Power Purchases Wenchuan District Hydropower Plant For RMB 72,828,000

Asia Power Corporation Limited has acquired 51% interest in the Wenchuan District Mianjie Town Dam Hydropower Electricity Generation Plant at a cost of approximately RMB 72,828,000.

The Hydropower Plant, located in Sichuan Province, PRC, has a total installed capacity of 21MW. It is currently generating electricity at 143 million KWH, 6828 hours per annum. Electricity tariff is RMB 0.288/KWH. Based on FY 2005's financial results, Asia Power estimates an average ROI of about 15% per year.

Asia Power Corporation Limited is principally involved in the ownership, management and operation of power plants in China. [+]

Sunpower Secures US$6.98 Million Pressure Vessel Deal In Thailand

Sunpower Group Ltd. has clinched a US$6.98 million contract to supply pressure vessels to CTCI Overseas Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Sunpower Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group, is expected to complete the manufacture of the pressure vessels for CTCI Overseas by the end of 2007 and payment will be on a progress basis.

CTCI will be installing the pressure vessels manufactured by Sunpower in a propane dehydrogenation project for its customer Thailand HMC Polymers Co. Ltd, who owns one of the largest and most advanced polypropylene facilities in Asia.

Sunpower Group Ltd specialises in the design, R&D and manufacture of customized energy saving and environmental protection products using heat transfer technologies. [+]

AsiaPharm's Net Profit Improves Slightly For The Quarter Ended 30 September 2006 Despite Challenging Operating Conditions In PRC Pharmaceutical Sector

•  Net profit for 9 months FY2006 improves 0.7% to RMB 60.5 million over RMB60.0 million in 9 months FY2005 despite lower revenue.

•  Sales of pharmaceutical products remain affected by temporary market conditions.

•  M&A, international expansion remain Group's growth strategies.

AsiaPharm Group Ltd. is a leading specialty pharmaceutical group in the People's Republic of China focusing on the research and development, production and sale of natural drugs and drug delivery systems. [+]

Food Empire Q3 Profit Surges 106%

•  9 month profit attributable to shareholders of S$22.4 million exceeds 2005 full year profit of S$20.6 million.

•  Strong revenue growth in all key markets including Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

•  Q3 FY2006 profit attributable to shareholders is doubled Q3 FY2005.

•  Placement shares strengthen balance sheet by S$22.3 million.

•  Shareholders approve plan to secure Moscow warehouse and office premises.

Food Empire Holdings is a leading food and beverage company that manufactures and markets instant beverage products, frozen convenience food, confectionery and snack food. [+]

Midsouth's 9MFY2006 Profit After Tax Rises 38.9% To RMB78.3 Million

Midsouth Holdings Ltd net profit rose 38.9% to RMB78.3 million for the nine months ended September 30, 2006. Group revenue was up 47.7% from RMB212.8 million in 9MFY2005 to
RMB314.4 million in 9MFY2006.

On a quarter-on-quarter basis, the Group reported a profit after tax of RMB34.0 million in 3QFY2006, up 49.8% from RMB22.7 million in 2QFY2006. This was achieved on a 29% increase in total revenue to RMB131.2 million in 3QFY2006. The Group's strong quarterly earnings growth was mainly spurred by increased production capacity and a stronger demand for its FRP products.

Midsouth is a leading manufacturer of fibreglass reinforced plastic products in the PRC. [+]

Specialist Engineering Services Provider, Technics Oil & Gas, Achieves 361% Jump In FY2006 Profit After Tax to S$9.2 Million As Expansion Programme Starts To Pay Off

•  Strong performance due to Group's ability to leverage on expanded capacity to capitalise on the robust demand for oil and gas topside process modules and gas compression systems.

•  Net margin improved to 13.1% from 7.2% on better economies of scale.

•  Directors propose a first and final dividend of two cents per share, tax-exempt 1 tier.

•  Outlook: S$26 million outstanding order book as at 8 November 2006; upbeat on new opportunities as sector demand for new / replacement jackup rigs, FPSOs, and MOPUs, is still outpacing capacity growth by existing vendors with established track records.

Technics is a leading specialist engineering service provider, servicing the robust Oil & Gas industry. [+]

Sarin Consistently Investing In A Brighter Future

In the first nine months of FY2006, group revenue declined 3% to US$22.7 million due to an acute slowdown in the global diamond industry during Q2 FY2006. However, early signs of a recovery in the diamond manufacturing industry during Q3 FY2006 led to an encouraging improvement in sequential Q3 FY2006 revenue of 24% over Q2 FY2006.

Group net profit for the nine months ended 30 September 2006 decreased by 35% to US$5.1 million due to higher operating costs, including higher R&D costs and a change in product mix.

Sarin is a worldwide leader in the development, manufacture and sale of precision technology products based mainly on automated three-dimensional geometric measurement for the processing of diamonds. [+]

Petra Foods Posts Sterling 33.2% Net Profit Growth For 9M FY2006

Net profit for the first nine months rose 33.2% to US$22.4 million on the back of a 17.5% increase in revenue to US$384.0 million. Excluding an exceptional gain of US$1.6 million net of tax, the Group's net profit for the period under review was US$20.8 million, translating to a 23.5% growth as compared to the corresponding period last year. EBITDA for the period grew 32.8% to US$41.4 million.

Based on the weighted average number of ordinary shares issued, the earnings per share for 9M 2006 period increased from 3.21 US cents to 4.20 US cents, up 30.8% YoY. Excluding exceptional gain, EPS for the period under review rose from 3.21 US cents to 3.89 US cents, up 21.2% YoY.

Petra Food Limited and its subsidiaries is one of the world's major manufacturers and suppliers for premium cocoa ingredients, namely cocoa powder, cocoa butter and cocoa liquor. [+]

Karin Increase In Investment In A PRC Company Distributing IBM Products And Solutions

Wholly-owned subsidiary, Karin Technology (BVI) Limited has entered into a supplemental agreement to further subscribe 3,138 ordinary shares of US$1 each in Take Talent Investments Limited. With this issue, KTBVI will hold about 35% equity interest in Take Talent.

Take Talent has 100% equity interest in a company incorporated in People's Republic of China which distributes IBM computer products and peripherals, and offering IBM data storage management solutions in the PRC.

With Karin already offering HP and Sun Microsystems data storage solutions, this new investment will enable Karin to increase its customer base by adding IBM data storage solutions into their range of product offerings. In addition, the new investment will also allow the Company to tap into the market on the distribution of IBM‘s products and expand its regional presence by gaining access to the PRC markets.

Karin Technology Holdings Limited is a leading IT & Electronic solutions company engaging in electronic component and computer distribution and outsourcing services such as IC software design application and data storage management solutions. [+]

Sino-Env Posts 62.9% Net Profit Growth For 9M FY2006

Sino-Environment Technology Group Limited, reported a stunning surge in net profits for the 9 months ended 30 September 2006, driven by strong volume sales and increase in contract values from its core business in waste gas treatment, management and recovery.

Net profits for the first nine months surged 62.9% from RMB 39.7million to RMB 64.8million on the back of an 88.5% increase in revenue from RMB 76.3 million to RMB143.7 million compared to the corresponding financial period in 2005. The Group's profits before tax rose a stunning 90.4% from RMB9.4 million in 3Q 2005 to RMB 18.0 million in 3Q 2006.

Sino-Environment Technology Group Limited is a comprehensive environmental protection and waste recovery solutions provider in the PRC. [+]


CEO's Walk The Talk

"…We are pleased to be able to deliver growth in our sales and profitability in the third quarter. This is largely due to the success of our strategy to cross sell our precision components and connectors to our existing ETC customers, and our ability to grow the order size of our existing customers for all our business segments…"
Mr Zhang Zhongliang
Chief Executive Officer
China Precision Technology Limited

Highlighted Company

Hong Kong-based Giant Wireless is a leading wireless technology creation company specialising in the design, manufacturing, marketing and global distribution, as well as brand management of quality wireless electronics products.

The Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of CB radios, Corded and Cordless Phone, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones, Family Radio Services (FRS) and Push-to-Talk mobile phones.

Supported by three manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen and Dongguan, the PRC and seven Application and Development centres located in Hong Kong, Singapore, New Jersey, Vancouver, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Dongguan, Giant Wireless serves over 400 prestigious customers including leading global brands like Motorola, Cobra, Southwestern Bell, Alcatel, Siemens and Olympia.

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e Summation of the earnings from the latest 4 Quarter (or 2 Half Year) results announcement, adjusted for the current number of shares.
f Based on rolling EPS

10 Nov 2006 Giant Wireless' 6-Months Net Profit Surges 332% To HK$38.7M
10 Nov 2006 Utilisation Of Rights Issue Proceeds
10 Nov 2006 Half Year Financial Statement And Dividend Announcement
25 Oct 2006 Incorporation Of A New Subsidiary - Giant Innovation (HK) Limited
08 Sept 2006 Litigation Matters In Giant International (USA), Ltd ("GIL")

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