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Genting: Preliminary Prospectus Lodged With MAS
Q1 Profit Up 45% To $3.53 Million
Keppel: Unit Wins Tender To Build 5th Incineration Plant
K1 Venture: Q1 Profit Up 79% To $6.6 Million
Keppel: Singmarine Clinched $230 Million Order From US

SGX: To Sign MOU With Zhejiang Provincial Govt
Datacraft: Post Profit of US$3.6 Million In Q4
Stratech: US Amaranth Invest US$4.4 Million As Shareholder
Creative: Introduces High Capacity Zen Neeon Series
Chartered: To Produce 65-nm Mobile Phone Logic Chip For Infineon
Unit Wins UK Trade & Investment 2005 International
Business Award
HOT Off The Press

Willas-Array Achieves 1H06 Net Profit Of HK$5.7m Amidst Challenging Environment

The earnings was achieved on the back of a 1% increase in revenue to HK$1.1 billion. Based on the latest results, gross profit margin increased slightly to 9.71% for 1H 2006, from 9.61% in the year-ago period. In the last two months of 1H 2006, the Group experienced an increased demand for its electronic components from the export markets to Europe and US. This has mitigated the margin squeeze created by the Group’s deliberate pricing strategy and lifted the overall gross margins for the period under review.

Based on the existing share capital of 308,550,000 ordinary shares, earnings per share for the period under review was 1.87 HK cents, while net asset value per share as of 30 September 2005 was 101.02 HK cents.

Willas-Array is principally engaged in the distribution of active and passive components for use in the audio/video, telecommunications, industrial, consumer and computer segments. [+]

ChinaCast Records Net Profit Of RMB10.6 Million In 3QFY2005

The sum of the proforma revenue of the Group and that of ChinaCast Co., Ltd and ChinaCast Li Xiang Co., Ltd, amounted to RMB38.5 million in 3QFY2005, representing an increase of 7.8% compared to the previous corresponding period. This revenue growth was mainly driven by the increase in revenue from the University Distance Learning Solutions business and the Enterprise Networking Products and Services segments.

Revenue from the University Distance Learning Solutions segment, which increased 29.9% to RMB17.8 million from RMB13.7 million, was largely attributed to an increase in student enrolment and equipment sales of RMB2 million. Total student enrolment for distance university education climbed 18.2% from approximately 82,000 as at the end of 3QFY2004 to approximately 97,000 as at the end of 3QFY2005.

Revenue from the Enterprise Networking Products and Services segment also grew significantly from RMB304,000 in 3QFY2004 to RMB4.1 million in 3QFY2005, due to an increase in equipment sales, which included a sales of RMB1.8 million to the Hunan postal network project.

For the nine months ended September 30, 2005, net profit for 9MFY2005 rose 13.5% to RMB32.9 million up from the RMB29.0 million recorded in the previous corresponding period. This was achieved on the back of a 4.7% increase in revenue to RMB109.3 million in 9MFY2005.

ChinaCast provides satellite-based broadband IT and telecom solutions to educational institutions, government agencies, Fortune 500 enterprises and multinational companies throughout the PRC and is today PRC’s leading satellite distance learning services group. [+]

Boustead Group Net Profit Up 116% To S$15.9 Million

In 1H FY2006, the Group experienced broad-based growth in its core engineering services and geo-spatial technology. Continuing efforts in building its two core businesses enabled group revenue to rise 46% to S$157.6 million.

Engineering services recorded a strong 58% rise in revenue to S$125.1 million in the first six months of FY2006. Boosted by strong demand, energy-related engineering and industrial real estate solutions were the main contributors to the higher revenue.

Revenue from water & wastewater engineering was affected by the winding down of the UK operations during the period and performed below its potential.

Buoyant demand for the Group’s geographic information systems in Australia and South East Asia contributed to a 12% growth in revenue to S$30.3 million for geo-spatial technology.

The higher level of business activity, the sale of two leasehold industrial properties and the effective management of expenses boosted group net profit by 116% to a record high of S$15.9 million. The Board of Directors has proposed an interim gross dividend of 1.0 cent per ordinary share.

Boustead Singapore Limited is a progressive global Engineering Services and Geo-Spatial Technology Group listed on the Singapore Exchange. [+]

Olam Reports Strong Q1 FY2006 Performance With 75% Rise In Net Profits To S$6.5 Million

Revenue for the Group grew by 43.5% to S$713.7 million in Q1 FY2006 on the back of a 33.6% increase in total sales volume to 556,795 metric tons for the same period. Strong volume growth, coupled with rise in sales prices in various products across the Group’s four business segments, contributed positively to the Group’s revenue increase.

Correspondingly, Gross Contribution rose 60.3% to S$55.8 million in Q1 FY2006 compared to S$34.8 million in Q1 FY2005. Net Contribution grew by 37.7% to S$37.6 million.

Olam is a leading global integrated supply chain manager of agricultural products and food ingredients, sourcing 14 products directly from more than 40 origin countries and supplying them to over 3,300 customers in more than 50 destination markets. [+]

Eu Yan Sang's 1Q FY2006 Net Profit Surges 63% To S$3.4 Million Despite Seasonally Quiet 1st Quarter

In tandem with the revenue growth, gross profit for 1Q FY2006 went up by 10% to S$20.7 million. The Group’s 1Q FY2006 gross margin of 50.9% is an improvement over its FY2005 gross margin of 49.3%. This is due to a higher proportion of the Group’s branded Chinese Proprietary Medicines and Health Foods being sold, as well as higher revenue contribution from the Clinics segment.

The Group’s effective management of operating expenses is evident from the 18% rise in operating profit to S$4.4 million.

With the Group’s goodwill fully provided for in prior periods and a better foreign exchange position compared to 1Q FY2005, profit before tax surged by 49% to S$4.5 million.

The Group’s 1Q FY2006 income tax rate of 24% is lower than 1Q FY2005’s 31% as losses of certain foreign subsidiaries in 1Q FY2006 is lower compared to 1Q FY2005. The Group also registered better performance in regions with lower income tax rates. As such, profit after taxation for 1Q FY2006 climbed 63% to S$3.4 million.

The Group’s operations continued to generate strong cash flows, with net operating cash flow of S$2.3 million for 1Q FY2006.

Eu Yan Sang International Ltd is a global healthcare group with core focus in Traditional Chinese Medicine. [+]

Ezra Secures S$98M In Charter Contracts

Ezra’s heavy lift accommodation crane barge, the Lewek Conqueror, and an anchor handling tug have secured a 3-year extension of the charter by SKS Wood Sdn Bhd. This contract is potentially worth up to US$47 million and the charter will commence shortly after the middle of this month and will continue until the end of December 2008.

Meanwhile, five other vessels comprising three anchor handling, towing and supply vessels, one AHT and a fast crew utility boat have secured charter contracts of between 3 months to 3 years. These contracts, to established groups like Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd and Thailand’s PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Ltd, are worth at least US$10.7 million.

Ezra Holdings is an Offshore Support and Marine Services provider supporting the offshore oil and gas industry, mainly in South East Asia. [+]

UTAC Selected As A Finalist For The Red Herring Small Cap 100 Awards

The editors of Red Herring magazine evaluated over 2,500 technology companies from North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific for the award. The Small Cap 100 winners will be announced at the Red Herring Fall 2005 conference, held from 13 to 15 December 2005 in San Francisco, USA, to celebrate what the magazine lists as the world’s most exciting small-cap technology companies.

The Red Herring Small Cap 100 finalists were selected for their innovative technology and smart business models that can take them to the next level of the competition. The full list can be viewed at http://herringevents.com.

UTAC is a leading independent provider of semiconductor assembly and testing services to its customers, which comprise integrated device manufacturers ("IDMs"), fabless companies and wafer foundries. [+]

Sinomem Forms Joint Venture To Build Up A State-Of-Art Membrane-Based Nutriceutical Production Base In China

The purpose of the JV is to build a membrane -based nutriceutical production base to support Sinomem's fast-growing downstream business, which is based on Sinomem’s membrane industry value chain strategy, in the next 5-10 years. The base is located in Ji’an Hi-Tech Development Zone, Jiangxi, China.

In the membrane-based nutriceutical production base, Sinomem’s subsidiary, Jiangxi New Ruifeng Biochemical Co Ltd, will set up a new state-of-art gibberellins production line with a designed capacity of 160 tonne per year, which is twice as large as the existing capacity in our NRB plant located in Xingan, Jiangxi, China. The new project is expected to start operation by the end of 2006.

Sinomem Technology Limited provides integrated process and engineering solutions for separation, purification and cleaner production purposes for their customers in diverse industries through the use of its proprietary advanced membrane technology. [+]

Xenel And Noble Group Expand Into The Polypropylene Market Building For The Future

Saudi based industrial leader Xenel and supply chain manager Noble Group are expanding into the plastics business by teaming up their expertise and are building one of the most technologically sophisticated and competitive Polypropylene plants in the World.

The polypropylene complex, starting with propane as a raw material, will be located in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia, will have a production capacity of 400,000 mt per year and will start commercial production in December 2007.

Noble Group Limited is a market leader in managing the global supply chain of agricultural, industrial and energy products. [+]

OSIM Placement Of 25 Million Vendor Shares To Global Institutional Investors

Founder and CEO, Mr. Ron Sim, has placed 25 million OSIM shares to global institutional investors. J.P. Morgan Securities Ltd. helped arrange the placement.

Resulting from this placement, Mr. Sim’s shareholding in OSIM will be reduced to 235,349,998 shares, representing about 52.45% of the issued share capital of the Company. Mr. Sim remains the single largest shareholder of OSIM.

The placement will improve the liquidity of OSIM stock as well as further widen the Company’s investor base. The closing price on 17 November 2005 was S$1.64 per share. The placement was transacted at a discount of 4.9% at S$1.56 per share.

OSIM is a global leader in branded healthy lifestyle products. [+]

Aztech Introduces IP-Based VDSL/VDSL2 100 Mbps Ethernet Bridge Modem

Aztech VDSL300E IP-based VDSL/VDSL2 100Mbps Ethernet Bridge Modem seamlessly extends high-speed Internet connection, or the existing Ethernet network, to any room in the building or house with a telephone jack. It provides aggregated data rates up to 100Mbps speed access at distance up to 1.26 km by sharing the existing phone line with Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) while maintaining backward compatibility with ADSL2/ ADSL2+, thereby eliminating the need for new capital investment.

Aztech VDSL300E IP-based VDSL/VDSL2 100Mbps Ethernet Bridge Modem uses Conexant Accelity Packet CPE that fully complies with ITU-T G.993.2 (VDSL2), G.993.1 (VDSL), ANSI T1-424, ETSI TS 101 270, and China MII VDSL standards. It also supports standard 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet interface cards.

Aztech Systems Ltd is a multi-national company providing OEM/ODM design and manufacturing services as well as contract manufacturing service. [+]

Magnecomp Q3'05 Net Profit Rises 70.0% To S$8.5 Million From Q2'05 On Record Turnover

Revenue increased 81.6% on record shipments of Hard Disk Drive suspension assembly units, together with enhanced production from MSF’s expanded plants.

Turnover rose to S$177.4 million from S$97.7 million a year ago reflecting strong performances from its two core businesses namely, Magnecomp Precision Technology Public Company Limited and Mansfield Manufacturing Company Limited.

The Group reported basic earnings per share for Q3’05 of 3.61 cents compared to 2.91 cents in Q3’04. Net asset value per share increased to 80.4 cents at the end of September 2005 from 65.9 cents at the end of December 2004.

Group’s net profit for YTD05 was S$31.8 million, an increase of 150.4% from S$12.7 million in YTD04, and exceeded the full year net profit of S$20.0 million achieved in FY04 by 59.0%. This includes a one-time profit gain of S$13.3 million resulting from the merger of the Group’s former Data Storage Components Division with KRP to form MPT in January 2005.

Magnecomp manufactures Hard Disk Drive suspension assemblies under Magnecomp Precision Technology Public Company Limited for major hard disk drive manufacturers and performs precision stamping, commercial tooling and die, and assembly in Mansfield Manufacturing Company Limited for a variety of customers worldwide. [+]

AsiaPharm's Subsidiary Signed MOU With Global Harvest Pharmaceutical To Manufacture And Export Injection Drugs To US & Other Countries

Shandong Luye will be appointed by Global Harvest as a qualified manufacturer for certain markets to exclusively manufacture pharmaceutical products in accordance with Global Harvest’s proprietary pharmaceutical products and technical specifications and in compliance with international regulatory standards in Australia, Europe or the United States, as agreed by both parties. for export from the PRC for a period of 7 to 10 years.

Under the MOU, Global Harvest will supply the Core Package, the active pharmaceutical ingredients and other materials and product specifications to Shandong Luye for the manufacture of the products.

In addition, Global Harvest will also assist Shandong Luye to apply for and achieve manufacturing plant certification and compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice under the United States Food and Drug Administration, the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration or the European Union.

AsiaPharm Group Ltd is a leading specialty pharmaceutical group in the PRC, which focuses on the research, development, production and sale of natural drugs and chemical drugs. [+]

Ocean Sky Third Quarter Net Profit Jumps 970% To S$2.6 Million

The Group’s operating profit surged 472.7% to S$3.8 million, mainly due to the improvement in topline for 3QFY2005. Profit before tax increased significantly by 970.1% to S$2.9 million from S$268,000 in the same period.

On an overall basis, gross profit margin improved to 15.9% for 3QFY2005 as compared to 14.1% in the previous corresponding period. Gross profit margins for the nine months ended September 30, 2005 versus that of 9MFY2004 also improved to 17.0% from 16.4% as the Group starts to yield the results of various initiatives undertaken in the previous year.

For 9MFY2005, the Group’s net profit more than doubled from S$3.2 million to S$6.8 million.

Cash from operating activities has improved in the 9MFY2005 with a net cash inflow of S$9.2 million as compared with S$8.1 million in the previous corresponding period.

Ocean Sky is a global, one-stop, fully integrated fabric and apparel manufacturer with supply chain management ("SCM") capabilities offering real-time solutions to customers worldwide. [+]

Swissco Orders Its Biggest Offshore Vessel Todate With Option For A Second Vessel

Swissco Offshore Pte Ltd has ordered one unit 48m anchor handling tug from a Chinese Shipyard in Guangzhou, PRC, for a sum of S$6.9 million excluding selected owner’s supply equipment. SOPL has an option from the shipyard to order a second vessel on similar terms.

The 48m vessel, when delivered in first quarter of 2007, will be the biggest in the Group’s fleet in line with the Group’s plan to move up the offshore support vessel value chain. This is consistent with the Group’s Fleet Renewal Policy as well as Fleet Reconfiguration policies.

Under these policies, the Group aims to own and operate a young, modern and diversified fleet and to scale up the offshore support vessels value chain. This will enable the Group to offer to its customers a wide range of vessels to meet their ever-growing and demanding requirements as well as to achieve better yield to boost the Group’s earnings.

This purchase will be funded through a combination of internal funds and bank borrowings.

Swissco International Limited is, today, one of the leading operators of a young fleet of offshore supply vessels providing logistic and support services to the marine and oil and gas industries. [+]

Sembawang Kimtrans Wins S$43.26 Million Contract To Supply & Operate Fleet Of Coal Vessels For Banpu

The first unit and the prototype of the fleet, KIMTRANS SPB 3208, was launched on 25th January 2005 in Singapore, at a ceremony officiated by His Excellency Mochamad Slamet Hidayat, Ambassador to Singapore, Republic of Indonesia.

The contract for KIMTRANS SPB 3208 will be extended by a further 3 plus 2 years, when its existing term expires in August 2006. The remaining 6 units of SPBs will be lanched progressively, with the first 2 units in mid 2006. Each of these SPBs will have a 3 plus 2 years contract term. The total value of the contract for the 7 units of SPBs, over the 3 plus 2 years term, is S$43.26 million (US$25.6 million @ US$1 to S$1.69).

Sembawang Kimtrans has over 24 years of successful operations in providing total logistics solutions to the multi-national corporations in Singapore. [+]

A-REIT Completes Acquisition Of Ness Building

A-REIT has exercised the call option under the put and call option agreement entered into with Freight Links Fabpark Pte Ltd on 1 November 2004.

Ness Building is located at 30 Tampines Industrial Avenue 3 and comprises a two-storey hi-tech building. It is fully leased to Ness Display Singapore Pte. Ltd for 15 years expiring in September 2019. The tenant is wholly-owned by Ness Display Co., Ltd, a Korean company which is one of the world’s leading manufacturing companies in the development of innovative organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology for the future generations of flat panel displays.

A-REIT is the first business space and light industrial real estate investment trust listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited. [+]

China Petrotech Forges Alliance With EOR Research Center Of PetroChina For Overseas Oil Recovery Activities

EOR involves the application of advanced recovery techniques such as chemical flooding and CO2 injection to increase production at mature oil fields.

Under the agreement which takes effect from November 2005, EORRC will provide the technical support and, CPHL will oversee marketing, business support and on-site project supervision.

China Petrotech is a leading provider of technological solutions, specialized equipment and services for the upstream activities of the China oil and gas industry, focusing on the exploration (onshore and offshore), development and production of oil and gas. [+]

Sarin Ships First Quazer Diamond Cutters To Strong Market Demand

The Quazer™ diamond cutter, based on proprietary technology and state of the art green laser technology, introduces several important breakthroughs in the sawing, cutting and shaping of diamonds. Its unique advantages include minimal breakage and weight loss on the cut or sawn stone and the ability to cut damage-prone "tension stones".

The Quazer™ is also able to efficiently and seamlessly integrate with Sarin’s leading rough planning machine DiaExpert™ – which works with the company’s laser marker DiaMark-Z™ – and Advisor™ software – the most advanced and user friendly software in the world for computerized mapping, analysis and laser marking of rough diamonds.

Sarin Technologies is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced planning, evaluation and measurement systems for diamond and gemstone production. [+]

Sinomem Invests In China's Biggest Sorbitol Manufacturer To Expand Its Membrane-Based Downstream Business

Shandong Tianli Biochemical Co Ltd is the biggest sorbitol manufacturer in China with a capacity of 160,000 tonne/year. Sorbitol is a type of sugar alcohol that the body metabolises slowly. It has properties such as good taste and reduced calories and is widely used as an artificial sweetener in diet foods.

Sinomem ventures into this huge polyol product market as part of our membrane-based downstream strategies after careful assessment of the combined advantages of both sides. Under the leadership of Dr Lan and Dr Jake Li (CTO of the company), Sinomem’s research and development team has developed a set of advanced membrane-based manufacturing technologies which cover full range of products in the polyol family, including maltitol, mannitol, xylitol, and so forth.

Pilot testing of these technologies has yielded very good results in terms of manufacturing cost and product quality. Potential customers from the global market are very satisfied with the prototype products. Sinomem and STBC have also signed a separate agreement, under which these newly developed technologies for polyol production will be licensed to STBC and STBC will pay Sinomem licensing/royalty fees varying from 15 to 20% of operating profit based on the product type and know-how in processes involved.

Sinomem Technology Limited provides integrated process and engineering solutions for separation, purification and cleaner production purposes for their customers in diverse industries through the use of its proprietary advanced membrane technology. [+]

Completion Of The Acquisition Of JEL Centre And PSB Science Park Building For A Total Purchase Price Of $46.0 Million

A-REIT has completed the acquisition of PSB Science Park Building for $35.0 million and JEL Centre for $11.0 million today.

The PSB Science Park Building is sited in Singapore Science Park I, at the junction of Ayer Rajah Expressway and South Buona Vista Road. Directly opposite the building is the proposed circle line (Kent Ridge station) under construction now and expected to be completed by 2010.

The property is a fully air-conditioned two-storey building with three-level basement for office, workshops and laboratories use. Upon completion of the transaction, PSB Corporation Pte Ltd will lease back the whole building for 15 years with annual stepped rental increases. The tenant, who uses the premise for product testing and system automation activities, will pay for the maintenance and utilities expenses while A-REIT will be responsible for the property tax and lease management fee. A-REIT will also incur costs relating to the acquisition amounting to $0.5 million.

A-REIT is the first business space and light industrial real estate investment trust listed on the SGX-ST. [+]

CEO’s Walk The Talk

"..As part of the overall growth strategy, the Group has expanded into oil field technical services this year. This partnership with EORRC will strengthen our technical service capability..."
Mr. William Chan
Executive Chairman
China Petrotech Holdings Limited

Highlighted Company

Incorporated in Singapore on 28 April 1998 and listed on the MainBoard of the Singapore Exchange ("SGX") on 25 June 2004, TeleChoice International Limited ("TeleChoice") is a leading regional provider of mobile telecommunications equipment and solutions. TeleChoice is a subsidiary of Singapore Technologies Telemedia Pte Ltd, a leading information-communications company with operations in Asia-Pacific, the Americas and Europe.

Headquartered in Singapore, TeleChoice has operations in the Asia-Pacific region, including Indonesia, Australia and Malaysia and has established a presence in Thailand.

TeleChoice offers a comprehensive suite of equipment and solutions for various segments of the telecommunications industry under three core businesses – Distribution Services, Telecommunications Services and Mobile Network and Engineering Services.

Distribution Services: We distribute mobile handsets and accessories from major principals through our distribution network of over 1,000 retailers, dealers and sub-distributors.

Telecommunications Services: We provide international long-distance call services in Singapore. Mobile Network and Engineering Services: We provide mobile network and engineering services to mobile network equipment vendors, operators, service providers and other enterprises.

Historical Price Data
 Date Open High Low Close
 18 Nov 2005 0.235 0.235 0.230 0.235
 17 Nov 2005 0.235 0.235 0.230 0.235
 16 Nov 2005 0.230 0.235 0.230 0.230
 15 Nov 2005 0.230 0.235 0.230 0.230
 14 Nov 2005 0.230
0.235 0.230 0.230

EPS ($) *
NAV ($) **
Dividend ($) ****
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Dividend Yield (%) ****
Market Cap (M)
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SGD 0.020
Issued & Paid-up Shares ***
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* Based on latest Full Year Results Announcement
** Based on latest Results Announcement (Full Year, Half Year or Interim)
*** Rounded to the nearest thousand. Updated on 31/10/2005. Please click here for more information.
**** Dividend is based on latest Full Year Results Announcement and excludes special dividend

31 Oct 2005 TeleChoice Continues To Grow Its Strong Cash Balances To $45.2 Million In 3Q05
31 Aug 2005 Acquisition Of 40% Stake In Planet Telecoms (S) Pte Ltd
25 Aug 2005 SunPage's Budget Mobilecall (BMC) Service Available At 7-Eleven Stores Islandwide
12 Aug 2005 TeleChoice Achieves Strong Cash Balances Of S$44m And Declares Interim Dividend Of 2 Cents Per Share Net Of Tax For 1H05
14 Jul 2005 TeleChoice Expands Into Mobile Handset Retail With Strategic Stake In Planet Telecoms

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