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SembMarine: Subsidiary PPL Shipyard Won US$175 Million With
Aban Singapore
Keppel: Sing-marine Clinched 3 New Contracts Worth $120 Million
Keppel: Secured $90 Million Conversion Contract Fom Golar LNG
CapitaLand: Invest US$35 Million In New Shenzhen Unit
LMA: Won A 3-Year Contract Worth US$10 Million From US

Hin Leong: Local Oil Trader Hin Leong To Build $750m Oil Tank
Farm On Jurong Island
Rotary: Wins $535 Million Deal From Hin Leong
SPC: Increased Production From Oyong Field Indonesia
Creative: Zen Vision:M Wins “Best In Show” At The Consumer
Electronics Show 2006
Fung Choi: Buys China-Based Flying Media Group For HK$480
HOT Off The Press

Technics Oil & Gas Limited Secures S$15 Million Gas Compressor Contracts In December 2005 From Chevron And Shell

The order from Chevron is worth S$14 million and consists of 5 packages of booster and gas lift compressors. The gas compressor packages will be delivered in July 2006 and are destined for high pressure gas lift operations in the Thailand offshore gas fields. Chevron Corporation is based in United States and is the parent company of Chevron, Texaco and Caltex. Its merger with Unocal in 2005 has strengthened its position as one of the largest Oil & Gas company in the world.

The order from Shell (Malaysia) is for one unit of low-pressure gas compressor package worth more than S$1 million with a delivery of May 2006. The gas compressor package is meant for use in Shell’s offshore gas field F-23 Rejuvenation Project in Sarawak and is the 3rd order received todate with possibility of another repeat order for use in the F-6 Rejuvenation Project. Shell is a leading global energy company and has more than 100 years history in Malaysia, operating as a Production Sharing Contractor to Malaysia’s national petroleum company (Petronas).

Technics Oil & Gas Limited is a local public-listed company. It provides a comprehensive range of process equipment, including gas compression packages, and support services to the Oil & Gas industry in Asia Pacific. [+]

Aztech Introduces Latest Product @ 2006 CES

Aztech Systems Ltd will be exhibiting its latest product lines at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show. The International CES, the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow, to be held on 5 to 8 January 2006 at Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Aztech welcomes visitors to its two booths, namely Booth #71231 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, the newest CES venue as well as at Booth #51035 at Las Vegas Hilton.

Aztech Systems Ltd is a multi-national company providing OEM/ODM design and manufacturing services as well as contract manufacturing service. [+]

China Paper To Enhance Production Output

China Paper Holdings Limited embarked on an upgrading of its production control and management system with the assistance of the Shandong Paper Manufacturing Research Institute.

When completed, this upgrading project will enable the Group to increase its total paper production capacity of its older manufacturing lines by an additional 20,000 tonnes per year or 12.5%.

China Paper will spend RMB 2.5 million for an advanced computerized production control and management system that will enhance the coordination and production capabilities of its paper production lines above 2 years old.

China Paper’s core business is in the manufacture and distribution of mixed-pulp based paper products. [+]

KS Energy Provision Of Offshore Workover Pulling Unit To Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd For US$30.7 Million Over 5 Years

KS Energy Services Limited has established a joint venture with BR Energy Sdn Bhd to provide a workover pulling unit to Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd to support Petronas’ offshore operations. The charter income of up to approximately US$30.7 million covers a period of 5 years, comprising an initial tenure of 2 years and 3 renewable one-year terms.

The workover rig will be deployed to provide workover services for offshore operations in Malaysia. KS Energy’s US$0.5 million investment in the JV Company will be funded by internal resources.

KS Energy will procure a workover rig for the JV Company and the delivery of the unit is expected by mid-2006. At the end of the Contract term, the JV Company will be able to re-deploy the workover rig for other operations.

This Project reinforces KS Energy’s leading position as an integrated provider of capital equipment, parts and services to the buoyant global oil & gas industry.

KS Energy is an energy services group catering to the oil & gas and petrochemical industries around the world. [+]

Biosensors International To Participate In The 24th Annual JPMorgan Healthcare Conference

Biosensors International Group, Ltd. will be participating in the 24th Annual JPMorgan Healthcare Conference, which is being held from 9 – 12 January 2006 in San Francisco.

Mr. Yoh-Chie Lu, Biosensors’ CEO & Chairman will make a 30-minute presentation on Wednesday, 11 January at approximately 11:30 a.m. U.S. Pacific Time (12 January, 3:30 a.m. Singapore time).

Biosensors develops, manufactures and markets innovative medical devices used in interventional cardiology and critical care procedures. [+]

US Fund Wasatch Increases Stake In Advanced Holdings Ltd.

US-based fund Wasatch Advisors, Inc. has acquired an additional 1,080,800 shares in Advanced at S$0.859 per share. This brings Wasatch’s total stake in Advanced to 6.09%.

Over a period of about a month, Wasatch has steadily increased its shareholding in Advanced. On 2 December 2005, Wasatch acquired 4.0 million placement shares at S$0.76 per share. More recently on 13 December 2005, Wasatch crossed the 5% mark to become a substantial shareholder of Advanced with the acquisition of a further 170,000 shares at S$0.75 per share.

Advanced is an ISO9001:2000 certified specialist company which designs and supplies process equipment and process technologies to cater to the different needs of its customers in the chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, power generation and micro-electronics industries. [+]

Eu Yan Sang Beefs Up Management Team For New Phase Of Growth

Eu Yan Sang has made three new strategic hires and three internal promotions.

The three new hires are Ms Dawn Lee, General Manager for Product Development and Marketing, Ms Caryn Peh, General Manager, Clinic Division and Mr Thomas Yasuda, Head of Special Projects.

Internally, the company has promoted Mr Leslie Mah from Chief Financial Officer to Executive Director, Mr Tan Kang Fun from Financial Controller to Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary and Ms Joanna Wong from Senior Brand and Marketing Communications Manager to Head of Branding and Communications.

Eu Yan Sang International Limited is a progressive, global healthcare company with its core focus in Traditional Chinese Medicine. [+]

Trek Strengthens Business Relationship With Toshiba

Trek expects to secure approximately 50% to 60% of its requirement for multi-level cell NAND flash memory from Toshiba over the next five years and supply Toshiba specified minimum quantities of semi-finished USB devices. Trek and Toshiba will also cross license each other’s patents for controller technology.

Toshiba will reinforce its relationship with Trek by raising its current 5.3% equity stake in Trek to 10.3% through a purchase of ordinary shares currently held by Mr. Henn Tan, Chairman and CEO of Trek. Also, Toshiba has the option of increasing its equity stake up to 19.5% enforceable within one year.

Trek is the industry leader, innovator and patent owner of the ThumbDrive® USB memory based on NAND flash memory. [+]

Auric Pacific Acquisition Of Shareholding Interest In Food Junction Holdings Limited

Auric Pacific has acquired 35,961,210 ordinary shares of S$0.08 each in the capital of Food Junction Holdings Limited representing approximately 29.8965% of the issued share capital of Food Junction. The Acquisition was effected via a married deal.

The aggregate consideration for the acquisition is S$24,813,234.90 at S$0.69 per share. The acquisition together with all expenses incurred amounts in aggregate to S$25,075,937.92.

Auric Pacific Group is in the business of distribution, manufacturing and investments with operations in Singapore, Malaysia and China. [+]

Midas Is Now Approved Supplier To Changchun Bombardier Railway Vehicles Co. Ltd

Midas Aluminium Alloy Division, Jilin Midas Aluminium Industries Co., Ltd is certified as an approved supplier to Changchun Bombardier Railway Vehicles Co. Ltd.

Bombardier Transportation is the world leader in rail transport manufacturing and CBRC is a joint venture between Bombardier and China’s leading train manufacturer Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd.

Midas is a leading manufacturer of aluminium alloy extrusion products and PE pipes, primarily for the transportation and infrastructure sectors in the PRC. [+]

PEARL Energy – Fourth-Quarter Operational Update

  Field/PSC   Average production net to
  PEARL in Q4 05
  (barrels of oil per day)
Salawati Island
Salawati Basin

PEARL is a Singapore-based oil and gas company engaged in the exploration, development and production of oil and gas exclusively in Southeast Asia. [+]

Semitech Appointed An Authorized Motorola Service Provider

Wholly-owned subsidiary, Semitech Mobility Solutions Pte Ltd, has been appointed an authorized service provider for Motorola products in Singapore such as cellular telephone and accessories.

Semitech Mobility Solutions signed a service agreement on 23 Dec 2005 with Motorola Electronics Pte Ltd, through its Mobile Devices Business.

According to the terms of the agreement, Semitech will set up a service centre located at Plaza Singapura to provide warranty repair service for selected products as determined by Motorola. The service centre which is exclusive to Motorola products is expected to be operational from 1 January 2006.

Semitech is currently an authorized service provider for a number of mobile communication brands including Samsung, Siemens, BenQ, LGE, NEC, O2, 3Com and HP iPAQ. [+]

Pacific Andes Change In Dividend Policy

Pacific Andes wish to adopt the policy of distributing a total annual dividend of not less than one-third of the Company's net profits attributable to shareholders, with the dividend payment to be made twice a year. This varies from the current dividend policy which provide for dividend to be distributed only once a year.

The intention to increase the frequency of dividend payment is so that shareholders will be able to enjoy more regularly any surplus cash that the Group may have.

The company aims to adopt the new dividend policy with effect from FY2007.

Pacific Andes (Holdings) Limited, headquartered in Asia, is primarily involved in global sourcing, the transportation and supply of frozen seafood products to the international market, as well as the provision of the shipping and agency services to suppliers’ fishing fleets. [+]

A-REIT Completes Purchase Of Thales Building For S$5.78 Million

Located at 21 Changi North Rise, Thales Building is a three-storey light industrial building with a gross floor area of 6,248 sqm on a land area of 10,159 sqm.

Thales Avionics Asia Pte Ltd will lease the entire property for 10 years. Thales Avionics is one of the world’s largest professional electronics groups, serving the defence, aerospace and security markets.

A-REIT is the first business space and light industrial real estate investment trust listed on the SGX-ST. [+]

ECS Expands Geographical Coverage With S$4m Philippine Acquisition

ECS Holdings Limited will buy 50% less one share of the entire share capital of MSI-Digiland Philippines for S$3.7 million.

MSI, one of the Top 2 ICT distributors in the Philippines, is known for its innovative and reliable computing solutions. Since its inception in 1998, it has expanded rapidly to offer an extensive array of solutions, including systems, peripherals, network, communications, multimedia, printing, and digital imaging. It is the top distributor in the Philippines for leading brands such as HP, IBM, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, NEC and Oracle.

The acquisition is expected to strengthen ECS’ position as a leading Asian ICT distributor by expanding its already extensive network of 14,500 channel partners with 29 offices in five countries - China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore - into the Philippines. For the fiscal year ended 30 June 2005, MSI reported revenue of about S$85 million. Post-acquisition, MSI will be renamed MSI-ECS Phils., Inc.

ECS Holdings Ltd, founded in 1985, is one of the top three information & communications technology (“ICT”) product and services providers in the Asia Pacific. [+]

CAO Creditors' Share Invitation - Tranche B Creditors

The Creditors' Share Invitation closed on 28 December 2005. 10 Tranche B Creditors subscribed for Shares of which an aggregate subscription consideration of approximately US$62 million is payable. In view that 72,282,059 Creditors' Invitation Shares are available for subscription for an aggregate subscription consideration of approximately US$22 million under the Creditors' Share Invitation, the Creditors' Share Invitation has been oversubscribed.

Subject to Shareholders' approval and the Restructuring Plan being implemented in its entirety, the Company will issue and allot 72,282,000 Creditors' Invitation Shares on the Completion Date to the Tranche B Creditors who have been allocated the Creditors' Invitation Shares.

China Aviation Oil (S) Corp Ltd is a Singapore-headquartered, multinational investment and oil infrastructure company. [+]

ASL Marine Secures Additional Shipbuilding Contracts Worth S$27.7 Million

Wholly-owned subsidiary, ASL Shipyard Pte Ltd has secured S$27.7 million worth of shipbuilding contracts over the past three weeks.

These contracts are for the construction of three new vessels, comprising one offshore maintenance, support and accommodation vessel as well as two self-propelled split hopper barges, to be delivered to customers in Australia and Malaysia. All three vessels are expected to be completed by 30 June 2007.

ASL Marine is principally engaged in shipbuilding, shiprepair & ship chartering and other marine related services, catering to customers from Asia Pacific, South Asia, the Middle East and Europe. [+]

MFS Technology Award Of Development And Expansion Incentive From The Economic Development Board

Subsidiary, MFS Singapore Pte Ltd has been granted a 5-year Development and Expansion Incentive from the Economic Development Board. The DEI is a concessionary tax rate on qualifying income above a certain tax base and has retrospective application from 1 April 2004. The timely award will allow MFS group to commit more research and development efforts to advance its manufacturing processes and develop new technologies.

The Group's tax rate fell from 20.5% in FY2004 to 16.6% in FY2005. The combination of impact from the DEI and the increase in utilisation of the FPC facility in China, which has the tax free status, would reduce the tax rate of the Group further in FY2006.

MFS is a one-stop provider of flexible printed circuits interconnect solutions, covering the design, manufacture and distribution of a wide spectrum of FPCs. [+]

SGX-Listed MultiVision Invests HK$54.7 Million To Tap Into China Sports Lottery's Multi-Billion Market Potential

MultiVision said it is buying 100% of Global Score (Asia) Limited, which in turn owns about 45% of Beijing Telenet Information Technology Limited , a distributor of lottery POS equipment based in Beijing.

BTI is one of the dominant suppliers of POS systems for sports lottery operations in China and has been supplying equipment to the tightly-regulated lottery industry since 1998. To date, BTI and its group have installed a total of over 25,000 POS systems in 19 provinces, serving 45% of the total sports lottery market in China.

MultiVision was established in 1986 and is a technology-based company principally engaged in the provision of security-related services, such as video surveillance services, and the manufacture of other security and private network devices, such as smart ID card devices and lottery point-of-sale terminals. [+]

Econ Healthcare Acquisition Of 20% Stake In Boxuan Medical Equipment Pte Ltd

Econ Healthcare has entered into an agreement to acquire a 20% stake comprising of 1,140,000 ordinary shares of S$1.00 each in Boxuan Medical Equipment Pte Ltd. The total purchase consideration is USD 717,000 in cash.

BME owns the entire equity stake in Zhuhai Boxuan Medical Equipment Co. Ltd, a China-based company which specializes in the manufacturing of hospital equipment such as hospital beds, cabinets, tablets and other hospital special care products. ZBME currently supplies to more than 360 hospitals in China besides its export to Europe, United States, Australia and Middle East. It is also the nursing beds contract manufacturer for ECON Healthcare Group.

Econ Healthcare Group has over the years set up 5 nursing homes and 2 Medicare Centres in Singapore. [+]

UTAC Attains Prestigious TS 16949 Certification For Automotive Sector

United Test and Assembly Center Ltd has received the prestigious ISO/TS 16949:2002 certification which qualifies its chip production processes in Singapore for the automotive sector.

The certification will enable UTAC to pursue new assembly business opportunities with automotive-related semiconductor companies, and at the same time certifies its stringent production processes for other highly demanding industries, such as the telecommunications chip industry.

UTAC is a leading independent provider of semiconductor assembly and testing services to its customers, which comprise integrated device manufacturers, fabless companies and wafer foundries. [+]

CEO's Walk The Talk

"..As a 126 year old company Eu Yan Sang has had to change and modernise with the times to ensure that it consistently delivers value to its shareholders. We have put in place professionals who have the relevant experience and skills to realise Eu Yan Sang’s vision to be a truly international organization..."
Mr Richard Eu
Group Chief Executive Officer
Eu Yan Sang International Limited

Highlighted Company

DMX Technologies is a new breed of system architect in Asia in business of providing a wide range of broadband network infrastructure, digital video, and advanced mobile solutions to service providers and corporate customers. Our forte lies in the expansion of telecommunication service providers’ legacy infrastructure to broadband architecture; digitization of cable television network’s to support new digital experience; and secure corporate enterprises’ networks in support of their business expansion using the digital platform.

These services are provided under three products and service segments as follows: -

  • Digital Infrastructure Solution
    Digital Infrastructure Solution consists of our solutions for the broadband network infrastructure of a Telco or an Enterprise.

  • Digital Fixed Media Solution
    Digital Fixed Media Solution consists of our solutions for the provision of digital video services for CATV operators, Telcos and Satellite companies.

  • Digital Mobile Media Solution
    Digital Mobile Media Solution consists of our solutions for the provision of digital video and other multimedia services of Mobile operators and Mobile content providers.

While we have forged partnerships with a host of leading technology suppliers, we interweave our developments with partners’ best-of-breed software and hardware into a package that addresses the unique needs of customers. Our solid experience in network infrastructure, multimedia applications and serving enterprise customers enable us to fully utilize customers’ system capabilities and therefore maximizing their return of investment.

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09 Nov 2005 Presentation By DMX Technologies Group Limited In Relation To Its Third Quarter Results For The Period Ended 30 September 2005
09 Nov 2005 News Release - 3Q05 Results
09 Nov 2005 Third Quarter Financial Statement And Dividend Announcement
09 Nov 2005 News Release - CATV
09 Nov 2005 News Release - China Telecom

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