14 August 2006      
Volume `000 
 Sing Tel
Weekly movement as at 11 August 2006
 Bukit Sem
 Creative 50
 Thai Prime200US$
Weekly movement as at 11 August 2006

SembCorp: 2Q FY06 Net Profit Up 15.6% To $86 Million
1H FY06 Net Profit Up 23% To $1.66 Million
YHI: 2Q FY06 Net Profit Up 86.7% To $11 Million
Beauty China: 2Q FY06 Net Profit Up 30.4% To HK$26.7 Million
Koh Brothers: 1H FY06 Net Profit Up 33% To $1.3 Million

HTL: 2Q FY06 Net Profit Up 36.7% To $16.8 Million
Pine Agritech: 2Q FY06 Net Profit Up 88% To RMB111.8 Million
Synear: Launched IPO Of 375 Million Shares At 54 Cents Each
Magnus: To Buy Majority Stake In PRC Oil Company, Yongda
CG Tech: 1H FY06 Net Profit Up 57.9% To RMB61.7 Million
F&N: 3Q FY06 Net Profit Up 22% To $75.4 Million
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HOT Off The Press

EDB Awards Aztech Systems Limited - International Headquarters (IHQ) Status

Aztech Systems Ltd is conferred the International Headquarters Award from the Singapore Economic Development Board. The prestigious award is given in recognition of the Group's commitment to conduct its international headquarters activities in Singapore.

Incorporated in 1986 and listed on the Singapore's stock exchange in 1994, Aztech has expanded globally with Singapore at the helm of its operations. The headquarters in Singapore spearheads research and development, sales and product marketing and provides corporate support to all its sales offices located in China, Hong Kong, USA, Germany and Malaysia.

Aztech Systems Ltd is a multi-national company providing OEM/ODM design and manufacturing services, contract manufacturing and retail service. [+]

China Milk's 1Q Net Profit Up 50.2% To RMB88.6 Million On Robust Demand For Bull Semen And Cow Embryos

China Milk Products Group Limited reported a 50.2% jump in net profit attributable to shareholders, amounting to RMB88.6 million for the first quarter ended 30 June 2006.

This was achieved on the back of a 37.1% rise in revenue to RMB93.5 million, boosted by the Group's successful internal breeding programme which saw the number of pedigree bull sires increase from 121 as at 30 June 2005 to 204 as at 30 June 2006.

In addition, the Group acquired around 3,300 Holstein dairy cows, with herd size amounting to a total of 11,050 as at 30 June 2006.

China Milk Products Group Limited is the largest company specializing in the production of pedigree bull semen, pedigree dairy cow embryos and raw milk in the growing dairy industry in China. [+]

China Precision Technology's Interim Net Profit Increases 50% to RMB41.8 Million

China Precision Technology Limited reported a sterling set of results for the six months ended June 30, 2006 with net profit increasing 50.0% to RMB41.8 million compared to the RMB27.9 million recorded in the previous corresponding period. This was on the back of a 62.3% increase in sales of RMB278.0 million in 1HFY06, compared to RMB171.3 million in 1HFY05.

The Group's strong performance was driven by continuous growth in both its electronic tuner component and others business segments. The increase in the speed of digitization of electronic products in the global market and organic growth in the consumer electronic industry, lead to higher demand for the Group's electronic tuner components. As a result, the Group saw greater demand from key customers such as Sharp Group, Thomson Group, LG Group and ALPS Group. The sale of electronic tuner components in 1HFY06 increased 33.6% year-on-year to RMB197.0 million.

China Precision Technology Limited provides integrated manufacturing services for the consumer electronics, telecommunication, automotive industries and office automation equipment. [+]

KS Energy Broad Based Growth Fuelled By Buoyant Oil & Gas Industry Record Half Year Performance In 1H FY2006: Revenue +56% & Net Profit +83%

Demand from the buoyant global oil & gas industry resulted in additional orders for capital equipment in 1H FY2006. With rising contributions from a larger number of completed capital equipment related projects and strong growth in the Group's distribution business, group revenue rose 56% to $131.9 million and net profit soared 83% to $31.0 million in 1H FY2006.

To reward shareholders, the directors have proposed a special dividend of 1.8 cents (less tax at 20%) and interim dividend of 2.9 cents per share (one-tier tax exempt). The total net dividend payable for 1H FY2006 of $10.3 million is higher by 151% compared to the total net dividend paid for 1H FY2005 of $4.1 million.

KS Energy is an energy services group catering to the oil & gas and petrochemical industries around the world. [+]

Surface Mount Technology Reports Revenue Growth And Lower Profit For Q1 FY2007

The Group's revenue and profit attributable to shareholders for the three months ended 30 June 2006 were HK$703.3 million and HK$21.1 million respectively. Compared to corresponding quarter in the previous financial year, revenue grew by 14.7% while profit attributable to shareholders decreased by 24.9%. Earnings per share decreased from 10.66 HK cents to 8.00 HK cents. Net assets per share rose from HK$2.58 as at 31 March 2006 to HK$2.68 as at 30 June 2006.

The year-on-year revenue growth resulted mainly from higher demand for turnkey projects in industrial control products. Gross and net profit margins decreased from 16.3% to 14.6% and from 4.6% to 3.0% respectively as compared to the corresponding quarter in FY2006. The lower profit was caused by higher operating expenses due to higher raw material prices, wages, depreciation charges, energy, administrative and interest costs. Another key factor was a reduction in consigned assembly work largely due to market adjustment in the computer peripherals and handset product sectors.

Surface Mount Technology is engaged principally in the provision of EMS to OEMs of computer peripherals, telecommunications, consumer and industrial products. [+]

Asia Water's Net Profit Surged 34.2% To RMB21.0 Million

Asia Water Technology Ltd. reported a 34.2% surge in net profit to RMB21.0 million for the financial year ended 30 June 2006, from RMB15.7 million in HY2005. Group revenue for the half year ended 30 June 2006 increased by 7.3% to RMB171.1 million from RMB159.5 million previously. Revenue for water purification treatment segment rose by RMB13.0 million or 12.1% whereas the wastewater treatment segment increased from RMB45.0 million in the prior period to RMB45.8 million, as 2 major wastewater projects were substantially completed in HY06.

Overall, water purification remained the major contributor, accounting 70.0% of the Group's total revenue, while the wastewater treatment and other businesses constituted 26.7% and 3.2% respectively. Revenue from other businesses decreased by 28.0% to RMB5.5 million, mainly due to the decrease in number of desulphurization control system projects worked on, as well as sale of water treatment equipments to third parties.

Asia Water Technology Ltd. is a Singapore company engaged in the total engineering solutions for water purification and wastewater treatment systems. [+]

StarHub Reports Second Quarter 2006 Financial Results

•  Operating Revenue Up 16% To S$444.2 million.

•  EBITDA Expanded 26% To S$145.2 million.

•  Net Profit Grew 44% To S$75.7 million.

•  Declares Interim Dividend Of 2.5 Cents Per Share.

StarHub is Singapore's second largest info-communication company and the sole operator delivering a full range of information, communications and entertainment services over fixed, cable, mobile and Internet platforms. [+]

Sinomem Secures Its First MBR-Based Wastewater Treatment BOT Project

Sinomem Technology Ltd has been awarded a 30-year concession to build, own, operate and transfer a 80,000 m3/day wastewater treatment plant in Ji An, Jiangxi Province, PRC. Under the concession, the plant will be used to treat the industrial wastewater from Ji An Hi-tech Economic Development Zone and domestic wastewater from Ji An City. The construction of plant will be carried out in two phases, each having a capacity of 40000m3/day.

The company will form a joint venture with business partners to undertake the project. Sinomem is expected to have a 40% stake in the JV.

Sinomem Technology Ltd provides integrated process and engineering solutions for separation, purification and cleaner production purposes for its customers in diverse industries through the use of its proprietary advanced membrane technology. [+]

Zhongguo Powerplus Receives European Union Emission Clearance

Zhongguo Powerplus Industries Limited had received type approval for 4 families of small gasoline engine with regards to the emission of pollutants pursuant to Directive 97/68/EC.

Directive 97/68/EC governs the emission of gaseous and particulate pollutants from internal combustion engines to be installed in non-road mobile machinery and applies to all Member States of the European Union. The above Directive would apply to the products of Powerplus with effect from 1 July 2007.

Zhongguo Powerplus Industries Limited is principally engaged in the design, production and sale of portable power tools including gasoline engines, mist duster and brush cutter. [+]

Global Industrial Fishing Specialist China Fishery's New VOA Facilitates 116.9% Growth In 2Q Net Profit To US$12.4 Million

China Fishery's ability to leverage on the commencement of the new vessel operating agreement, which doubled its fishing capacity in the Pacific Ocean to 14 super-trawlers, all in possession of the requisite fishing licences and quotas, led to significant topline and bottom-line growths during the peak fishing season.

For 2QFY2006, the Group achieved a 116.9% jump in net profit from US$5.7 million to US$12.4 million on the back of a 51.2% growth in turnover from US$22.0 million of US$33.2 million. Basic earnings per share rose to US3.43 cents versus US1.58 cents. For 1H06, the Group recorded a 54.2% growth in net profit from US$21.7 million to US$33.4 million as Group revenue jumped 53.8% from US$53.1 million to US$81.7 million. Basic EPS rose to US9.23 cents versus US5.98 cents.

In accordance with the Group's dividend policy of distributing one-third of net profit to shareholders twice a year, the Directors have declared an interim dividend of S4.71 cents per ordinary share (tax not applicable).

China Fishery is a global, integrated industrial fishing specialist with governmental rights to fish in diverse locations across the world's oceans. [+]

Sinwa's Half-Year Net Profit Up 9.4% To $3.5 Million

Sinwa Limited announced a 9.4 per cent increase in net profit to $3.5 million for the half-year ended 30 June 2006, up from $3.2 million for the corresponding period last year. Sinwa's turnover for the half year ended 30 June 2006 reached $52.0 million. This is an increase of 8.5 per cent from the $47.9 million registered during the first half of the previous financial year.

Sinwa is Singapore's largest marine supply company servicing the oil and gas industry and sea-going vessels in Singapore, the PRC and Australia. [+]

Soilbuild Enlarges Development Site In Novena With The Purchase Of 48 Martaban Road

Soilbuild Group Holdings Ltd has acquired 48 Martaban Road from The Salvation Army for S$7.1 million. The 780 sq m land site is adjacent to the various land sites at Minbu / Martaban / Mandalay Roads in the centrally located Novena district. The adjacent sites were purchased by Soilbuild for about S$44.5 million.

All the land sites will be amalgamated into a combined land area of 5,278 sq m. Based on the plot ratio of 2.8 and a maximum storey height of 36, the amalgamated site can now be redeveloped into about 100 to 120 residential units, assuming an average size of 1,500 sq ft per unit. The total acquisition cost for the various plots of land, including an estimated S$0.2 million development charge, works out to be S$51.6 million or S$325 psf per plot ratio.

Soilbuild is a boutique developer of prime residential properties and has a portfolio of commercial/industrial properties. [+]

Memtech's Interim 2006 Net Profit Surges 115.9% To US$7.1 Million

Memtech International Ltd. net profit for the first six months ended June 30, 2006 surged 115.9% to US$7.1 million from the US$3.3 million recorded in the previous corresponding period.

On the back of strong growth in domestic and export sales in 1H 2006, Group revenue increased 71.1% to US$51.6 million. The Group saw higher orders from HTC Corporation, Flextronic Ltd, Motorola and Siemens which collectively made up 16.3% of 1H 2006's revenue. The Group's domestic sales growth was mainly led by stronger demand from tier 1 players, such as Ningbo Bird, Lenovo, T&A, and Philips in 1H 2006.

Memtech produces high-end silicone rubber, plastic and silicone rubber plastic hybrid keypads primarily for the mobile phone and automotive industries. [+]

Food Empire Achieves Record Half Year Profit Attributable To Shareholders Of S$13.8 Million

•  Profit attributable to shareholders up 71.7%.

•  Revenue up 26.4%, exceeding S$100 million mark.

•  Growth in sales across major markets of Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

•  Earnings per share up 54.6%.

Food Empire Holdings is a leading food and beverage company that manufactures and markets instant beverage products, frozen convenience food, confectionery and snack food. [+]

UFS Wins S$22.7 Million HDB Upgrading Contract

United Fiber System Ltd subsidiary Poh Lian Construction Pte Ltd has been awarded a bulk contract from the Housing & Development Board worth almost S$22.7 million for its island-wide ongoing building works and lift upgrading programme.

This latest win adds to the Group's strong project order book of approximately S$200 million. It is expected to contribute positively to the Group's financial performance for the financial years ending 31 December 2007 and 2008.

The building and lift upgrading works are to be undertaken at 51 HDB blocks at various locations around Singapore, including Yishun, Tampines and Bukit Panjang, with a construction schedule spanning about 2 years commencing September 2006 and ending October 2008.

United Fiber System Ltd operates two business divisions, namely forestry, pulp and wood chip production in South Kalimantan, Indonesia, and construction and property development in Singapore. [+]

ThaiBev Earns Satisfactory Profit For 1st Half 2006

Thai Beverage Public Company Limited announced its first half-year financial results ending 30 June 2006, showing satisfactory net profit after tax of 5.1 billion Baht, about the same amount compared with the corresponding period in 2005. The Company also announced a dividend payment for the first six months of this year at 0.11 Baht per share, 54% of its net earnings.

As a reflection of strong underlying growth in ThaiBev's business and commitment to enhancing shareholders' value, the Company's dividend payment for the first six months of 2006 will be 0.11 Baht per share, 54% of its net earnings, as proposed by ThaiBev's board of directors, in line with the Company's dividend policy of paying not less than 50% of its net income as dividend.

Thai Beverage is the leading producer of beer and spirits in Thailand by sales revenue and production volume, and one of the leading brewers and distillers in Southeast Asia. [+]

WesTech Electronics' 1H06 Net Profit Nearly Doubles To S$2.3M

WesTech Electronics Limited increased its net profit for the half-year ended 30 June 2006 by 88% to S$2.3 million, on the back of a 150% surge in turnover to S$166 million. Earnings per share on a fully diluted basis increase by 95% to 2.01 cents from 1.03 cents in 1H05.

To continue rewarding shareholders, the Directors have declared an interim dividend of 0.51 cents per share, which is 21% higher than the dividend payout for 1H05.

WesTech is a distributor and manufacturers' representative of active and passive electronics components, power management products, test systems and display technology solutions. [+]

Proposed Initial Public Offering And Listing Of Oniontech Co., Ltd. On The Korea Securities Dealer's Automated Quotations Market Of The Korea Exchange

Oniontech Limited intends to list its subsidiary, Oniontech Korea on the Korea Securities Dealer's Automated Quotations Market of the Korea Exchange through an initial public offer in Korea. An application for the Proposed Listing will be submitted to the KOSDAQ Market of KRX in June 2007.

Oniontech Korea is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company. The business and operations of the Oniontech Korea Group comprise software solutions and content-related businesses.

For the financial year ended 31 December 2005, the Oniontech Korea Group derived revenue and net profit after taxation of approximately KRW12.5 billion and KRW2.1 billion, respectively.

Oniontech Limited is a provider of software solutions and content-related services for value added services in mobile telecommunications. [+]

Ocean Sky's Interim Profit Before Tax Jumps 23.0% To S$5.9 Million

Ocean Sky International Limited announced a 23.0% appreciation in its profit before income tax to S$5.9 million for the six months ended June 30, 2006 on the back of a 19.5% improvement in Group turnover to S$160.7 million.

Ocean Sky's better gross profit margin of 21.2% in 1HFY06 was due to increased operational efficiency by the Group which in turn led to an increase in profit before income tax by 23.0% to S$5.9 million during the period under review.

Earnings Per Share for 1HFY06 improved 21.1% to 1.32 SGD cents, supported by double-digit revenue growth and improvement in gross margin. Net Asset Value Per Share registered for the Group was 18.82 SGD cents as at June 30, 2006.

Ocean Sky is the partner of choice in the apparel supply chain services. [+]

Sino-Env Growth Soars With 89% YOY Revenue Increase For HY 2006

Sino-Environment Technology Group Limited reported a 69% surge in net profit for the 6 month ended 30 June 2006, as compared to the corresponding financial period in 2005. HY2006 net profit for the Group grew from RMB30.3 million in HY2005 to RMB51.2 million.

The Group's balance sheet is also strong with cash balance of RMB211.6 million as at 30 June 2006, an increase of RMB 145.6 million from RMB66.0 million as at the beginning of the period. The improvement in cash flow was mainly contributed by the Group's operating activities as well as the proceeds from its IPO in April 2006. The cash balance is earmarked for a new plant construction as well as marketing activities. The remainder will be used to further develop the Group's desulphurization capabilities.

Sino-Environment Technology Group is a comprehensive environmental protection and waste recovery solutions provider in the PRC. [+]

Giant Wireless Achieves Turnaround Earnings Of HK$20.6M For 1Q FY2007

Giant Wireless Technology Limited has kicked off its new financial year with a turnaround performance. Following three sequential quarters of losses, Giant Wireless has succeeded in bringing about a turnaround in earnings with a reported net profit of HK$20.6 million for the three months ended 30 June 2006.

The Group's earnings was achieved on the back of a strong 63.7% increase in sales to HK$1,368 million compared to HK$836 million achieved in the corresponding quarter last year.

The top-line growth was the result of strong year-on-year performance by the Group's Push to Talk phone which jumped 250% to HK$665 million, as well as robust demand for its wireless headsets which grew 43% to HK$172 million.

Giant Wireless Technology has grown to become a leading wireless technology creation company skilled in design, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and brand management. [+]

RSH Limited 1QFY07 Net Profit Climbs 36.5% To $6.7 Million Backed By Turnover Growth Of 24.2% To $152.1 Million

RSH Limited announced net earnings for the first quarter of FY2007 rose by 36.5% from S$4.9 million to $6.7 million on the back of turnover growth of 24.2% to $152.1 million, from $122.4 million, in the same corresponding period last year. Earnings per share for the quarter climbed 37.9% from 1.32 cents to 1.82 cents.

All geographical segments, except Hong Kong, posted healthy revenue growth. This was largely attributed to stronger consumer sentiments and greater awareness as well as customers' loyalty of popular international fashion brands under the Group's portfolio including Zara, Massimo Dutti and bebe.

Thailand was the Group's strongest performing market as revenue multiplied by more than nine times, from $1.1 million to $10.3 million, accounting for about a third of the Group's overall turnover growth, due mainly to the opening of new fashion retail stores.

RSH Limited has carved a retail network encompassing more than 28 different retail concepts and incorporating over 420 free standing stores and 570 shops-in-shop in 11 countries. [+]

Kingsmen Back On Growth Track - Posts 111% Jump In Interim Net Profit To S$1.6 Million

Kingsmen Creatives Ltd net profit increased a stellar 111% to S$1.6 million for the six months ended June 30, 2006 from S$0.7 million for the previous corresponding period. This was achieved on the back of a 46% rise in revenue to S$40.9 million, compared to S$28.1 million in 1HFY2005.

The Group's increase in revenue was driven by business growth across all divisions within the Group, but with significant contributions from the Exhibitions and Museums and the Interiors divisions.

Kingsmen is a leading communications design and production group in Asia Pacific and the Middle East. [+]

Sinomem Technology Achieved 24% Earnings Growth In The First Half Of FY2006

Group revenue was up 24% to S$42 million, mainly due to the higher contribution from gibberellins manufacturing and increased sales from membrane engineering/process business. The gibberellins manufacturing generated S$15 million revenue and accounted for 36% of the total Group revenue in 1H2006, compared with 29% in 1H2005.

Profit after tax increased by 24% from S$9.0 million for 1H 2005 to S$11.1 million due to the strong contribution from the downstream nutriceutical manufacturing business and improvement of Microdyn Nadir's profitability.

Sinomem Technology Limited provides integrated process and engineering solutions for separation, purification and cleaner production purposes for their customers in diverse industries through the use of its proprietary advanced membrane technology. [+]

Full Apex Reports RMB88.5m Net Profit For 1HFY2006

•  Group Turnover improved 9.0% to RMB503.5M.

•  Net Profit increased 1.3% to RMB88.5M.

•  Net Profit Margin at 17.6%.

•  Earnings Per Share at RMB11.34 cents per share.

•  Net Asset Value at RMB122.9 cents per share.

Full Apex manufactures PET bottles for a range of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, corrugated paper packaging products and shrink film which is used as a complementary packaging product. [+]


Advanced Acquires Expert Analyzer Systems Company For S$1.06 Million

Advanced has inked an agreement to acquire the entire 80% issued share capital of Singapore-based Control & Application Asia Pte Ltd, an expert designer and provider of process analyzer systems and related services to oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries, for $1.06 million in cash.

The consideration is at a 11% discount from 80% of the audited Net Tangible Asset based on CAE's Net Asset Value of S$1.19 million as at 31 December 2005.

Advanced expects to see a number of important business synergies arising from the acquisition. Furthermore, the enlarged group will also enjoy significant economies of scale, post-completion, arising from bulk purchase of parts and equipment from suppliers such as trade discounts.

Advanced Holdings Ltd. is a specialist company which designs and supplies process equipment to cater to the different needs of its customers in the chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, power generation and micro-electronics industries. [+]

TeleChoice's PBT Up 21% In 2Q06 To $5.4M

TeleChoice's profitability for 1H06 improved over 1H05. Although Group revenue decreased by 15.2% from $265.2M in 1H05 to $224.9M in 1H06, Group PBT grew 7.4% to $10.4M compared to $9.7M for the same corresponding financial period. This is largely a result of the Group's decision back in 2005 to rationalise the regional Distribution Services operations to focus on higher margin opportunities.

For second quarter performance, Group PBT increased 20.7% to $5.4M in 2Q06, compared with $4.5M in 2Q05, despite a 15.0% decline in revenue to $118.9M from $140.0M.

The Directors have declared an interim dividend of 1.25 cents per share, to reward shareholders for their support of the Group. TeleChoice expects the total dividends declared for FY06 to be no less than 2.5 cents per share.

TeleChoice International Limited is a leading provider of telecommunications services and solutions. [+]

Inter-Roller Delivers Record Turnover And Profit For First Half Of 2006 And Declares Interim Quarterly Dividend Of 1.5 Cents Net

Inter-Roller Engineering Limited achieved record turnover and profit after tax for the first half of 2006. Group turnover increased by 77% to $77.2 million from $43.5 million for the first half of 2005. As a result, net profit after tax increased by 99% to $13.4 million from $6.7 million for the corresponding period in the previous year.

Directors have declared a one-tier tax-exempt interim dividend of 1.5 cents per share for the second quarter of 2006. The dividends will be paid based on the increased number of shares after the share split. Total dividends payable for the second quarter would amount to $4.9 million. Together with the one-tier tax-exempt interim dividend of 1.5 cents per share paid for the first quarter 2006 of $2.5 million, total dividends paid and payable for the six months ended 30 June 2006 would amount to $7.4 million.

Inter-Roller specializes in designing and building Airport Logistics Systems such as Airport Baggage Handling systems, In-flight Catering Systems and Air-Cargo Handling Systems. [+]

Advanced Achieves 1H FY06 Net Profit Of $1.2M On Turnover Of $10.4M

For 1H FY06, Advanced reported a net profit of S$1.2 Million on turnover of S$10.4 million. This compares with a net profit of S$2.0 million on turnover of S$12.3 million for the previous corresponding 6-month period.

To express its appreciation to shareholders for their support, the Group has declared an interim tax-exempt dividend of 0.25 Singapore cents per share. The dividend will be paid to shareholders on a date to be announced later.

Based on the latest interim results, Earnings Per Share amounted to 0.46 cents, compared with 0.91 cents previously. Net Asset Value per share stood at 11.54 cents as at 30June 2006, compared with 12.52 cents as at 30 June 2005.

Advanced Holdings Ltd is a specialist company which designs and supplies process equipment to cater to the different needs of its customers in the chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, power generation and micro-electronics industries. [+]

Leading Chinese Fashion Product Group Hongguo Sees 1H2006 Revenue Leap 46.0% To RMB 272.2 Million With Strong Growth On All Fronts

Group revenue leapt 46.0% year-on-year to RMB 272.2 million for the January-June first half of the financial year ending 31 December 2006. Hongguo attributed the strong showing to increased sales for all business segments. As the Group pushes ahead steadily with its sales network expansion plan, its total number of retail outlets has grown from 615 as at the end of FY2005 to 671 as at the end of 1H2006.

Based on a weighted average of 396,868,200 ordinary shares, Group basic earnings per share rose 20.0% to 12 RMB cents in 1H2006, from 10 RMB cents in 1H2005. Net asset backing also increased to 91 RMB cents as at 30 June 2006, as compared to 79 RMB cents as at 31 December 2005.

Hongguo is a specialised designer, manufacturer and retailer of high-quality fashion products headquartered in Nanjing, China. [+]

Sunpower 1H06 Pre-Tax Profit Up 30% To RMB20.7 Million

Sunpower Group Ltd. increased its pre-tax profit for the first half of its financial year ending 30 June 2006 by 30.1% to RMB20.7 million from RMB15.9 million in the first half of its financial year ended 30 June 2005.

Revenue for 1H06 soared 71.6% to RMB170.7 million, while the Group's orders on hand amounted to RMB302 million.

In 1H06, the Group's key revenue contributor was the Pressure Vessels business segment, whose revenue shot up by 160% to RMB104.4 million, following an increase in production capacity and the Group securing new customers with the introduction of Special Materials Pressure Vessels. As a result, Pressure Vessels now account for about 61.2% of the Group's total revenue in 1H06. However, gross margin from Pressure Vessels segment was lower than from the Group's other products, leading to a decline in the Group's gross profit margin from 32.1% in 1H05 to 26.3% in 1H06.

PRC-based Sunpower Group Ltd specializes in the design, R&D and manufacture of customized energy saving and environmental protection products using heat transfer technologies. [+]

China Paper Net Profit Climbed 24.9% To RMB 77.6 Million In 1HFY2006

In line with growth in both turnover and gross profit, net profit for 1HFY2006 also saw an increase of 24.9% to RMB 77.6 million from RMB 62.1 million in 1HFY2005. Net profit for 2QFY2006 stood at RMB 35.0 million, an increase of 1% over the same period last year.

For 1HFY2006, the earnings per share surged to RMB 19 cents from RMB 16 cents in the corresponding period last year. The earnings per share for 2QFY2006 at RMB 9 cents was the same when compared to the figure in 2QFY2005. These figures were calculated based on an enlarged share capital of 400,000,000 shares.

China Paper has a vertically integrated paper manufacturing operation equipped with in-house production facilities for the manufacture of wheat pulp, paper products and paper chemical products. [+]

Memtech Investment In Raytech Co., Ltd

Memtech International Ltd. has entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Celestin Technologies Limited and Mr. Wong Kin Ping in relation to the establishment of a joint venture company, Raytech Co. Ltd. in Hong Kong.

Under the Agreement, the Company will subscribe for 5,325,000 ordinary shares of HK$1 each at par in Raytech. Upon completion of the aforesaid subscription of shares, the Company will own 35.5% of the issued share capital of Raytech Co., Ltd. Raytech will in turn acquire 100% of the issued share capital of Celestin Integrated Micro-System (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a company incorporated in Shenzhen, the People's Republic of China.

The principal activities of Celestin Shenzhen are research, design and trading of wireless and bluetooth antenna for the mobile phone industry. The Company will assist Celestin Shenzhen to develop its manufacturing base and establish its sales network in China.

Memtech is an integrated precision moulded components manufacturer for the mobile phone, IT equipment and automotive industries. [+]

Aztech Expands In Malaysia With Sabah Branch Office

Az-Technology Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Aztech Systems Ltd has opened its new branch office in Sabah, East Malaysia. With this latest addition to the existing Malaysian headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Aztech's market dominance in the territory is expected to increase.

The new branch at Tanjung Aru, Sabah will offer a centralized, one-stop service center that provides greater convenience and accessibility for customers. Aztech customers and partners in East Malaysia region will now benefit from the prompt and efficient after-sales support. Until now, Aztech's customer care service in Malaysia was available only at its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, or handled indirectly through its extensive dealers network.

Aztech Systems Ltd is a multi-national company providing OEM/ODM design and manufacturing services, contract manufacturing and retail service. [+]

Integrated Global Seafood Supplier Pacific Andes Holdings Posts 72.9% PATMI Growth To HK$70.4 Million (S$14.4 Million) As 1QFY2007 Revenue Crosses HK$1.5 Billion (S$307.8 Million)

Pacific Andes (Holdings) Limited recorded a 72.9% jump in profit attributable to shareholders to HK$70.4 million as revenue grew 86.4% to HK$1.5 billion for 1QFY2007. The results attest to the Group's ability in capitalising on the continuing robust worldwide demand for quality frozen fish, particularly in the Group's main market - the People's Republic of China.

For 1QFY2007, basic earnings per share based on the weighted average number of shares in issue of 662,215,616 rose to HK10.63 cents, from HK6.39 cents the same period a year earlier.

Pacific Andes (Holdings) Limited is a leading food supplier with an integrated supply chain, encompassing industrial fishing, global sourcing, transportation and supply of quality frozen seafood products to the international market. [+]

Asia Enterprises Posts Net Profit Of $6.1 Million For 1HFY06

Asia Enterprises Holding Limited. Reported strong net profit of $6.1 million for the six months ended 30 June 2006, an increase of 70% from 2HFY05. The strong performance was achieved despite a 7% decline in Group revenue to $63.1 million, compared to $67.8 million in 2HFY05.

With the recovery in steel prices during 1HFY06, gross profit margin climbed to 18.7%, from 11.2% in 2HFY05. As a result, the Group's net profit surged 70% to $6.1 million in 1HFY06, from $3.6 million in 2HFY05. On a year-on-year basis however, Group net profit was down 30% from $8.7 million in 1HFY05, which experienced a period of sustained strength in steel prices.

Asia Enterprises is a major distributor of a wide range of steel products to industrial end-users in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region. [+]

STAR Pharm: Another Quarter's Record Broken

Building on the robust performance achieved in 1Q06, the Group continued to deliver strong growth and margin expansions in 2Q06. Net profit rose 173.3% from RMB10.5 million in 1Q2006 to RMB28.7 million in 2Q2006. Revenue grew 60.7% from RMB 30.5 million in 1Q06 to RMB 49.0 million in 2Q06.

For the half year ended 30 June 2006, net profit jumped 45.6% from RMB26.9 million in 1H05 to RMB39.2 million in 1H06. Revenue grew 41.1% from RMB56.3 million in 1H05 to RMB79.5 million in 1H06.

STAR Pharmaceutical Limited specialises in the manufacturing and sale of both western and TCM-formulated prescription drugs. [+]

JEL Strengthens Its Portfolio By Securing Premier Luxury Watch - Audemars Piguet And Corum

JEL Corporation (Far East) Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary, has been recently appointed by world renowned luxury watch makers, Audemars Piguet as an authorised representative for Vietnam and Myanmar and Corum, for Myanmar.

Audemars Piguet was established in 1875 by Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet. AP has a heritage of 131 years of unequalled number of world-firsts, in terms of complex watches.

Corum timepieces is an independent family owned company, producing high-quality Swiss watches since 1955. Until this day, the company continues the tradition of world-renowned Swiss craftsmanship combined with an innovative philosophy and spirit.

JEL Corporation (Holdings) Ltd. is an established distributor of fast-moving consumer goods, consumer electronic, IT, photographic and telecommunication products, with distribution networks spanning many emerging markets in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. [+]

Swissco's First-Half Net Profit At $2.7 Million On Sales Of $10.5 Million

At half-time, the Group's turnover was at $10.5 million (1H05: $7.2 million) and a net profit of $2.7 million (1H05: $6.4 million which included $5.2 million gain from vessel disposal). No gain from vessel disposal was recorded for 1H06. Gross profit increased to $4.2m in 1H06 from $2.2m in 1H05.

The Group's strategy of expanding in offshore vessels is beginning to show positive results. The Group's higher sales are as the result of continued upsurge in demand in vessel chartering and better contribution from the ship-repair and maintenance services.

With the expected delivery of 7 new offshore vessels for the remainder of the year, the Group expects contribution from these vessels progressively as they join the fleet.

Swissco International is a Singapore-based marine service provider for the shipping and offshore Oil and Gas industries. [+]

Petra Foods Records 39.1% Jump In 1H 2006 Net Profit To US$14.9 Million

EBITDA for the six month period to 30 June 2006 grew by US$6.4 million to US$27.0 million, a growth of 31.1%, driven by increasing volumes of sales in the Cocoa Ingredients and Branded Consumer division. As a result, Petra Food's net profit for 1H 2006 surged 39.1% to US$14.9 million compared to US$10.7 million in 1H 2005.

Based on the weighted average number of ordinary shares in issue, diluted earnings per share rose from 2.1 US cents to 2.5 US cents before exceptional items. After exceptional items, EPS rose to 2.80 US cents. Net asset value for the Group increased by 2.3 US cents, or 8%, to 30.9 US cents per ordinary share.

The Directors have recommended an interim one-tier tax exempt dividend of 1.01 US cents per share; a year-on-year increase of 21.7%.

Petra Food Limited and its subsidiaries is one of the world's major manufacturers and suppliers for premium cocoa ingredients, namely cocoa powder, cocoa butter and cocoa liquor. [+]

ECI Partners CellCity To Offer Flash Memory Products Online

EC-Asia International Limited has partnered with CellCity, the world's first megastore that offers the widest variety of mobile software and services from leading vendors.

CellCity (www.thecellcity.com), through ECI's distributor AsiaPac Distribution, will offer ACEplus range of memory cards and Melody - the patented 5-in-1 stereo Bluetooth headset cum digital music player and memory card reader, online to consumers anywhere in the world.

The Cellcity has over 17 departments, 100 sections and more than 2 million solutions and services for both business and consumers including music, games, ringtones, wallpapers, education, sports, personal productivity, and business solutions. Online payment is facilitated by global payment partners like Bango™, eNETS™, and PayPal™, so customers can rest assured their transactions will be managed with the highest level of security and trust.

EC-Asia International Limited is an Australian listed company focusing on developing, manufacturing and distributing of DRAMs and Flash Memories, as well as the distribution of renowned brands of IT&T hardware, software and peripherals. [+]

Global Voice Announces Half Year Results For The Period Ending 30 June 2006

Global Voice Group Limited announced total revenues and other income of €14.8 million, net operating profit of €4.4 million, and EBITDA profitability of €8.3 million for the six months ending 30 June 2006.

Fully diluted earnings-per-share for the six-month period to 30 June 2006 were €0.18, as opposed to a loss per share of €0.20 for the equivalent period in 2005. GVG continued to achieve good operating cash flow with €1.7 million net cash from operating activities.

Global Voice Group is the parent company of euNetworks, owner of one of Europe's highest-capacity all fiber network that uniquely combines long-haul with Europe's largest last-mile footprint and cost in excess of €2 billion to construct. [+]

Oculus Registered Fourth Consecutive Quarterly Profit, 35.1 % Year-On-Year Quarterly Revenue Growth, 73.4% Year- On- Year Quarterly Gross Profit Growth, 46.4% Gross Margin In 2nd Quarter '06, Positive Outlook For Balance Of 2006

Oculus Limited reported a net profit of S$ 0.213 million for the second quarter ending 30 June 2006 compared to a net loss of S$ 0.064 million for the corresponding quarter in 2005. This is the fourth consecutive quarterly profit that Oculus registered since the Group returned to profitability. Oculus turned around with a net profit of S$ 0.258 million for the first half of 2006 compared with a net loss of S$ 0.226 million in the first half of 2005.

Gross profit in Q2 2006 improved by 73.4% compared to the same quarter last year. Compared against first half of 2005, gross profit grew 57% to S$ 3.281 million in the first half of 2006. Oculus registered revenue of S$ 3.733 million for Q2 2006, an increase of 35.1 % over the corresponding quarter in 2005. For first half of 2006, revenue grew to S$ 7.15 million, a 38.9% increase over revenue in first half of 2005.

Oculus Limited is focused on the innovation, manufacture and marketing of color lenses principally under the FreshKon® brand. [+]

Wearnes Sees Continued Improvement From Streamlining For Q3 FY 2006

WBL Corporation Limited achieved revenue of close to $500 million in the third quarter of its Financial Year 2006, up over 8% from the same period in FY2005. Pre-tax profit however fell from $32.5 million in Q3 FY05 to over $23 million this year. Net attributable profit was lower when compared to last year, from nearly $14 million to $9 million in Q3FY06.

WBL Corporation Ltd is a dynamic international group with key activities in Technology Manufacturing, Automotive Distribution and Technology Solutions. [+]

Union Steel Holdings Limited Reports 20.6% Increase In Revenue To S$136 Million For FY 2006

Union Steel Holdings Limited reported a 20.6% increase in revenue to S$136 million for the full year ended June 30th, 2006.

The higher revenue was mainly due to the rise in ferrous and non-ferrous metal prices and the strong demand for steel products. This situation was reflected in the second half of FY06 when revenue rose 61.54% to S$84 million when compared to the first half of FY06.

Net profit of S$6.3 million was 34% lower when compared to that of FY05. This was due to greater competition in the collection of scrap, resulting in higher purchase price for scrap metals. The company achieved a robust return on equity of 15.3% in FY06.

Union Steel is an integrated metal recycling company and one of the largest metal recyclers in Singapore in terms of volume of metals recycled. [+]

MegaChem Records Interim Revenue Of S$28.4 Million

Megachem Limited reported a net profit of S$0.7 million for the six months ended 30 June 2006 on the back of a Group revenue of S$28.4 million.

Group's revenue was lower by 5.6% at S$28.4 million in 1H FY2006 due to lower contribution from its Singapore operations, as well as the absence of one-off sales of S$0.4 million recorded in 2005. Its manufacturing activities continued to grow, recording a 60.3% increase in revenue to S$0.7 million in 1H FY2006.

The Group's UK operations grew by 16.2% to S$4.9 million in 1H FY2006 as a result of its continued initiatives to introduce more products into the European markets. In addition, it has also made further inroads into the Latin American markets. Sales to its other markets of Malaysia, Indonesia and China remained relatively stable and together contributed 40.6% to Group revenue.

MegaChem is a one-stop specialty chemical solutions provider. [+]

UFS Posts Strong Performance In 1H 2006

•  Group delivered strong revenue and net profit growth in 1H 2006.

•  Revenue grew by US$35 million from US$16.3 million in 1H 2005 to US$51.3M in 1H 2006.

•  Gross Profit was at US$7.2 million in 1H 2006. This was an increase of US$6.3 million over same period last year.

•  Profit after Tax up 282% from US$0.2 million in 1H 2005 to US$0.8 million in 1H 2006.

United Fiber System operates two business divisions, namely forestry, pulp and wood chip production in South Kalimantan, Indonesia, and construction and property development in Singapore. [+]

Darco Water's 1H06 Net Profit Up 21% To S$2.6M From 1H05

Darco Water Technologies Limited increased its net profit for the six months ended 30th June 2006 by 21% to S$2.6 million, on the back of a 38% rise in revenue to S$30.9 million.

Revenue growth was mainly from Engineered Environmental Systems, whose revenue rose 64.3% to S$28 million in 1H06. Within EE Systems, the star performer was the municipal sector. Revenue from this sector soared 153% to S$16.5 million, due largely to the two new projects secured by the Group in the Taiwanese cities of Ker Ya and Chu Bei. As a result, the municipal sector accounted for 53.6% of total Group revenue in 1H06, compared to 29.3% a year ago.

Darco is a provider of integrated engineering and knowledge-based water treatment and environmental engineering solutions. [+]

CNA's 1H2006 Net Profit More Than Doubles On Strong Revenue Growth

•  Half-year net profit soared 163.7% year-on-year; already exceeded full-year net profit for FY 2005.

•  Revenue jumped 173.7% to S$36.5 million mainly led by growth in the Group's new markets of China, Myanmar and the Middle East; underscores success of regional strategy.

•  Recently acquired Herocan made maiden contributions to both 1H 2006 revenue and net profit.

•  2H 2006 performance expected to better that of 1H 2006; FY 2006 results expected to exceed that of FY 2005.

CNA Group Ltd. is an award-winning specialist in the provision, design, implementation and maintenance of advanced integrated control and automation systems and IT solutions that enable intelligent buildings and facilities. [+]


CEO's Walk The Talk

"..Demand in the dairy industry in China exceeds supply and is boosted by the rising consumption demand of dairy products. In this regard, we are very excited about moving downstream to include raw milk processing in our business model..."
Mr Liu Hailong
CEO and Executive Director
China Milk Products Group Limited.

Highlighted Company

We are one of the world's major manufacturers and suppliers of cocoa ingredients, namely cocoa powder, cocoa butter and cocoa liquor. We also manufacture and/or distribute branded consumer products, primarily chocolate confectionery for which we are the market leader in Indonesia.

We produce cocoa ingredients in six countries and supply our products to customers in over 30 countries world-wide with strong emphasis on food safety as well. These customers include leading international food and beverage companies such as Nestlé, Cadbury and the Mars Group. Our ability to deliver high quality products, which consistently meet tight customer specifications, is a key factor in our success.

We are headquartered in Singapore and our principal operations are in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Brazil and Mexico. We have six cocoa processing facilities located in Bandung (Indonesia), Bulacan (the Philippines), Chachoengsao province (Thailand), Bahia (Brazil), Mexico City (Mexico) and Johor (Malaysia). We also have two chocolate confectionery production facilities in Bandung (Indonesia) and Klang (Malaysia).


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