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SembCorp: 3Q 05 Net Profit Up 16% To $92.71 Million
Great Eastern: 3Q 05 Net Profit Up 40% To $90 Million
Sky China: Plans To Invest In 3 New Oilfields
SingTel: Mobile Subscribers Exceeds 74 Million
Frontline: 1H 06 Net Profit Up 20.1% To $2.53 Million
Beauty China: 3Q 05 Net Profit Up 31.6% To HK$34.3 Million
HPL: 3Q 05 Net Profit Up 12.5% To $9.3 Million
CapitaLand: 3Q 05 Net Profit Up Six-fold To $444 Million

OCBC: 3Q 05 Net Profit Up 11% To $355.1 Million
Natsteel: Paying Out Special Dividends Of $399.7 Million
Haw Par: 3Q 05 Net Profit Up 60% To $32.4 Million
YHS: 3Q 05 Net Profit Up 15.6% To $3.59 Million
Singtel: 2Q 05 Net Profit Up 5.7% To $809 Million
3Q 05 Net Profit Up 111% To $13.6 Million
UOB Kay Hian: 3Q 05 Net Profit Up 81% To $24.8 Million
Frontline: Outsourcing Arm Wins Contract With
Singapore Reinsurance
HOT Off The Press

Jurong Technologies’ 3Q05 Net Profit Jumps 31% To $16.9 Million As Revenue Rises 26% To $476.3 Million

The higher revenue and net profit for the Group resulted from robust growth in the wireless communications sector with increasing demand for existing products and introduction of new products. The Group also registered higher revenue in hard disk drive business compared to 2Q05,with better product mix.

Basic earnings per share for 3Q05 rose 28% to 4.17 cents from 3.26 cents for 3Q04. Net Asset Value backing per share as at 30 September 2005 was 40.86 cents, up 34.0% from 30.38 cents as at 3Q04.

For the nine months ended 30 September 2005, the Group recorded a net profit of $46.8 million, up 48% from $31.6 million for the corresponding period a year ago. Group revenue for YTD05 increased by 57% to $1.32 billion compared to $839.6 million in the corresponding period a year ago.

Jurong Technologies continued to benefit strongly from the growing global demand for handsets as orders for its wireless Printed Circuit Board Assembly and handset box builds increased substantially. With the increasing convergence of wireless technologies, demand for modular products remained strong as new wireless modules began volume production.

Jurong Technologies is a leading electronics contract manufacturer. [+]

SMT Reports Increased Revenue And Earnings For Second Quarter Of FY2006

The Group’s revenue and profit attributable to shareholders for the three months ended 30 September 2005 were HK$673.4 million and HK$36.3 million respectively. Compared with revenue of HK$619.5 million and profit attributable to shareholders of HK$32.8 million for the three months ended 30 September 2004, we achieved growth in revenue of 8.7% and profit attributable to shareholders of 10.6%. Earnings per share rose from 12.58 HK cents to 13.76 HK cents. Net assets per share rose from HK$2.16 as at 31 March 2005 to HK$2.34 as at 30 September 2005.

During the quarter under review, the group purchased 10 additional SMT lines, bringing the total to 115 lines as at 30 September 2005. All our factories have been running at full capacity.

The Directors are pleased to declare an interim dividend for FY2006 of 3 HK cents per ordinary share payable on 7 December 2005.

Surface Mount Technology Group engages in the provision of EMS to OEMs of computer peripherals, telecommunications, consumer and industrial products. [+]

Ferrochina Records 66% Rise In 3Q FY2005 Net Profit To RMB40.6M On Revenue Of RMB596.5M

This latest results translate into earnings per share of 12.33 RMB cents compared with 7.44 RMB cents in the previous corresponding period.

Revenue during the quarter rose a sharp 81% to RMB596.5 million compared with RMB329.1 million previously due mainly to a smooth commercial operation of its second production line in June. With the satisfactory production efficiency, the second line is on the way to achieving optimal designed capacity in the fourth quarter.

The strong 3Q results have boosted year-to-date net profit nearly 42% higher to RMB99.1 million while year-to-date revenue is up nearly 95% to reach RMB1.43 billion.

Besides the smooth run-in of the second production line, FerroChina, whose facilities are based in Changshu, PRC, attributed the increase in revenue and profit to a number of other factors:
• Ability to supply products of better quality as a result of the commencement of the second production line

• Slower decline in prices for its finished products as compared to raw material prices

• Higher average selling price for its products during the current reporting period

FerroChina is a manufacturer of heavy gauge galvanised steel coils, with zinc concentration layers. [+]

AsiaPharm Sees A 36.6% Leap In Net Profit In 3QFY2005 On The Back Of Revenue Of RMB 85 Million

For the 9-month period, the Group experienced an increase in revenue of RMB 26.6 million or 12.0% to RMB 247.6 million as compared to 3QFY2004. The increase in revenue for the quarter was due to the higher sales of the Group’s pharmaceutical drugs. Sales for the Group’s pharmaceutical drugs grew notably by 38.1%, signifying an increase of RMB 63.9 million to RMB 221.0 million as a result of increased market demand.

Moving forward, the Group believes that their constant growth will be sustained by the sales of pharmaceutical drugs and sales of R&D results. In order to increase sales of domestic pharmaceutical drugs, AsiaPharm will continue to introduce new pharmaceutical drugs annually, and extend the reach of its market by expanding its distribution network and usage of pharmaceutical drugs in hospitals.

AsiaPharm Group Ltd. is a leading specialty pharmaceutical group in the PRC, which focuses on the research, development, production and sale of natural drugs and chemical drugs. [+]

Zhonghui Reports 250% Jump In Net Profit To RMB 40.0 Million For 9M FY05

The robust growth of Zhonghui is driven mainly by revenue contribution from its four projects (Yan An, Xian Yang, Sanmenxia and Han Zhong) during the period under review, compared to three projects (Yan An, Xi’an and Jiao Zuo) during the same period in FY04 (“9M FY04”).

As a result, turnover increased 237% from RMB 21.6 million in 9M FY04 to RMB 72.9 million in 9M FY05. Gross profit rose 223% to RMB 49.7 million, compared to RMB 15.4 million in the previous corresponding period. The Company’s gross profit margin remained relatively stable in the region of approximately 70%.

Zhonghui is the PRC’s leading integrated solid waste management company and the only local company with the capabilities to provide both incineration and fermentation processes. [+]

Asia Environment And Dayen In First Tie-Up Among SGX-Listed Water Companies

Dayen will become a joint venture partner in Asia Environment’s RMB 82 million build-operate-transfer water supply project in Pizhou City, Jiangsu Province, PRC.

The Pizhou project involves the construction of a facility to supply 100,000 cubic meters of treated water daily to the city. It will be undertaken in two phases, with Phase 1 delivering half of the capacity. The construction of the Pizhou project is expected to commence in the fourth quarter of 2005 and Phase 1 is likely to be completed within 10 months from the start of construction.

A special purpose company, called Pizhou Penyao Water Pte Ltd, has been established in the PRC to undertake the water project. It will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Pizhou Water Holdings Pte Ltd, a joint venture company formed by Asia Environment, Dayen and Lionguard Investments Limited.

Lionguard is a company incorporated in British Virgin Islands. The parent company is Richfull Development Ltd, which is a company incorporated in Hong Kong. The principal activities of Richfull are investing in infrastructure projects in China and trading in plastic, rubber and metal supplies.

Dayen will hold 50% of all the issued shares in Pizhou Water, while Lionguard and Asia Environment will hold 25% each.

Asia Environment is one of China’s pioneers in the water and wastewater treatment industry with 19 years of experience [+]

Inter-Roller Achieved Higher Turnover And Profits For The First Nine Months Of 2005

Inter-Roller Engineering Limited announced a record turnover of $70.7 million and a net profit after tax of $11.4 million for the 9 months of this year. This is better than the performance for the whole of last year when its turnover was $69.9 million and its net profit after tax was $10.3 million. The 9 months’ turnover of $70.7 million was a 41% increase over the $50 million turnover achieved for the same period last year. As a result of the increased turnover and higher utilization of capacity, net profit after tax for the 9 months this year increased by 61% to $11.4 million from $7.1 million for the same period a year ago.

Earnings per share of the Group for the 9 months was 9.78 cents based on the enlarged number of shares following the 1 for 2 rights issue and share options exercised in the first 9 months of the year. This is an increase of 4.6% from the earnings per share of 9.35 cents for the same period last year despite the increase in the number of shares.

Inter-Roller Engineering Limited is an international engineering corporation listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited. [+]

Midas Secures New Contracts To Supply PE Pipes

PE Pipes Division, Shanxi Wanshida Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd has secured two contracts to supply PE Pipes valued at RMB15.98 million.

The two water pipe contracts to be delivered by the end of 2005 are with Shanxi Province Tunliu County Tunjiang Shuiku Guangai Service Centre and Inner Mongolia Tongliao City Electrical Power Construction Installation Co., Ltd. The contracts are worth RMB9.99 million and RMB5.99 million respectively.

Midas is a leading manufacturer of aluminium alloy extrusion products and PE pipes, primarily for the transportation and infrastructure sectors in the PRC. [+]

KS Energy Secures US$7.9 Million Contract To Provide A Land Drilling Rig To Qatar Based Company

The total value of the contract is approximately US$7.9 million comprising equipment, parts, commissioning, transportation, set up and project management. The Company will be paid in full upon completion of the project.

KS Energy is expected to deliver the onshore land drilling rig in the first quarter of financial year 2006. As such, the contract is not expected to have a material impact on the Group’s earnings per share or net tangible assets for the financial year ending 31 December 2005.

KS Energy (formerly known as KS Tech Ltd) is an energy services group catering to the oil & gas and petrochemical industries around the world. [+]

ECS 3Q’s Earnings Up 20% As Shift To Enterprise Business Pays Off

ECS Holdings Ltd announced a rise of 20.3% in net profit after tax and minority interest to S$4.5 million for the third quarter to 30 September 2005, and of 27.1% for the nine months to $11.7 million from $9.2 million yoy.

The Group’s revenue grew 9.3% to $511.2m in 3Q FY05 against $467.9m in 3Q FY04. South East Asian countries grew at a healthy rate of 15.2% to S$261.7 million in 3Q FY05. Benefiting from the IT industry’s market consolidation, Malaysia was again the star performer, with a strong 48.8% yoy revenue growth.

To enhance profitability, ECS, a leading IT product and services provider in Asia, had strategically shifted its focus to the higher-margin Enterprise Systems segment. This paid off, as evident in Enterprise Systems’ stronger 3Q FY05 revenue growth of 42.8%, mainly driven by higher revenue of enterprise servers and softwares.

ECS Holdings Ltd is a leading IT product and services provider, serving and supporting a wide regional customer base. The Group has offices in 29 cities covering China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. [+]

Total Automation's 3Q05 Net Profit Surged 34.2% To S$3.28 Million On The Back Of Bustling Offshore And Marine Repair Works

Overall, the Group’s performance has benefited from the strong marine and offshore industries, which led to an increase in demand for service, repair and retrofit works.

Total Automation’s turnover for the first nine months of FY2005 increased 6.3% to S$59.03 million as compared to the corresponding period of the last financial year. The improved performance was attributed mainly to more service/repair work completed for the current financial year as compared to the last. With more higher-value jobs undertaken, the Group’s gross profit for 3Q05 grew 10.0% to S$6.73 million as compared to the same quarter last year.

The marine and offshore industry prospects remain bright, with more secured contracts for shipbuilding and conversions. Currently, the building capacity for most major ship and rig builders are booked well into 2008.

Total Automation Ltd is a leading engineering control and instrumentation specialist servicing the marine, offshore, oil and petrochemical, power and utilities, and gas storage industries. [+]

ElectroTech's 9M FY2005 Net Profit Increases 38% To S$20.7 Million

For the nine months in financial year 2005 (“9M FY2005”), ElectroTech registered a 15.5% growth in revenue to S$159.9 million, attributable to growth in both the Group’s Mechatronics and the EMS divisions. Revenue at the Mechatronics division grew by 6.2% to S$97.8 million with higher contributions from the analytical and medical segments which offset the decline in the semiconductor segment. The scaling up of the Group’s keypad business and higher contribution from its office automation business had continued to bolster growth in the EMS division, which improved 33.7% to S$62.1 million for the nine months of FY2005.

As at 30 September 2005, ElectroTech had cash and cash equivalents of S$37.7 million and shareholders’ equity of S$138.8 million. Net asset value per share was 45.55 SGD cents.

The Group expects revenue for its Mechatronics division to show improvement in the fourth quarter of this financial year. The slow down in the semiconductor segment in the third quarter is expected to gradually recover from the fourth quarter onwards. Revenue from the medical segment is expected to grow steadily.

ElectroTech Investments Limited is an international group of vertically-integrated engineering and manufacturing companies that provide contract design and manufacturing services to a diverse international client base in various industry and product sectors. [+]



COSCO Turnover Up 624% & Net Profit Up 399% To Record Highs In 3Q05

Group turnover registered a robust jump to a record $235.1 million in 3Q05 fueled by strong performances from its core ship repair and bulk shipping operations.

With higher turnover, gross profit increased 351% from $16.7 million in 3Q04 to $75.5 million in 3Q05. Gross profit margin however fell from 51.4% in 3Q04 to 32% in 3Q05 as higher-margined shipping operations constituted a substantially lower proportion of turnover in 3Q05.

The Group expects full year FY2005 turnover and net profit to substantially exceed those in the previous corresponding periods.

COSCO Corporation is a diversified group with core activities in shipping and shipping related services. [+]

Ezra Acquires ATMS Vietnamese Logistics & Training Base For US$5.5 Million

Asian Technical Maritime Services Limited (“ATMS”), owns a fully operational logistics and training base with water frontage in Vietnam.

ATMS has a land area of about 97,069 m2 with a long-term lease of about 25 years. Ezra’s wholly-owned HCM Logistics Ltd (formerly known as Strong Union Ltd) will pay for ATMS in two instalments, the first being US$4.9 million.

The purchase price was arrived at on a willing buyer, willing seller basis after considering factors such as the net tangible assets of the acquired entities and favourable terms of the land lease.

Ezra Holdings is an offshore support and marine services provider supporting the offshore oil and gas industry, mainly in South East Asia. [+]

SGX-Listed Hongguo Enters Into Licensing And Joint-Venture Agreements With 3A
Antonini Of Italy To Market Men's And Ladies' Casual Shoes In China And Produce And Market New Line Of Ladies' Shoes In Europe

Hongguo has entered into an eight-year licensing agreement to distribute and retail “Lumberjack” shoes within China.

As part of the licensing agreement, Hongguo plans to set up 90 retail outlets across China within the first three years.

Hongguo and 3A Antonini also announced a separate joint-venture to be established in China to manufacture “Lumberjack” shoes under license. Hongguo will take a 75%-stake in the joint-venture company which will have a paid-up capital of Euro600,000 while 3A Antonini will take up the balance 25%.

The joint-venture will set up a new production line in alongside Hongguo’s current manufacturing facilities in Nanjing which is also the corporate headquarters of the Company. When operational by the first quarter of 2006, the new line will produce 5,000 pairs of shoes per month, rising to 23,000 pairs three months later. This will bring the total annual production capacity of Hongguo, which also has a significant production facility in Dongguan in Southern China, to 2.8 million pairs of shoes a year from 2.52 million currently.

Together, the two companies will establish a new line of ladies’ fashion shoes in Europe carrying the Lumberjack brand, with Hongguo contributing extensively to the design and production. There are also plans to distribute the shoes to other parts of the world subsequently.

Hongguo is a specialised designer, manufacturer and retailer of high-quality fashion footwear headquartered in Nanjing, China. [+]

Sinomem Posts 28% Rise In The First Nine Months Profits

Highlights from 9-month period ended 30 September 2005:

• Revenue rose 39% to S$50.4 million. The increase is mainly due to the revenue contribution from newly acquired 51% owned subsidiary, Jiangxi New Ruifeng Biochemical Co., Ltd, a company specializing in the research & development, production and sales & marketing of gibberellins. The acquisition took effect in November 2004.

• Pretax profit was up 41% to S$18.3 million. In line with the increased business activities, operating expense rose 10%. However the Group also benefited from higher other operation income. Pre-tax margin remained high at 36.3%.

• Net profit went up 28% to S$16.4 million. Net tangible asset per share increased to 24.21cents as at end-September 2005, up 5.74 cents from a year ago.

Sinomem Technology Limited is a leading membrane technology provider and process specialist based in Xiamen, China and headquartered in Singapore. [+]

Bio-Treat Kicks Off FY2006 With 1Q Net Earnings Of RMB67.4 Million, Up 29%

Revenue jumped 35% to RMB279.2 million, from RMB207.5 million previously. Gross margin was 43.4%, while operating margin was 28.1%.

Based on the latest 1Q results, earnings per share increase 14% to RMB0.08, from RMB0.07 previously. Net tangible asset per share was also higher at RMB1.73 as at 30 September 2005, compared with RMB1.65 as at 30 June 2005.

Providing a big push to the start of the current financial year was the continued strong performance of the wastewater treatment services segment which saw increased sales of 52% year-on-year to RMB228.9 million. This compares with RMB150.3 million in the same quarter last year. Wastewater treatment services segment contributed about 82% to Group revenue for 1Q FY06.

Bio-Treat Technology Limited is one of the PRC’s leading companies in the development and application of biotechnology for the treatment of waste and wastewater. [+]

MultiVision 2Q06 Profit Rises 26% As Sales Improve

Turnover for 2Q FY2006 rose to HK$44.1 million from HK$33.9 million for the same period a year ago, due to higher project sales in the major regions in which the Group operates, including Hong Kong, Macau, the PRC and Australia.

Profit from operations rose to HK$10.8 million in 2Q FY2006 from HK$8.5 million for the same period a year ago, mainly because the Group had successfully reduced its operating costs while increasing sales. Operating profit margins were maintained at above 24.0%.

The Group recorded basic earnings per share ("EPS") of 2.05 HK cents in 2Q FY2006, compared with 1.99 HK cents for the same period a year ago.

Net asset value (“NAV”) per share rose to 75.0 HK cents at 30 September 2005, from 69.0 HK cents as at 31 March 2005.

The Group continues to maintain a strong cash position, with cash and cash equivalents of HK$115.9 million as at 30 September 2005.

For the half year ended 30 September 2005 (“1H FY2006”), turnover rose 21.1% to HK$87.0 million from HK$71.9 million for 1H FY2005. Profit from operations for 1H FY2006 rose 31.0% to HK$21.3 million from HK$16.2 million for 1H FY2005.

MultiVision was established in 1986 and is a technology-based company principally engaged in the design, development and distribution of digital video surveillance products and solutions for customers across the globe. [+]

Pacific Andes Holdings' 1H FY06 PATMI Jumped 75% To HK$87.3 Million

Group profit after tax for 1HFY06 soared 139.1% to HK$128.4 million compared to HK$53.7 million achieved for 1HFY05. EPS for the group rose to HK13.44 cents for 1HFY06 from HK9.22 cents a year ago.

The significant performance improvement reflected the vibrant demand for quality imported frozen fish, in particular the People’s Republic of China, buoyed by growing health consciousness. Strategically, the results showed the Group is also reaping the fruits of its investment in fast-expanding upstream subsidiary, China Fishery Group Limited.

Pacific Andes (Holdings) Limited is a leading food supplier, specializing in the fishing, global sourcing, transportation and supply of quality frozen seafood products to the international market. [+]

DMX 3Q05 Net Profit Up 52% To US$4.0 Million

The net profit for nine months ending 30 September 2005 increased by 71% to US$10.2m while turnover for the same period grew by 77% to US$87.2 million.

The Group sees growth potential in the Digital Fixed Media business segment, especially in China, where operators are gearing up to meet the demand for Digital TV in the cable and broadband sector. So far, the Group has progressed from trial to commercial deployments with front runners in cable television and media sector.

Given the strong performance of 9M05, and current business pipeline, especially in China, Korea and Indonesia, the Group is confident of meeting its market guidance of doubling profits and revenues over the two years (FY2005-FY2006), and expects to exceed 50% growth for both revenue and profits in the current financial year FY2005 relative to FY2004 (re-stated), barring unforeseen circumstances.

DMX Technologies Group Limited is a new breed of system architects in Asia. [+]

Strong IP Engine Fuels Trek's Performance

Powered by its strong IP engine, the Group’s turnover in Q3 FY2005 rose 21.2% from S$30.9 million to S$37.5 million. Net profit for the quarter amounted to S$1.28 million, a significant improvement compared to the loss reported in the 3rd quarter of the previous financial year.

On the sales and distribution front, supported by Imation’s global distribution efforts and the product co-branding, both partners are now starting to realize the benefits of their strategic handshake as evidenced by the Group’s results today.

Demonstrating its confidence in Trek and endorsing its rightful patent ownership over the ThumbDrive® solutions, Lenovo recently signed a contract with Trek for the supply of ThumbDrive® devices. These devices, carrying the Lenovo brand will be manufactured under OEM for global distribution. This contract is expected to contribute to Trek’s performance in FY2006.

Trek 2000 International Ltd, an industry leader, innovator and patent owner of the ThumbDrive® (i.e. USB flash Drive) offers state-of-the-art design solutions ranging from portable storage devices, Digital Technology, wireless, encryption to sophisticated Enterprise solutions all catering to the fast changing digital industry. [+]

Eucon Achieved Record High Revenue On Successful Expansion

Group revenue jumped 113% to a record quarterly high of $20.1 million in 3Q05. The group PCB manufacturing operations led revenue growth with a 316% surge in revenue to $11.0 million in 3Q05. Growth was mainly fueled by the rapidly increasing orders from existing customers and turnkey projects secured during the quarter as the Group successfully demonstrated its strong PCB manufacturing capability.

Net profit soared more than 3.2 folds to $3.4 million in 3Q05 boosted by robust revenue and profitability growth. The Group achieved record high revenues in 3Q05 and for the 9 months ended 30 September 2005 on strong performance in its laser drilling and PCB manufacturing businesses. Profitability expansion was broad-based as segmental margins improved across all 4 businesses.

Eucon Holding Limited is an integrated PCB solution provider for PCB manufacturers in China and Taiwan. [+]

China Petrotech Third Quarter 2005 Results Net Profit Jumped 46% To RMB 20.9 Million Announces Special Dividend

Revenue for Third Quarter 2005 was RMB32.7 million. This is an increase of 75% over Third Quarter 2004. Net profit attributable to shareholders jumped 46% to RMB20.9 million from RMB14.3 million previously. This brings total revenue for the nine months ended 30 September 2005 to RMB63.3 million and total net profit to RMB40.3 million. The earnings per share for Third Quarter 2005 was 8.5 RMB cents versus 5.9 RMB cents in Third Quarter 2004. Earnings per share for the nine months ended September 2005 was 16.5 RMB cents, up 27% from 13.0 RMB cents in the corresponding period in 2004.

In Third Quarter 2005, revenue was driven mainly by the sales of new software products and software upgrades, including ERP-related software products from Shaanxi Long Top, a specialized oil and gas ERP firm acquired by CPHL in May 2005. Included in the revenue is the sale of 3 software products with a carrying value of RMB 5.4 million for RMB 8.5 million, yielding a profit of RMB 3.1 million. This one-off sales explains the apparent reduction in gross profit margin. Excluding this item, the gross margin for 3Q2005 was 85.6%.

Owing to its good performance and to reward its shareholders, the group has announced a special dividend of one Singapore cent per share.

China Petrotech is a leading provider of technological solutions, specialized equipment and services for the upstream activities of the China oil and gas industry, focusing on the exploration (onshore and offshore), development and production of oil and gas. [+]

Petra Foods posts 27% growth in Q3 net profit to US$6 million on turnover of US$110 million

The Group’s total revenue for the nine-month period ended 30 September 2005 amounted to US$326.8 million, a 15.0% growth as compared to the year-ago period. Year-to date net profit rose 25.3% to US$17.1 million while EBITDA recorded a 4.7% improvement to US$31.2 million.

The Group has been successful in mitigating the impact of higher fuel costs and higher raw material costs resulting from the weakening of Indonesian Rupiah. The gross profit margin for Q3 2005 has improved to 31.5% from 30.8% in Q2 2005. This can be attributed to the Group’s effective cost reduction initiatives and a price hike for its product range in September 2005.

Petra Food Limited (“the Group”) is one of the world’s major manufacturers and suppliers for cocoa ingredients, namely cocoa powder, cocoa butter and cocoa liquor. [+]

CEO’s Walk The Talk

"..We feel strongly that our tie-up with Dayen is the way to go for Singapore-listed water companies. We have to start seeing each other more as partners than competitors in undertaking projects in China and other markets. By joining forces, we can gain more credibility and acquire greater financial strength to successfully bid for projects..."
Mr Wang Hongchun
Asia Environment’s CEO

Highlighted Company

Pacific Andes (Holdings) Limited, headquartered in Asia, is primarily involved in global sourcing, the transportation and supply of frozen seafood products to the international market, as well as the provision of the shipping and agency services to suppliers’ fishing fleets.

The Company was listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Ltd. in 1996. The major shareholder of the Company, Pacific Andes International Holdings Limited, headquartered in Hong Kong, was listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 1994.

Corporate Objective
Our goal is to be a vertically integrated global food company that harvests, sources, produces, and markets nutritious frozen food products that meet the needs of value-oriented and health conscious consumers around the world.

Principal Activities
The Company acts as an investment holding company and provides corporate  management services to group companies. 

Its subsidiaries are principally engaged in global sourcing, the transportation and supply of frozen seafood products and the provision of shipping and agency services and the production and processing of vegetables.

Historical Price Data
 Date Open High Low Close
 11 Nov 2005 0.445 0.445 0.440 0.445
 10 Nov 2005 0.445 0.445 0.440 0.445
 09 Oct 2005 0.430 0.440 0.415 0.440
 08 Oct 2005 0.425 0.425 0.415 0.415
 07 Oct 2005 0.435
0.440 0.430 0.430

EPS ($) *
NAV ($) **
Dividend ($) ****
Price / NAV **
Dividend Yield (%) ****
Market Cap (M)
Par Value ($)
SGD 0.200
Issued & Paid-up Shares ***
52 Weeks High
52 Weeks Low
* Based on latest Full Year Results Announcement
** Based on latest Results Announcement (Full Year, Half Year or Interim)
*** Rounded to the nearest thousand. Updated on 10/11/2005. Please click here for more information.
**** Dividend is based on latest Full Year Results Announcement and excludes special dividend

09 Nov 2005 SGX-Listed Pacific Andes Holdings' 1H FY06 PATMI Jumped 75% To HK$87.3 Million; Underscored Effectiveness Of Vertical Integration Strategy
09 Nov 2005 Second Quarter And First Half Financial Statement And Dividend Announcement
02 Nov 2005 Proposed Listing Of Subsidiary, China Fishery Group Limited
02 Nov 2005 Proposed Listing Of Subsidiary, China Fishery Group Limited
24 Oct 2005 Proposed Listing Of Subsidiary, China Fishery Group Limited

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